how to get a girlfriend at the age of 16

Teenage is a phase that everyone wants to enjoy, we never get it back, but without having a girl, it’s hard to have fun even in the teenage years.

In this post, I will be sharing 8 pro tips that can help you get your first girlfriend. However, I can’t promise because ultimately, you’re the one who takes action, if you just read it and don’t take any action, you may not get a girlfriend.

So without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

1: Get Yourself A Good Hairstyle

Teenage is all about trying something new. If you have the same old boring hairstyle. Try something new. Don’t be afraid about what will people think.

A good hairstyle makes you look more balanced. Your face appears sharp, and most importantly, girls love it. However, do not try something extremely crazy, otherwise, she may think you’re just an ordinary clown.

Experimenting is a good thing, but it should be within a limit. Try to search for the best hairstyle according to face shape. You’ll find tons of blog posts and Youtube videos about it.

Once you find your desired hairstyle, go and take action. Ask your barber to give you that same hairstyle.

2: Study Hard (Get Good Grades)

Nobody talks about average guys, the guy who gets the highest grades, gets all the attention. If you study hard and get good grades, she will definitely get attracted to you.

Girls love guys who win. Again, you don’t need to be a nerd to score well. You can become a class topper without studying for 8 or 9 hours a day. Study smart, not hard.

Also, focusing on your studying not only attract girls but also makes your future secure.

3: Talk To Girls

At first, it will be a little difficult for you, but over time, you will find that you’re now communicating with girls without any problems.

If you don’t talk to girls, how you’re gonna find the best girl for you. The face is not everything, when you talk to a girl, you understand her more. When you know her more, you can impress her better.

Whenever you get a chance to initiate talking, do it because this is the best way to increase your chances of getting a girlfriend.

4: Wear Nice Clothes

It is the ultimate way to enhance your looks. Girls notice guys who wear good clothes. They will begin talking about you.

Again, you don’t need expensive clothes to look good if you know how to dress better. There are tons f videos available on youtube which can guide you on how to increase your fashion sense.

Also, wearing good-looking clothes increases your self-confidence which makes you feel great about yourself. And, when you feel good, you look more attractive.

5: Be Atheltic

Lazy is unattractive. As a teenager, you should be more athletic. Participate in sports more even if you don’t get results. You can’t just sit and read blog posts and watch youtube videos, this won’t get you anywhere. If you want a gorgeous girl, you need to take action.

Athletics will develop your physique better, you will look good, in case, you won any event, you will get attention from girls.

6: Learn A New Skill

A person looks attractive when he knows how to sing well. If you aren’t interested in singing, you can learn other skills.

But don’t limit yourself. Learn something new every day or sharp the skill that you already have. It helps to build a better future as well. Save some of your time to learn something new.

7: Cut Negative Friends From Your Life

Negative people demotivate us, they stop us from taking action. It is better to have a small friend circle of genuine friends than to have a big friend circle of negative friends.

If you aren’t getting the vibes you want from some people, just stop interacting with them, if you can’t completely stop talking to them, then limit your conversation with them.

Also, don’t share details about whom you like, they may begin to make fun of you or demotivate you. So keep your secret within your small friend circle of genuine friends.

8: Look Into Her Eyes

Maintaining eye contact with a girl and gazing into her eyes can be the beginning of a mutual attraction. When people see somebody they find attractive, they are naturally inclined to give the object of their adoration their full attention.

In the beginning, holding eye contact would be difficult for you, but if you practice, you can master it. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Use the 50/70 rule. To keep proper eye contact without staring, you should hold eye contact 50 percent of the time while talking and 70% of the time while hearing. This allows displaying interest and confidence.
  • Keep holding it for 4-5 seconds. Once you set eye contact, keep or have it for 4-5 seconds. After this duration passes, you can gradually glance to the side and go back to establishing eye contact.
  • Think about where you’re looking. Keeping eye contact is easy because you are looking at a different person. However, when you look out, do it gradually without darting your eyes. This can make you look shy or anxious. And do not look down; remember to glance from side to side. Looking down can give the impression that you lack confidence.
  • Establish eye contact right away. Before you begin speaking, establish an eye connection. Don’t look down or look at something before you begin talking. Establish eye contact right away and then start talking.
  • Listening with your eyes is crucial too: Recall the 70 percent rule (you should keep eye contact for 70 percent of the time while hearing)? Communication occurs with your eyes while you’re listening just as much as when you are speaking. Remember that while you are listening and holding eye contact, you must smile, open your face and look curious.
  • Practice. Eye contact will come straightforward to some, but if it doesn’t for you, it’s okay to rehearse until you become confident. You can look at an eyebrow or the distance between the eyes and mouth. You can also rehearse with yourself in the mirror.

Pro Tip For You:

If you aren’t getting a girl’s attention even after following the points shown in this post, then leave it, and continue to work hard, study more because when you’ll have money in your pocket, you’ll get every happiness that exists on this planet.

People will give you respect, girls will chase you, and most importantly, you will feel awesome. So, stop chasing girls if you aren’t getting any attention from them.

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