Why Don’t Guys Approach Me In Clubs?Why Don’t Guys Approach Me In Clubs?

People say girls are hard to understand, it is true, but guys are difficult to understand too. You may have noticed it.

Also, you may not know that 80% of guys are scared to make the first move. Only 20% have the balls to go and talk to girls first.

So if no guy approaches you at the club, it might be because no one in the club has enough confidence to come to you and talk to you.

There could be more reasons why no guy talks to you in the club, and in this post, we will talk about it.

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Why Don’t Guys Approach Me In Clubs?

lack of self-confidence is the main reason. Guys struggle with a lot of things in their life, and that’s why they ignore personality development. Most of them do wanna take personality development seriously, but because money matters to them more, they don’t give it much time.

Also, all the points I’m about to mention are based on the research I did online and some personal experience.

If you want me to add more points to the list, you can leave a comment below, thanks!

1: You Don’t Look Approachable

Some people don’t look approachable, even though they are very friendly and nice. Maybe you are one of them.

Well, fixing this is quite easy actually. You just need to do one thing, and that is, SMILE more.

A smile not only changes your personality and makes you look more approachable, but it also lights up the mood and genuinely makes you happier from the inside.

Smile whenever you can, btw, you can read more tips on how to be more approachable. There are many great posts available about it. Just search.

2: Stop Using Your Phone All The Time

Some people start using their phones when they feel alone or fear the public. Maybe the phone is something you need to get rid of during the time when you are around people.

Using your phone can distance you from people. If you use your phone in the club, guys might assume that you’re busy or chatting with your boyfriend, they will think that it’s better to not interrupt you.

If you are feeling lonely, talk to someone, and make new friends. It may be hard for you at first, but once you make your first friend, you will be able to make many.

3: Make Eye Contact

Eyes can talk. Make eye contact with the guy you find most attractive. Let him know that you are ready to give him a chance through your eyes.

The good thing is that guys are petty good at understanding what a girl is trying to communicate through her eyes.

Just give him a hit, and I’m sure he will come to you and talk. However, make sure to wait and give him a little time.

Also, don’t gaze too much, he might feel uncomfortable. A normal look with a smile is enough!

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4: Your Fashion Sense Sucks

Update your fashion sense, maybe there is something wrong with it. Ask your friends what they think about it.

Also, dress according to the club and its theme. Furthermore, don’t try too much. Guys like girls in simple clothes more than fancy ones.

5: Go Club With Friends

Call your friends and make a plan, don’t come alone if you don’t have enough confidence to make new friends in the club.

Friends can help a lot, and you won’t feel sad and alone with your friends, so it’s all all good with friends.

6: Wait

Wait, good things do take time. Maybe the man of your dream is about to come. Choosing the right guy is crucial. Rushing might not be a good idea.

Wait for your dream man, also give nice guys a try, running for a “bad guy” might feel good at the beginning, but life with him might not be too pleasing.

Nice guys, however, stay loyal and care about their partners a lot. Life with a nice guy is 1000x better, believe me!

7: Most Guys Don’t Have Confidence

In the 1800s, every guy used to have lion-like confidence, but now things are changing rapidly, now guys are more scared, low confident, and nerdy.

Men of 2022, don’t believe in taking action first, they rather wait for someone to make the first move. However, not everyone is like that some really have high confidence.

But waiting for a guy like that might not be a good idea as it may take a lot of time.

8: Stop, And Make The First Move

Stop waiting girl! make the first move, it’s not necessary that only guys have to make the first move. You can make the first move too.

Stay confident and say Hi! The rest will follow.

9: You’re Just Too Good

Well, it may sound amazing to you, but it has some disadvantages too. Maybe you are just too gorgeous, and most guys believe that you are just out of their league.

In this case, you can either wait for a high confidence man or simply make the first move.

I hope you liked this post, Thanks for reading!

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