I Am A Nice Guy, But No Woman Likes MeI Am A Nice Guy, But No Woman Likes Me

The world has a lot of bad guys, and we are tired of them. We need nice guys, but sadly, there are some women who just don’t like shy guys.

Stay nice; you don’t need to be a douchebag to attract women; the majority of women still want nice guys for themselves.

The reason no women like you is not because you are a nice person; the main issue is something else, something more serious.

In this post, I’m going to share 7 probable reasons why women avoid you and date everybody else.

So make sure to stick to this post because you are about to learn a lot of new things.

1: You Don’t Express Yourself

The issue with nice people is that they rarely express themselves. They keep their emotions to themselves, which prevents them from attaining their goals.

You must be more open, talk more, and connect with more people. You will notice that women are taking you more seriously if you do this.

How will people know about you if you remain silent? How will they know what kind of person you are?

I understand how difficult it is to suddenly become vocal; it takes time, but in order to attract women, you must develop your communication abilities. Bad guys know how to talk to women; they often communicate better than nice guys.

Next time, whenever you see a pretty woman, gather some courage and go and speak to her.

The nice guys assume something bad is going to happen before they even take action. So, stop doubting yourself; just go and say whatever you want!

2: You Don’t Take Actions

If you love her, then stop waiting for something magical to happen. Nothing is going to happen unless you take action.

If you don’t take action, well, guess what’s going to happen? Someone else will take the action, and you’ll be left with regret or remorse.

Stop being a fool; bad guys don’t have anything different than you; they just have more courage and they take action. You too have the confidence and courage to take action; you just need to polish these two qualities.

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3: You Don’t Try A Lot

That is another problem that nice guys have. They surrender just after one rejection.

Keep trying until you get what you want. One rejection should not demotivate you; instead, it should motivate you, at least because you took action. 99% of people don’t even do that.

It’s okay to get rejected by one woman; there are many women on this planet, and I’m a thousand percent sure that you can get a more beautiful woman than the one who rejected you; just believe in yourself and keep on trying!

4: You Lack Fashion Sense

Nice guys never try something new. They fear what the world is going to say about them, but that’s not the case with bad guys; they do whatever they want and don’t care about society.

If you have the same boring style, you must try something new. See what is going to look more attractive on you, and keep trying until you find something fantastic.

Fashion sense is very important in attracting women, as your style is the first thing that they notice. There are many great videos available on the internet about how to enhance your fashion sense. Check them out.

Also, you don’t have to be rich in order to become fashionable. Super-expensive clothes surely look fashionable, but if you select the right color and the right size, you don’t have to spend a lot to look fashionable.

Fashion is a skill; money can help, but it won’t help a lot. Improve your style now!

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5: Stop Helping Her In Everything

She isn’t a child; she can do her things without your help. Finish your work first, and then go and help her. Helping her with everything isn’t going to benefit you; in fact, she will start believing that you are a low-value man.

Start saying no to her more, especially when you don’t feel like helping her.

The majority of nice people believe that if they don’t help their crush, they’re going to lose them soon, but the truth is actually different. She won’t leave you; in fact, she might start feeling attracted to you.

Even if she leaves you, it won’t give you any disadvantages; in fact, you’ll be left with more time on your hands, which you can utilize to make yourself better!

6: You Don’t Focus On Money

In this world where everyone is simping over women, you have to focus on money to be different.

They say, “Chase money, and chicks will chase you”. This quote is 100% true.

Once you have a bigger bank balance, almost every woman will take you seriously. Money is literally a game-changer!

I have seen many average-looking rich men with hot chicks.

Money not only fixes all of your problems, but it also makes you attractive because money indicates that you are a high achiever, and according to studies, women find high achievers much more attractive than guys who say a lot but don’t do anything!

7: Build Yourself

It’s okay to be a nice person, but it’s not okay to not improve yourself every day.

If you lack confidence, give yourself small tasks that require confidence every day!

If you lack fashion sense, watch tutorials about how to enhance your style.

If you feel bad, spend your time with your close ones.

Life is not for those who don’t try to become better every day. Keep improving yourself because no one is going to do it for you!

Thanks for reading!

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