Do Girls Like Guys With Big Lips?Do Girls Like Guys With Big Lips?

I have big lips, and I used to feel pretty insecure about it. Many of my friends used to point it out, however, recently something has changed.

Now people don’t make fun of my big lips, in fact, people who have bigger lips are getting more praise than those who don’t.

Why there is a sudden change, well I don’t know, maybe models, actors, and commercials have made bigger lips look attractive.

Many celebs are making their lips appear bigger and juicier, you may have noticed it.

So, should you be insecure about your big lips? Well, you’ll find your answer here in this post.

Do Girls Like Guys With Big Lips

Well, the answer isn’t simple, it depends on the girl. In a video by KamaTv, they asked several girls about what size of lips they prefer, big lips or small lips, and most of the girls prefer smaller lips.

However, some girls did choose bigger lips over smaller ones, according to those girls, bigger lips can give better kisses compared to smaller lips.

So, the majority of girls don’t like big lips in a man. However, it’s not the only thing that women notice in a man.

Do Girls Even Notice It?

Yes, they do notice it, however, they notice your overall face more, which means if your lips are matching your face type, they won’t care how big or small your lips are. It should just match your face measurement.

Also, eyes, lips, and hair are one of the first things that girls notice in a face when they meet you, if you think you’ve got unattractive lips, don’t try to hide them instead focus on other things you’ve got, like your hair, eyes, confidence, etc.

Believe me, if you have nice hair, eyes, fashion sense, and confidence, girls won’t care about your lips size at all.

How To Make Your Lips More Attractive

Your lips would appear attractive if you clean them regularly. It really doesn’t matter what size you’ve got, if you have cleaner natural lips, you don’t need to be insecure about it.

Okay, girls do notice the size of your lips, but, they also notice how clean are they. And they prefer cleanness over size.

Are People With Big Lips Better Kissers?

It’s just a myth. The technique and experience decide how good your kiss would be. Most of us assume that people with big lips kiss better, however, in the real world, it’s just not true!

What Are Some Other Things That Girls Notice

So we just found out that girls do notice your lip size, however, it’s not the most important or only thing that women notice.

There are many more things that are important.

1: Fashion Sense

Your fashion sense tells a lot about you, and this is one of the first things girls notice.

Enhancing fashion sense is easy nowadays, there are many great guides available online.

Also, understanding your body type is important before enhancing your style. Make sure you know what’s your body type.

2: Body Posture

If you have an odd body posture, or if you struggle to stand up in the right way, then this is the time to fix it.

Women take note of how good or bad your posture is. They judge your confidence just by looking at your posture.

3: Your Sense Of Humor

If you can make them laugh, you can win their heart too. Girls find funny guys extremely attractive, they just love to spend their time with them.

Find someone who has a great sense of humor, and try to learn how to generate humor in almost every situation.

Spending more time with him might help you in developing your own sense of humor, however, it may take some time, so be patient.

4: Money

Women do care about your bank balance, and why they shouldn’t. A strong bank balance shows that you’re dedicated, you have goals, and you’re a high achiever.

If you’re someone who is struggling economically, well instead of learning what girls like, you should be learning how to make more money.

Trust me, when you’ll have tons of money, you would get tons of dates from women too.

5: Confidence

As you know, without confidence a man appears quite unattractive. Confidence is something that not every man has. However, It can be improved by doing small tasks regularly.

Here is a great post by

6: Overall Face

How well your lips, nose, eyes, eyebrows, and everything match with each other. Also, is your face perfectly measured? Girls try to find answers just by scanning your face when they meet you.

7: Body Smell

Use a good deodorant before meeting any girl. Women notice your body smell, and they take it quite seriously.

A bad body odor will make you unattractive instantly. If you can’t apply deodorant every day, then make sure to take bath twice regularly.

I hope you liked this post!

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