Why don't girls talk to meWhy don't girls talk to me

It doesn’t feel good when girls talk to everyone else but not you. In this post, I’ll be listing 9 possible reasons why girls don’t talk to you.

However, all the things I’m about to mention are based on my personal experience and some research I’ve done online. In the past, I’ve also had experiences where women used to ignore me and talk to everyone else around me.

But now, I have completely changed myself, and now I know what it needs to attract females, so make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info.

1: You Don’t Appear Friendly

It’s really easy to find whether the person is friendly or not, our mind is pro at it. Maybe you appear quite serious which makes people think that you are not very friendly, and that’s why they prefer not to talk to you.

You can easily fix this, just smile more when you meet new people. A smile can easily change your personality, you’ll appear friendly and approachable.

Also, take reviews from your friend, and ask them whether you actually look serious or not. If the majority of them say yes, then start working on how not to look serious.

Once you start looking like an approachable dude, girls will surely talk to you more!

2: You’re Just An Average Guy

Unique people catch eyes quite quickly, however, being unique isn’t as easy as people think.

But the good thing is, there are a lot of interesting things that you can learn in order to be unique. Some of them would be, learning a guitar, starting a blog, becoming a painter, having a different fashion sense, scoring high marks, etc.

Learn something new so that people can value you a little more.

3: You Stay Quiet Most Of The Time

It’s okay if you don’t like to talk much, but staying quiet all the time makes you unattractive. People think that you’re not comfortable talking to anyone.

And, maybe that’s why girls don’t talk to you. Talk whenever you can, try to engage more in conversation, and show that you’re actually enjoying your time with them. If you do this, I’m certain that girls will talk to you more.

4: You’re Not So Good Looking

It may hurt some people, but a lot of women still judge guys by their looks. Maybe the girls who don’t talk to you, think that you are not good-looking and that’s why they prefer not to start a conversation with you.

Good-looking guys don’t have to do anything to attract females, the majority of women will talk to them without any hesitation.

Enhancing your look is easy nowadays, there are a lot of good videos and blog posts that can teach you how to be good-looking, however, it’s up to you because, at the end of the day, you have to implement the tips given by those Youtubers and Bloggers.

Don’t just sit and dream about becoming good-looking, you have to take action. Create a schedule, and add things that can make you attractive, like exercise, better food, skincare, etc.


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5: You’re Not Rich

Like good-looking guys, rich guys also get a lot of attention from women, they usually don’t have to start the conversation first, it’s girls that come to them to start a conversation.

Becoming rich from poor is one of the most difficult tasks. If you have a positive mindset with a great plan, you can be rich. Also, you need to eliminate procrastination and things that stop you from becoming rich.

Once you’re rich, you will see a flood of girls, however, most of them would be there with you just to suck your money, so make sure to choose the right girl for you.

6: Your Body Language Isn’t Open

Crossed arms, looking at the watch, and overuse of hands are some of the negative body signs, and you should avoid them when you’re meeting a girl.

Negative body language shows that you’re not confident, it makes girls think that you’re not comfortable interacting with them.

Try to work on your body language. Here is a great guide by Mindtools.com

7: You Don’t Start The Conversation

9 out of 10 times women won’t start the conversation. It’s you who have to take the action, just stay calm and start with a “Hi”

Show positive body signs and have a smile on your face. I know starting a conversation isn’t easy, but once you have started it, it becomes easy. Also, starting a conversation with strangers can boost your self-confidence.

Many researchers have shown that high self-confidence can lead to high success in life.


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8: You Don’t Make Eye Contact

Eye contact shows confidence, the next time when you meet a girl, look her in the eyes. Strong eye contact can make her mad for you.

But the problem is many men struggle to maintain eye contact, there is a great video on Youtube that can help.

Let me link it for you. Watch the video below to practice eye contact:

9: Your Fashion Sense Is Bad

Women notice how well you’ve dressed. As I said, enhancing your fashion sense is now easy, you just need to find what will look good on you as per your body type.

Do your research, find what will be best for you and what won’t. Once you have a good styling sense, girls will interact with you more.

I hope you liked this post,

Thanks for reading!

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