Why Do Girls Ignore YouWhy Do Girls Ignore You

It feels really bad when girls talk to everyone but not us. I’ve gone through a stage where girls used to neglect me like I’m not even there, and if you are here reading this post, it means you are probably going through that same stage as well.

In this post, I’ll share 7 reasons why girls ignore you and how you can fix it.

Make sure to read everything to get a complete info. Let’s dive into it!

1: You Don’t Make Eye Contacts

Eye contacts are crucial during a conversation. They can literally build or ruin your impression. Do you make eye contact when you talk to a girl? If not, you need to develop this skill asap.

Good eye contact has the power to turn on any girl without touching or talking to them. It would be a little difficult for you to learn this skill at first, but eventually, you’ll get better at it if you keep practicing it.

Try to hold eye contact for 70% of the time while having a conversation. Also, break eye contact after every 3 seconds. If you don’t break eye contact, girls might start to feel a little uncomfortable, so breaking it at the right moment is important.

If you develop this skill, girls will surely feel something different. They probably never ignore you again!

2: You Need To Upgrade Your Fashion

Girls notice what you are wearing, how you are wearing it, and why you are wearing it. Girls might say that they don’t care about clothes, fashion, etc, but sadly, they do care about it, most girls want a fashionable partner for themselves.

So if you don’t focus on your fashion much, maybe this is the right time to it some of your attention. Find out what will look good on you. Don’t go too expensive at first. Try to find fashionable clothes for yourself on a budget first.

In fact, you don’t need thousands of dollars to look rich and fashionable. You can achieve that on a tight budget. There are many good tutorials about it on the internet that can help you look fashionable even on a small budget.

3: You Are Broke

Money does matter, it can change your personality almost instantly. Money can not only help you buy expensive clothes, accessories, and other items, but it can also give you an insane amount of self-confidence, which can make you super attractive.

If every girl ignores you, it could be time for you to stop paying attention to those girls and start focusing on making more money.

A wise person once said, “Run behind money, chicks will run behind you”. So from now on, instead of finding how to attract girls, try to find ways that can make you rich.

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4: You Are An Average

Why would a girl give attention to you when you don’t have anything special? Girls want a guy who has something different, something that makes him unique.

Don’t be average. Change yourself now! Average people don’t get attention, they struggle with love life, money life, and every aspect of life. I know you don’t wanna be average. You want greatness!

To come out of that average zone you are in, you have to set bigger goals, and have to put in a lot of hard work. The journey from becoming average to special won’t be easy for you, but risk-takers are money-makers. You have to take the chance before it’s too late.

Once you come out of that average zone, girls will never ignore you, in fact, they will find ways to connect with you more.

5: You Lack Communication Skills

If you lack communication skills, it will be pretty difficult for you to impress any girl. Good communication skills are important as they help us understand people and situations better.

This skill is crucial in attracting girls. If you lack communication skills, you will struggle to make new friends, you will struggle to convey what you are feeling, and generating humor would be incredibly challenging for you as well.

The good thing is that you can improve your communication skills. You can take help from Harvard itself. They have published a guide about how to enhance your communication skills.

6: You Don’t Try

How would girls know that you want to talk? You have to take the first step, and then everything will become alright.

Girls usually don’t talk first, they usually have a shyer nature than guys. So instead of waiting, take the first step, believe me, everything will be alright.

In fact, it’s not as difficult as you think. Just gather some courage and say hi!

7: You Don’t Appear Approachable

Maybe girls want to talk to you, but you just don’t appear approachable to them and that’s why they never begin any conversation and ignore you.

To appear more approachable, you can add things that are listed below into your life. You’ll surely see some improvement if you add them.

  • Smile whenever you can. It’s free of cost and it can make you appear approachable instantly.
  • Make eye contact as it’s a great way to communicate without actually communicating.
  • Look up
  • Don’t use your phone in public places
  • Have an open posture

If you wanna learn more about it, read the post by Indeed.

8: You Try Too Hard (You Appear Needy)

Girls don’t like guys who stay silent all the time and those who try really hard or talk too much. Moderation is the key!

Don’t try too hard, just relax and be yourself. Girls are good at detecting who is a needy person, who is trying hard to impress, and who is a genuine person.

So always maintain your real self. I know you wanna impress her, but sometimes, you have to hold yourself as going all out can backfire.

Thanks for reading!

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