Why Does She Take So Long To ReplyWhy Does She Take So Long To Reply

In 2019, I met a girl in college, she was pretty, and I decided to do something to get her number.

Finally, after two months, I got her number, but when I messaged her, she took 8 hours to respond, I ignored it, I thought maybe she was busy and that’s why she couldn’t reply quickly, but I was wrong.

She wasn’t busy, she was online all the time, and she was posting stories, but because of some unknown reason, she was not replying to me.

Negative thoughts started to arise in my mind, like “Bro she doesn’t like you” “You’re not her type”, and “You’re ugly”

All these negative thoughts were hurting my self-confidence day by day.

I gathered some courage and I decided to meet her and ask why she isn’t replying to my messages.

When I asked her, she said, “I get hundreds of messages every day, sorry I didn’t see your message”.

That event made me realize that girls are quite different than men, they get a lot of attention from the opposite gender, and they think a lot differently too.

Her answer made me realize that I was thinking negatively without any reason. When a girl doesn’t reply to you faster, it doesn’t always mean that she doesn’t like you, it could mean a lot of things.

So to erase confusion from your mind, in this post, I’ll be sharing 11 possible reasons behind her late replies, so make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info.

1: She Is Busy

This is the most obvious answer that comes to our mind when we think of why she isn’t replying quickly.

When we become busy with something, it is quite hard to reply to every message we receive, sometimes we even have to leave some messages on seen just because we didn’t have enough time to reply to them.

However, if she likes you, she will reply, she might take some time, but she will definitely reply.

On the other hand, if she doesn’t care about you, she won’t reply, in fact, she may leave your message on seen.

2: She Doesn’t Like You

Late replies are a strong sign that she doesn’t like you. If she is replying late to you, plus her messages are short and without any emotions, it tells that she doesn’t care about you, and you should stop sending messages to her.

However, if it has happened to you only one or two times, then it might mean that she was busy or due to some error she was unable to reply, but constantly seeing late replies, short replies, and no replies tells she isn’t into you.

3: She Has Got A Lot Of Better Options

As you know, girls receive more messages than guys, and more messages mean more options. Maybe she thinks you’re out of her league.

In this case, she would always ignore you no matter what you do. However, if you somehow become famous or super-rich, she might begin to take you a bit more seriously.

The time you give to her, use that same time to build something that would give profit to you in the future. Chasing a girl who just doesn’t care about you is a complete time waster.

If you use your time wisely and become rich in the future, you would see tons of girls waiting for your one reply. So show your middle finger to that girl who ignores you, and start building your future from today onwards.

4: She Thinks You’re like Everyone Else

There is nothing new in your messages. Try to send unique messages. A normal hi and hello only works when she is really into you.

If you are trying to get her attention for the first time, you have to do something different than the crowd.

Let’s see what a unique message looks like,

“Hey, you know there is only 21 alphabet in English. Ohh wait, sorry there are actually 26 letters, I forgot URAQT.”

If she sees a message like that, it would be impossible for her to not reply.

5: You’re Chasing Her Too Hard

Don’t send too many messages to her, especially, if she isn’t replying, it would ruin your reputation. She would start to think that you’re chasing her way too much.

Also, do not reply to her instantly if it’s not important. Take your time, don’t show her your needy nature.

Stay composed and think about the best reply possible. Also, sending an instant reply will make her think that you don’t have any work to do, you’re just a jobless man trying hard to get her attention.

6: It’s A Mind Game

Girls play mind games all the time to test the guy they like. Maybe she is just checking how would you react if she doesn’t reply for days.

Don’t worry, once she gets her answer, she would become normal and start replying to you fast.

7: She Doesn’t Know You

Most girls do not reply to guys who they don’t know personally. If you’re a stranger to her, most of the time, you’ll see late replies from her side.

She would always give priority to people she knows best, like her friends, family, boyfriend, etc.

So don’t get mad over her late replies. Just wait and make your connection better with her day by day, once she starts to trust you more, she would start to reply faster.

8: She Gets Tons Of Messages

When I checked my girlfriend’s Instagram, I got shocked. There were 1,093 request messages from strangers. Plus, many messages from her friends and family members.

It’s hard to reply to each and every one. Just imagine getting thousands of messages, would you be able to reply to every message? No!

9: She Is Shy

Shy people don’t reply quickly, and they think a lot before replying. If you think she has a shy nature, then I think you’ve got your answer.

Once she starts to feel more comfortable with you, she would reply faster, keep on building your boding with her.

10: She Has Found Someone Better

If someone sends her more interesting messages, she would always reply to him first. Competition online is humongous. People do weird things to grab attention from girls.

If you struggle to talk to girls online, someone else will come and snatch your opportunity. Again, you have to be different to show her that you’re a strong contender to get her dates.

Improve your messaging skills, learn from blog posts that are present on Google, or watch a youtube video about what type of messages girls like most. Do something, just don’t sit and wait.

11: She Is Afraid Of Heartbreaks

When a girl gets heartbroken, she avoids getting into a relationship for some time. Maybe she is going through that heartbreak period and that’s why she is taking a lot of time to reply.

Girls who have gone through a heartbreak, find it very hard to trust a person, especially, if he is a stranger to them. They think that they would get another heartbreak if they trust you.

In this case, never quit talking to her, once she starts to feel better, she would give you your well-deserved opportunity of dating her. Also, remember to not send too many messages, and don’t reply quickly, take your time before sending anything.

Tip For You:

Update Your Profile More

This is the biggest mistake guys do, they don’t update their profile. They keep a profile picture for ages.

If you start to update your profile more, you will see better responses from girls. You don’t need to buy a very expensive phone or DSLR in order to take a great picture, a mid-range smartphone can also click great pictures. But you have to learn how to click better pictures with mid-range phones.

Just don’t leave your profile outdated, update it at least twice a month. Show them that you’re alive.

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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