can girls be simps

Calling simp is becoming fashion nowadays, in fact, it is now one of the most used words on social media, especially, Reddit. However, the problem is that only men get associated with this word.

I haven’t seen anyone calling girls simps. I wanted to know, can we call girls simps? But I didn’t get any answer, so I decided to do my own research, and here is what I found.

For the people who don’t know what a simp means, simp is actually a slang term defining someone who shows extreme sympathy and attention toward another person, generally someone who does not return the same feelings, in order to win their affection. This is usually done in search of a sexual relationship.

In simple words, you’re a simp if you chase your opposite gender really hard.

Can We Call Girls Simps?

Yes, of course, you can call them simps if they are acting or showing symptoms like a simp. You would find thousands or millions of girls online, especially, on TikTok simping over their favorite TikTok star.

The word isn’t associated with any gender. It is however associated with actions. If your actions are screaming SIMP, then you’re a simp no matter what your gender is.

What are the symptoms of a (female) simp?

  • Always doing the most for a male that doesn’t like them.
  • ‘Where my hug at?’
  • Always trying to impress males.
  • Puts males before themselves.
  • Will defend a male just for a drop of *cat emoji*.
  • Hates slander of any male.
  • Has no game when coming to males so they only try to impress them by doing everything for them.
  • Let males walk over them.

The word is originated from the word “simpering,” meaning to act in a silly or affected manner. The word got shortened and got a completely different meaning.

Some men begin to use the word SIMP to describe men who chase women a lot. Twitch (A live streaming service) and Reddit, made this word world-famous. In fact, now even a kid knows what simp means.

What Are The 9 Signs Of A Simp

  • You Follow A Lot Of Women/men On Social Media
  • You Think About S*x All The Time
  • You Always Text Her/Him First
  • You Spend A Lot Of Money On Her/Him
  • You Can’t Say No To Her/Him
  • You Don’t Take Even A Second To Reply
  • You Buy Expensive Clothes Just To Impress Her/Him
  • You Don’t Focus On Your Future
  • You Talk About GirlsBoys All The Time

To read about it in more detail click here.

Can We Call Girls Simps On Social Media?

Yes, only if their actions are like simps. However, we should not care about who is a simp or who isn’t. We should only care about ourselves.

Let them act like simps, defaming someone just because he or she is attracted by someone isn’t cool. Keep your sentiments in control and think twice before calling someone simp.

I know I’m sounding like an activist, but you can’t deny the fact that social media bullying is growing and a lot of young guys and girls are getting attacked. Calling them simp, may hurt their feelings or might impact their self-confidence. Again, think twice.

Understand the difference between a real simp and a person who is just attracted by someone. If you encounter a real simp, use the word simp, but if a person is just saying beautiful to someone on social media, calling him or her simp would not be wise.

How To defend Yourself When Someone Is Calling You A Simp

Let them say what they want to, everyone is a simp for someone. Defending yourself will be a complete time waste. But you can follow these tips below to remove simp like symptoms.

  • Stop commenting words like “Hot” “Sexy” and some other Vulgar words under your female/male celebrity posts.
  • Don’t try too hard to impress someone, especially, if you aren’t getting any green signals from their side
  • Don’t ignore your friends for girls/boys
  • Use your time better, do something productive
  • Stop following too many models on Instagram
  • Don’t reply to your crush’s messages too quickly, especially, if they are not replying to you fast.
  • Don’t buy out of budget clothes just to impress somebody

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