Are Women Attracted To Married Men? (7 Reasons)

According to society, you should stay faithful to your spouse once you get married and avoid trying to win over other women. However, I am aware of very few guys who genuinely adhere to this advice.

The majority of males are still curious about their ability to attract women.

Perhaps you want to leave your unhappy marriage because it is making your life miserable. Whatever the cause, you will undoubtedly find the solution in this essay.

We’ll examine what women truly think about married guys in this piece.

Do Women Like Married Men?

Most women dislike married guys; in fact, just a few women find married men attractive. All of the websites and news agencies that tell you that married men are hotter than single men are deceiving you.

Before creating this piece of writing, I searched through all of the articles on Google to check what others were saying on this topic, and it was disheartening to realize that most sites are lying yet still ranking high in search results.

Let me be clear: most women do not find married guys appealing; they may like your looks but never consider falling in love with you.

Simple: Ladies want to spend time with a man who is devoted to them alone. Women don’t connect with married men because they think they will eventually cheat on them, just as they have cheated on their wives.

The most important component is trust; women want a companion they can blindly rely on. A married man, if he is hitting on another woman, is definitely untrustworthy because he is willing to break his marriage for another lady.

Therefore, if you are a married man looking for another companion, refrain from doing so and be faithful to your wife, since it is not worth it. Most women don’t want to get into a relationship with a married man.

However, exceptions are always there. Some women do fall in love with married guys. Find out why some women choose to date married men. There are essentially 7 causes.

Why Do Some Women Like Married Men?

1: Ego

Girls love it when someone gives them a genuine compliment about their beauty. When a married man shows interest in them, they feel pretty amazing.

It indicates to them that you find them more beautiful than your wife, and it gives them an ego boost.

A study claims that when a single man gives a compliment to a woman, most women get the feeling that he is just trying to do his best to get laid with them, but when a married man gives them a compliment, women take it more seriously.

Yes, understanding a woman is definitely not a piece of cake!

2: Lust

Women feel that married guys are far more capable of satisfying them in bed than unmarried men. They do not know that it is not always true.

Anything is conceivable, and I believe that a single man with little experience may provide more enjoyment than a married man with a decade of experience.

In reality, many men’s energy levels begin to decline after marriage, and their desire to mate suffers as a result.

However, women perceive married men to be more experienced, and we can’t do anything about this.

3: No Commitments

Women who have had several heartbreaks may be drawn to married men because they assume there would be no commitment, simply enjoyment.

Yes, married men do not provide commitment, but this is all dependent on the person. Some guys are really serious about their new companion, while others are only looking for pleasure.

As a result, it completely relies on the person; if you are a woman, evaluate the guy you find appealing. Check to see whether he is emotional.

Emotional males are more likely to commit to a relationship.

4: Thrill

For some women, being pursued by a married man is thrilling. Extramarital relationships are frowned upon in society, yet some people prefer to break the norms rather than conform to them.

Some women are so happy and appreciative when a married man pursues them that they don’t experience any embarrassment at all.

5: Beauty

Women will be drawn to you if you are attractive enough, and some may even be willing to overlook the fact that you are married.

People can get blinded by beauty, lose their senses, and just start listening to their hearts.

If you are married and handsome, you may have observed that many ladies have a sensual gaze when they see you. This is mainly because beauty is something that cannot be disregarded.

Because it’s in our nature, humans will always be drawn to beautiful things!

6: Maturity

One of the characteristics women seek in a man before picking him is maturity.

Women perceive married guys as more mature. They think they are far more capable of managing a relationship than males with no prior experience.

Women think that married men can provide them with greater work guidance and assist them in making better life decisions.

7: Money

Super-rich men will always attract a lot of women, whether they are married or not.

Unfortunately, many women place monetary value above actual love. They don’t care if the guy is a great person or not; all they worry about is how much money he has in his account.

I usually advise guys to work harder because money can truly make you stand out from the crowd. It’s one of the finest characteristics to have.

Not only can money solve all of your issues, but it may also earn you respect from others. Money shows that you are a diligent worker, intelligent, and capable of doing greater things in life, which will cause women to take you more seriously and pay you more attention.

Women believe that their future children will have better lives if they marry a wealthy man.

So pay attention to money; it’s actually extremely crucial!

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All the major websites that claim that women adore married men are simply lying to you; ladies do not desire a married man as their partner. Women like a man who is faithful and trustworthy, and since married men are less trustworthy if they are hitting on other women, they are often avoided by single women.

There are always exceptions, though. Some women do fall for married men—but only if they have one or more exceptional qualities, such as attractiveness, wealth, or notoriety.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!