My Ex Still Likes My Social Media Posts (What Does It Mean?) 7 Reasons

After a breakup, we do our best to forget about the person we once loved so much. However, it isn’t easy at all, in fact, some people can’t ignore their love even after trying for many years.

Forgetting your Ex becomes even more challenging when your Ex is still in your touch. If they like your picture, it strongly means they are still connected to you at some level.

So it would be difficult for both of you to forget the moments you shared.

In this post, I’ll not discuss how to stop thinking about your ex. I’ll save this topic for another post.

In this post, you’ll learn about what it means when your ex still likes your picture. Make sure to read the entire post to get complete info.

1: They Still Have Feelings For You

Some moments live with us forever, they just never disappear. Maybe the moments you have shared with your ex are unforgettable for them.

Those hard-to-forget feelings sometimes force us to see what is going on inside the life of our ex.

We know that the probability of getting their love back is zero to null, but still, our minds look for those tiny probabilities that can make them fall in love with us back again.

Seeing a “like” from your ex strongly indicates that your ex is still battling with the memories they created with you.

In this case, you can do two things. First, try to talk. Talking can help them feel good, talking can relieve pain. Second, just ignore it. We all fight with old memories, but most of the time, those old memories make us strong. So keep them fighting, it will only make them stronger.

2: You Are A Friend Now

According to me, real friends never ignore our pictures and videos, they always leave a like, and sometimes they even comment.

Is your ex your friend now? If yes, then it is possible that your ex liked your picture just because you both share a new relationship now, a friendly relationship.

Mostly, when we break up, we block our ex from social media, block their phone number, and try our best to never contact them again. But some people are different. Even after ending their relationship, they create another relationship, and that relationship is called “friendship”.

For me, friendship is always greater than the actual relationship! So keep your friendship with your ex, because friends help us in tackling tough situations. Friends can light up your bad mood too. Always keep your friends close to you.

3: You Are Thinking Too Much

Maybe you are just thinking too much, it was just one like and that’s it.

It is also possible that you want your ex in your life again, and that’s why your mind is turning every action from their side into a positive signal.

If your ex has got another relationship, then don’t try to do anything that can hurt their new relationship, it won’t be good for both of you.

I know your ex is insanely cute, but there is a big difference between the past and the present. People change, maybe they don’t want you anymore and they are happy with their current relationship.

So keep yourself calm even if you are feeling a tsunami of feelings inside your heart. This is life, sad moments come and go.

If you are ready, look for another relationship, it can help you come back from their memories.

4: They Recently Saw You In A Nice Attire

Did you wear something cool for a party or any event? It is possible that your ex noticed it and started remembering those good old days.

A random like from your ex is a signal that your ex was thinking about you lately. Maybe your dress made them think about you.

If you can afford good clothes then wear good clothes whenever you are going outside. Studies have proven that wearing good fashionable clothes can actually boost self-confidence, and I guess you know how important it is to be confident.

5: You Just Uploaded An Amazing Picture

The picture you uploaded recently just blew your ex away. Ignoring such a picture would be hard for anyone so how can they ignore it?

Enjoy this feeling!

However, if you don’t get another like from them in your next upload, then don’t feel upset. Maybe they won’t get free time next time.

Also, Social media is just a place to enjoy and see what’s going on inside everyone’s life, don’t take it too seriously. Furthermore, show your real self always because fakers are everywhere on social media.

6: They Recently Got Another Breakup

It is possible that their new relationship didn’t go well, and they had to break up. Sometimes after a breakup, we begin to value the niceness we received from our ex. We feel regret and ask ourselves, why did we leave them?

They might feel terrible, but most of the time those bad feelings don’t last longer, keep them regretting, it will teach them a lesson.

However, if you still care about your ex, and they are now genuinely feeling guilty now, you might give your relationship another chance.

7: Their Current Partner Doesn’t Treat Them Well

We sometimes make blunders in choosing our partner, and we end up regretting it. Maybe the way their new partner treats them is terrible and your ex now wants to get out of their current relationship and because of that, they started increasing the bonding with you again.

If your ex not only likes your pictures but sends messages too, then it is highly likely that he wants another chance. Now it’s up to you.

If you are in a relationship currently and don’t wanna leave your new partner, you must talk to your ex and explain why it isn’t possible now.

But, if you still have feelings for your ex, then test them and see if they are ready for a new chapter or not. Make sure to test, so that you don’t fall into a trap again.

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading!