Why Don’t Guys Make Noise In Bed?Why Don’t Guys Make Noise In Bed?

You may have noticed in movies, series, and xxx-rated videos, women are the ones who always make noise. Men never do that, but why is it so? Why don’t men make noise in bed?

I’ll discuss it here in this post.

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Why Don’t Guys Make Noise In Bed?

The main reason guys don’t make noise in bed is that they are naturally less vocal than females.

According to a study, men are less expressive, and even if they are enjoying a lot, it would still be hard for you to find out how much they are actually enjoying.

However, it doesn’t apply to every man. Some men are more expressive than women.

There are a few signals that guys give that can help you know whether the guy you are sharing your bed with is loving his time with you or not.

I’ll talk about those signals later in this post.

Okay, so guys are less vocal and expressive and that’s why they don’t make any noise in bed, but this isn’t the only reason, there are some more reasons which stop men from being vocal in bed.

Let’s look at them one by one.

1: Most Men Don’t Find It Manly

The majority of men believe that making noise in bed is a female thing. It just isn’t manly, and because of that guys avoid doing it.

They would instead choose to make a woman moan in bed than moaning themselves.

Also, men don’t feel any craving to moan while having love. If a man is moaning in bed, there is a high chance that he is faking it or he is just doing it to make her partner feel more pleasure.

Women, on the other hand, do feel certain emotions that force them to be vocal. Some women become very vocal, while some maintain their vocalness.

It also depends on how much pleasure she is feeling. Moaning generally occurs when a person feels a lot of pleasure.

2: Some Men Do Moan

Not surprisingly, some men do like to moan in bed. It doesn’t mean they are not manly, it is because they feel more emotions while lovemaking than other men.

As I said, when a person feels some crazy emotions, a moaning could happen. Again, if he isn’t moaning in bed, it doesn’t mean he isn’t enjoying it!

3: Some Men Are Shy

Shy people are normally less expressive. Their shyness stops them from being vocal, however, they do enjoy everything as we do, but they just find it very difficult to express themselves.

Shyness sometimes goes away with age, so if your partner is still under 25, then you should wait, he might become less shy once he is a little older.

Also, less shyness doesn’t guarantee that he will moan.

4: Men Focus More On Main Thing

When it comes to making love, women and men have different priorities. On one hand, women like foreplay more, on the other hand, men enjoy the main part more.

When a man is having intercourse, he generally focuses more on giving pleasure to her partner, but women think about numerous things while making love. Some of the things are really weird, like why are his nails so big? Am I Sleeping With Him Too Soon? and many more weird questions.

Men don’t like to distract themselves, that’s why some men avoid moaning or other activities that can distract their focus.

Signs Your Man Is Enjoying Your Love

You must know whether your partner enjoys your love or not. It can literally make your relationship stronger.

Below are the signs that most men give while making love. These are the signs of guaranteed pleasure.

  • Eyes Roll

Men normally don’t do it, but if your man is doing it, then it’s a great sign of pleasure. Eyes roll indicates that your partner is definitely enjoying every second with you.

  • Feet Roll

Like eyes roll, feet role is another very strong sign. Women do it, and some men do it too. Look for it!

  • Kisses

Does he kiss you wildly (multiple times) while making love? Well, this could be another strong sign that he enjoys his time with you a lot!

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!

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