Why She Doesn't Call Me BackWhy She Doesn't Call Me Back

Hey, have you lately exchanged numbers with a woman, but it’s been a long time and you still haven’t received a call from her? That doesn’t sound right, does it? In this post, I’ll discuss the reasons why she isn’t calling or texting you.

So stick around because you’re about to discover a lot of new things.

1: You Couldn’t Impress Her Much

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The first impression is the last impression,” and let me tell you, it’s true. If you make a poor initial impression, attracting her will be considerably more difficult.

Women notice everything about you, from your voice to the color of your shoes, so impressing a woman is a difficult task. However, if you know the art of communicating or if you are funny, you will be able to impress any girl in this world regardless of the type of clothing you are wearing.

I’ve seen numerous below-average men attract gorgeous women simply by making them laugh.

Now, let’s get to the point: If you haven’t received a call or a text from her, it definitely suggests that you weren’t able to impress her.

You should not continue to contact or text her in this position; otherwise, you will appear desperate and she will distance herself from you.

In this circumstance, meeting her again is the best thing you can do. Yes, you read that correctly; meet her again with more confidence and make her laugh this time.

Women like to interact with men in person because most males online are fakers. So, make an effort to meet with her again, and this time, show her how great you are and why you would be the best partner for her. Best wishes!

2: She Likes Someone Else

Perhaps she didn’t contact you because she now likes someone else, or perhaps someone else wowed her more than you.

In this case, you’d notice that she’s online for hours but never responds to you. When girls aren’t interested in you, they act pretty weirdly.

I’m not gonna lie, it has happened to me many times, I have lost count in fact, and let me tell you before you feel heartbroken, it’s quite common.

Furthermore, see if she hangs out with another guy or not. If you have seen her many times with another man, laughing, touching, hugging, etc. I think you are intelligent enough to notice that she is not interested in you but in someone else.

You must stop chasing a woman who is into someone else, as if you do that, you are simply wasting your time

3: Wait

Before you get too worked up over her not responding or phoning you back, remember that some women take their time before approaching a man.

Perhaps she likes you or has been impressed by you, but she is unsure whether you are the perfect guy for her.

If only a few days have passed, you should not be unhappy. Give her at least a week to think about it, and if she doesn’t reach out even after a week, you can text or phone her.

But don’t stiffen up too much if a long time hasn’t gone.

4: She Forgot About You

This is a strange point, but it’s possible that she’s simply forgotten about you. Women, unlike men, attract a lot of attention, particularly from the opposing gender.

Perhaps you should increase your interaction with her so that she will remember you; one interaction may not be enough to distinguish you from the herd.

Meet her if you can and show her how different you are from the crowd.

Now, bear in mind that you shouldn’t pursue her excessively; there should be a limit, and if you go over it, she might think you’re weird and stop speaking to you; Don’t go over it; instead, simply meet her once or twice, give it your all, and watch what happens.

5: She Knows You Are A Player

Perhaps she is aware that you are untrustworthy. There is a popular misconception that women prefer guys who are players and bad boys. While it is true that some women prefer rough macho men, it is entirely false that women hate nice or caring men.

Most women still want a loyal man; in fact, loyalty is one of the most appealing attributes.

Maybe she’s seen you with a lot of girls previously, or she senses a player in you.

However, if you are not that type of person, or if she has misinterpreted something about you, you must do something to dispel her doubts if you truly want to ignite the fire of love in her heart.

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6: She’s Testing You

When women like you but are unsure whether you will be the appropriate man for them, they put you in a testing phase.

Finding out whether she is testing you or not may be difficult because women are very good at hiding their feelings. 

In fact, some girls who are into someone try their hardest not to let that person know that they are into them; instead, they simply judge that person’s actions and determine whether he is right for them or not.

You’ll observe that she attempts to ignore you but eventually chats to you, ignores your messages but eventually responds, and avoids making eye contact with you but later you catch her looking at you.

You could find it really perplexing, but that is what happens when a girl tests.

If you’re wondering what to do in this situation, simply be yourself and don’t get mad at her for not responding. Once the testing phase is finished, she will return to normal and even show greater interest in you.

7: You Are Very Talkative And She Knows It

Perhaps you have a tendency to talk a lot. Some people enjoy conversing with talkative people, while others detest it intensely.

If someone has told you that you are very talkative, you may want to consider changing your personality because talking too much isn’t really endearing.

Try to spend more time being productive rather than talking nonstop because action speaks louder than words.

That’s it guys, I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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