Why Do Girls Want AttentionWhy Do Girls Want Attention

Surprisingly, most women are attention seekers. If you believe that your partner also has an attention seeker personality then this post is for you.

A wise person once said, “women want attention and men want respect”.

However, things are not that simple. I mean, yes girls do want attention, but if you leave everything you do and start giving all the time to your partner, she won’t find it attractive. So moderation is the key!

Why Do Girls Want Attention?

Girls want attention because they want to feel special. If a girl is in love with you, then your attention is everything to her. She would crave your attention every day, every hour, every minute, she will also expect the same affection from your side.

And, I believe you should give attention to your partner as much as you can as it has been observed that people who don’t give their partner enough time, end up with a breakup sooner than those who give time.

Attention is not only crucial for a healthy relationship, but it can also improve your partner’s mental strength.

Those who don’t get proper attention from their partner tend to get irate, stressed, and sad easily.

But if you are someone who doesn’t have much time due to business or work, then you must let your partner know why you are not able to give enough attention.

A good partner will always understand.

Signs She Wants Your Attention

1: Eye Contacts

Eyes talk. Her eye contact will be unusual. You will be able to feel it. Notice her eye contact, they can reveal many things.

You’ll notice that she is making longer eye contact, usually more than 3 seconds. By maintaining longer eye contact, she is indirectly letting you know that she wants your attention.

Don’t try to ignore her eye contact. In fact, you should make eye contact as well. Doing so will boost intimacy, and increased intimacy can strengthen your relationship.

2: She Will Say It

Some girls are very expressive. They say everything that is going on inside their heads. If your partner also talks a lot and never keeps anything inside her head, then she will surely tell you that she isn’t getting much attention from you nowadays.

These types of girls don’t like to play games. They just say whatever they are feeling. I kinda like these kinds of girls because they don’t believe in back bitching. They usually have wonderful personalities.

3: Short/One Word Answers

She will act like she is sad/upset about something. And, she will only use short sentences and sometimes she might use one-word answers.

Also, you’ll not feel any energy coming out of her. She will look depressed but don’t worry, it’s all planned. She is probably doing it just to catch your attention.

Once you start giving her what she wants, she will turn into her real self and everything will be alright!

4: She Is Wearing Your Favorite Color Dress

This might sound weird to some, but girls can do these kinds of stuff just to grab their partner’s attention. You’ll notice that she is wearing dresses that you like the most, plus she will also make sure that she wearing the colors you like the most on her.

5: Hair Play

If she is playing with her hair while looking at you. This might mean that she is looking for your attention. But sadly, this is not the most powerful sign as hair play could mean many things, in fact, some girls when they are nervous starts playing with there to calm themselves down.

6: Touching You Without Any Reason

This is another sign she would give if she wants your attention. You will notice that she is grabbing your hands or playing with your hair without any reason.

Touching is a very strong sign. It also shows that your partner trusts you. Trust as you know is an important part of a relationship. Without enough trust, no relationship could last long.

You must be doing something alright, that’s why your partner is touching you to tell you that she wants your attention.

7: She Is Standing/Sitting Next To You

Even if the whole sofa is vacant she will still prefer sitting next to you. It’s actually a great way to catch attention. If your partner is doing this nowadays, it might mean that she is craving your attention.

How To Deal With An Attention-Seeker Girl

Dealing with an attention seeker girl could be quite challenging for some as it has been noticed that attention seeker people tend to get upset easily if they don’t get attention.

However, there is one way that can help you to deal with your attention-seeker partner, and that is “Talking”. Yes, this is the only way. Talk to your partner about why you can’t give all of your time to her.

Make her understand why you are so busy, what you are doing, and what is stopping you from giving her attention. If she really loves you, she will understand, in fact, she will support you!

Hope you found this post helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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