Are Skinny Legs A Turn-Off?Are Skinny Legs A Turn-Off?

Having skinny legs feel bad, but believe me, it isn’t that bad. In fact, most girls don’t really care about how thick, thin, or how hairy your legs are.

If you have a good overall personality, they are gonna ignore your skinny legs.

However, some girls do notice the size of your legs, but are skinny legs a turn-off for them? Well, you’ll find your answer here in this post.

So make sure to read the entire post to get a complete info.

Are Skinny Legs A Turn-Off?

The answer is a little surprising, skinny legs are not a turn-off for women, in fact, most women don’t even care about leg size.

But if your legs are thinner than the legs of the girl you’re dating, then there is a problem, she might notice it and feel turned off.

However, she won’t leave you just because you have skinny legs lol. It’s not a deal breaker, it could be a small turn-off, and she will ignore it.

Look at this answer:

You can still get girls even if you have small tiny legs. Similarly, you can get girls with muscular legs too.

However, don’t overbuild leg muscles as women hate extremely muscular legs, it is a big turn-off to them.

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What Do Girls Think When They See A Guy With Skinny Legs?

There are three thoughts that come inside the mind of a woman when she sees a guy with skinny legs.

He Is Not Athletic

Muscular legs indicate that the person takes health seriously. Girls like guys who are athletic.

Skinny legs indirectly tell that you don’t work on your body, in other words, you don’t take your health seriously.

And, some women might not like it. So if you want to look more athletic, you must not ignore your legs, make them stronger and more noticeable.

But also make sure not to make them too muscular as girls don’t like it.

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He Doesn’t Eat Much

Some girls might assume that you don’t eat much food. However, girls like skinny guys, it has been proven, so you don’t need to worry if you’re thin.

Just make sure to talk with confidence, and use the right body posture. Girls will feel attracted to you if you manage both confidence and body posture rightly.

Even though women like skinnier guys, being skinny is still quite bad. As a man you should be a little stronger, being skinny isn’t good for your health.

Join a gym if you’re too skinny, and make yourself a little more buffy, not for girls but yourself.

Are His Legs Skinnier Than Mine

Well, this is where you need to focus, this is where a woman might feel turned off. If your legs aren’t thicker than hers, it is a problem, and you need to do something about it.

It’s not going to be a major problem, but it is a problem and you should fix it asap.

If you can’t make your legs thicker with exercise, then wear jeans that can hide your skinny legs well.

Don’t buy jeans that are tight and fit according to your legs, they may reveal how skinny your legs are.

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