What Do Women Find Attractive In MenWhat Do Women Find Attractive In Men

Everyone wants to attract women, but hardly anyone goes and researches the things that women want in their partner. Well, you are different than the rest as you are here, trying to find out how you can make yourself attractive to women.

However, attracting females isn’t a piece of cake, as understanding a woman is very difficult; if it were easy, then no one in this world would be single. Btw, according to the data, there are about 2.12 billion single people on Earth.

In this post, I’ll be listing 14 qualities that women find attractive in a man. Make sure to stick to this post to get complete 

1: Money

Women do care about your annual income, even though they may not express it. Every woman on earth wants a mate who can satisfy all of her demands.

Women put affluent men above poor men despite the fact that wealthy men are not more handsome than poor men, according to a study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour. Money not only solves all of your issues but also makes you appealing.

What does this mean for us? Well, start making money and girls will start paying attention to you! You should read about how to attract money into your life rather than how to become more attractive.

2: Confidence

Without confidence, it’s literally impossible to achieve any success. All the rich and successful men you see have once believed in themselves, and they still do; that’s why they are there.

Confidence plays a big role in attraction. A man with high confidence is always going to be more attractive to women than a man with low self-esteem.

Many studies have proven the link between confidence and attractiveness. But the problem is that improving confidence is difficult, especially if you are an introverted man. However, if you keep giving yourself tasks that require confidence on a daily basis, you’ll certainly end up becoming a confident man.

If you believe that you don’t have enough confidence, you must start changing yourself today. The best thing you can do is search for the best videos on Youtube about how to enhance confidence; you can watch or listen to podcasts; and read books like You Are a Badass (Jen Sincero), The Gifts of Imperfection, or The Confidence Code.

Only taking action can change the level of confidence!

3: Communication Skill

Communication plays a major role here as no matter how good-looking you are, no matter how much money you have, you’ll not end up getting laid with a woman if you lack this art.

You may have seen many average-looking men who don’t have enough money with beautiful girls, it happens because those average-looking guys have one really good quality in themselves and that is communication. They know exactly how to talk to a woman and wow a woman.

4: Cool Temperament

Guys who get hesitant and aggressive in tense situations are very unattractive to women. According to studies, women want guys who stay calm even if the situation is very difficult.

In this messed up world, I know that staying cool and composed isn’t easy, but you can improve yourself if you have a short temper. Yoga and meditation can help. Add 20 Mins of Mediation and 30 Minutes of Yoga into your daily life, you’ll notice a big change in yourself.

5: Talent

Talents such as singing, dancing, art, and so on can make you extremely attractive to women. I’ve never encountered a guy who can sing well but has no girlfriend.

Possessing a talent can set you out from the crowd. Thus, if you have a talent, start honing it since it has the potential to set you unique. Yet, if you lack any, there is still time to learn.

Everybody can acquire skills; all it takes is some daily effort. For example, I didn’t know how to build websites, so I enrolled in various classes, watched a lot of videos, and read instructions; in short, I invested time, and the results are here. I can now create any form of a website.

6: Dressing Sense

Your fashion is among the first thing that women notice. Bad fashion will instantly get you rejected as most women take fashion quite seriously.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to look fashionable because fashion is an art that you can learn. Even inexpensive clothing can look excellent on you if you know what color, size, and style will look best on you.

There are many wonderful YouTube tutorials on how to look fashionable on a budget; check them out after finishing this article!

7: Intelligence

Women love living with someone who can inspire them and teach them new things. An intelligent person will shine differently in a room full of dumbs.

Also, no woman in this world will want a dumb partner for themselves as a low IQ person won’t be able to teach his kids enough, and hence the future of kids might go dark.

8: Height

Unfortunately, height is really important to women. Every woman desires a boyfriend who is at least some inches taller than her. A study found that a man should be 1.09 times taller than his partner.

This is expressed as a 1.09:1 ratio. According to the study, the perfect partner for a 5ft 8in lady is a man who stands 6ft 2in. A woman of 5ft 2in would look for a man of roughly 5ft 8in.

9: Good Body Scent

A good body scent is extremely important as bad odor can instantly turn off any woman in this world. Bad odor indicates that you don’t take your hygiene seriously, and hygiene matters to women a lot.

Keep yourself clean, take a daily shower, brush twice a day, and use deodorants. Additionally, research has shown that body odor is substantially associated with attractiveness in heterosexual females. Don’t take body odor lightly.

10: Humor

Humor is another quality that can set you apart. Women adore funny guys as they can lift their bad moods instantly.

In this stressful world, everyone needs a friend or a partner who knows how to make people laugh.

However, the problem is becoming funny is extremely difficult as it’s a skill that only a few get naturally. However, you can become good at it if you start spending time with the funniest person you know and start observing how he generates humor.

This skill may take time to develop but once you have mastered it, you will undoubtedly experience an increase in your popularity among women.

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11: Desire To Help Others

The whole internet is nowadays telling young men to become bad if they want to attract more women, yes it’s true that there are women who find bad guys attractive, but you don’t really have to become a bad guy in order to attract more women, you can do so by staying nice.

According to a report, women who desire short-term relationships prefer bad guys, while those who want long-term relationships choose nice guys.

Thus, if you desire short-term relationships, continue to be a bad person; if you want longer and better relationships, stay kind and welcoming to people.

12: Face Symmetry

According to research, symmetrical faces are preferred by both men and women because they are thought to be lovely and alluring.

Sadly, only a few people have symmetrical faces, but the good thing is that you can make your face appear symmetrical if you add some facial exercise to your daily routine.

Here Are Some More Things Women Look For Before Choosing Their Partner

  • Qualifications
  • Body Counts
  • Fame
  • Family
  • Muscles
  • Posture
  • Nails
  • Hair
  • Overall Vibe

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