She Says We're Friends But Acts Like MoreShe Says We're Friends But Acts Like More

When girls say that they have no feelings for us yet behave as if we have been their boyfriends for a very long time, it feels quite weird.

If you find yourself in a position like this, this piece can really help you out since I’ll be explaining what it means when she claims that we are friends yet acts like more.

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1: She Trusts You A Lot

If she acts like your girlfriend or cares excessively about you, she has a strong connection with you.

That profound connection could be friendly; in fact, many girls share a deep connection with their friends; it is not uncommon.

I have a female friend who communicates more with her guy friend than her boyfriend, and I’m sure you’ve noticed many gals like this.

So before you assume she loves you or wants you to be her life partner, pause for a bit and seek for additional strong indicators before approaching her, since she may still consider you to be nothing more than a friend.

2: You Are Her Only True Friend

Perhaps she falls into the category of individuals with few friends. Assess her friend list to see how many she has.

If you observe that she doesn’t have many friends, particularly male friends, it is a clear indication that she behaves in such a way since she only knows or converses with you.

3: She Sees You As Her Younger Brother

Some girls begin to treat their male companions as if they were their younger brothers. It is a propensity of some ladies, so don’t be surprised.

Maybe your age and her brother’s age are the same, or maybe your face looks like her brother’s face.

Not only that, but some girls act like mothers as well.

If she acts like your older sister, it means she adores you and will never leave you hurt or depressed. But the problem is that it indicates strongly that you are in a friendzone. 

4: She Is In A Relationship

Perhaps she has feelings for you, but because she is already in a relationship, she is unable to express them.

Many girls are like this; they are in a relationship but have a crush on someone else. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly widespread in our world.

In fact, a video was uploaded on Instagram by the influencer about how to control your emotions for other men while in a relationship. That video received over a million views, and many women shared their own experiences in the comment section.

So the issue is undeniably present.

5: You Are In A Relationship

Do you have a partner? If so, I don’t think you need to read any farther because you already know the solution.

If she has a crush on you and she knows you have a partner, she may never share her feelings for you since she knows she will not profit from revealing her affection for you.

Check out the indications that can tell you if you’re in a friend zone or not below in this post.

Detecting signs can be difficult because ladies are quite excellent at disguising them, but if she acts more than a friend, it’s a clear indication that she has feelings for you but she doesn’t wanna reveal those feelings.

What To Do In A Situation Like This?

If you are in a situation like this, talking and sorting things out is the greatest thing you can do.

Simply speak with her, express your feelings, and inquire as to why she behaves in this manner. Maintaining your composure and being silent won’t make a difference; she will keep acting this way.

It’s crucial to find the truth!

Here Is How To Find Out If You Are Still In A Friendzone Or Not

Below are some points that can help you determine if you are in a friend zone or not.

She Flirts With Other Men Even When You Are Around Her

I don’t believe you need to look for any additional clues to know that you are in the friend zone if she ignores you and flirts with other men.

If a woman is truly in love with someone, she will never try to flirt with another man.

She Changes Romantic Conversation Into A Friendly One

Does your every attempt to turn a discussion into a romantic one fail? If you answered yes, it’s another clear indication that she isn’t interested in you or that you are in a friend zone.

Women normally enjoy talking about love, romance, and other topics with a guy they have a crush on, but if they don’t have any feelings for the guy who is trying to talk romantically with them, they will do everything they can to divert the discussion.

She Never Feels Shy With You

Women are rarely timid in front of their closest friends.

We usually discuss our thoughts with our pals, but when we’re with our crushes or someone we have feelings for, our minds go blank and we become shy.

So if she acts really openly with you, it might be a sign that you’re in the friend zone.

She Talks About Other Guys With You

If she chats about other males with you or compliments their looks, it’s another clear clue that she doesn’t have affection for you right now.

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