Will My Girlfriend Leave Me If I Go Bald?Will My Girlfriend Leave Me If I Go Bald?

Going bald is one of the biggest fears men have. We do a lot of things to stop our hair from breaking and falling, but sometimes because of genes, nothing works, and we slowly become bald.

Balding brings many problems, but the biggest problem it brings is stress. We start to think a lot of bad things and one of those bad things is a question I would like to answer today and that is, “Will my girlfriend leave me if I go bald?”

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Will My Girlfriend Leave Me If I Go Bald?

To be honest with you, no one knows the answer to this question. However, I will still try my best to answer it.

Look, It depends on your girlfriend and her character.

In most cases, girlfriends don’t leave their boyfriends just because their boyfriend is going bald.

However, if you’re seeing some negative signs from your girlfriend’s side since you started going bald, then it indicates that your girlfriend only cared about your external beauty, she didn’t like you because of your nature, she liked you because of your looks.

You should leave these types of people as soon as possible because these temporary people only care about money, looks, and luxury. If someone offers them more luxury than you, they would go to them and leave you instantly.

It’s better to let her go if she isn’t as interested as she used to be. Living with a person who doesn’t care about your nature would make you feel bad time after time.

Always look for people who care about a person’s nature not looks because looks will fade away in 10 or 15 years but nature never leaves.

Do Women Like Bald Guys?

You would be shocked to know that according to a survey, women find bald men sexier, stronger, and smarter than men with hair.

That survey revealed that only 12.5% of women gave a negative answer, while 87.5% of women said bald guys are attractive.

So do women like bald guys? yes, the majority of women find bald guys attractive.

What Makes Bald Guys Attractive

According to research, bald guys appear more masculine, stronger, leaders, serious, and hard workers.

These qualities always attract women, and that is the reason why women find bald men so attractive.

But there are many women who don’t like bald guys, there is no specific reason behind why they don’t like them, maybe it’s their personal choice.

So if you’re bald, ignore women who say bald guys aren’t attractive, focus on those women who find bald guys super attractive.

Should You Shave Your Whole Head If You’re Half Bald?

You should! Especially if you’re not 50 plus. Half bald doesn’t look attractive, it makes you appear older, and may affect your self-confidence.

Having a clean shaved head makes you feel good, you look attractive and strong, and taking a bath feels amazing. Some of you might even look younger after shaving your head too.

Just look at the picture below and judge it by yourself:

Credit: thebaldbrothers.com

The guy on the left is looking less confident, unattractive, scared, and weak, but after shaving his head, the same guy appears stronger, wiser, and more attractive in the right side picture.

The difference is clear. However, it still depends on your decision, if you don’t feel good being completely bald, then don’t do it. Listen to your heart every time!

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How To Look Attractive As A Bald

You’ve already read how attractive bald guys are to women, however, your attractiveness will fade away if you don’t give attention to the tips below.

1: Exercise

I think you already know how important it is. A Bad physique can easily turn off any woman.

Give your best to achieve the physique you dream of. I know it won’t happen in a day or in a month, but it will surely happen. Believe in yourself, and do hard work because it always pays off.

2: Work On Your Jaw Line

A strong jawline will make your appearance even stronger. There are many great videos available online on how to get a strong jaw line, watch those tutorials, and apply the techniques shown in your day-to-day life.

Eventually, you will see that your jawline is now looking clear. Also, working on your jawline makes the face look more symmetrical, and symmetrical faces look really good.

3: Smile

Girls will always choose a smiley face over any other facial look. Men who smile more look adorable, kind, and attractive. Whenever it’s a smiling moment, smile!

Also, smile genuinely because women are good at detecting fake smiles. Furthermore, smiling can make you feel good, it releases feel-good hormones in your body which can lift your mood.

4: Tanning

When you’ll have a tan body, it will show that you like to go outside. You’re not someone who spends his whole day playing video games inside his room.

Tan men also look sexier, so go for it if you can!

5: Sleep At Least 8 Hours

Sleep is very important for our body. A night of bad sleep can raise your blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and many other terrible things.

Your face will appear tired, which could impact your face too.

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