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Hey, are you about to clean your armpit hair? Hold on, I have something special to share. After reading this post, you may change your decision.

For the past couple of days, I was looking for the answer to my question “do girls like armpit hair?” “Should I clean it or leave it as is?”

Sadly, I didn’t find any post that was covering this topic. So, I decided to ask it on social media, I used Facebook and Instagram. I also used public forums such as Quora and Reddit.

The results were a little surprising. Now, without wasting any more time. Let’s find the answer.

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Do Women Like Men Armpit Hair

Surprisingly, girls do not care about armpit hair, they’ve got many other things to care about like, your smile, your face, your body, height, and money.

Girls think armpit hair doesn’t look bad on men unless it’s too dense. However, most girls said, armpit hair looks bad on women. A woman must clean it, especially if she is about to wear a sleeveless top.

If your armpit is smelly, then women do care about it. Use perfume or wash your armpit before you and meet her, otherwise, it would give a bad experience to her.

Most of the time, men’s armpit hair is covered because men normally don’t wear any sleeveless t-shirt or shirt. However, if you’re planning to visit a beach for some good time, then you can clean your armpit.

So, women don’t care about armpit hair unless it’s too bushy.

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How To Cover Your Armpit Hair

I guess some of you might have changed your decision to shave your armpit hair, but a question raises hair, if I don’t shave my armpit hair, then how can I hide it, especially, if I’m wearing a sleeveless T-shirt or going half-naked. Sadly, I have only a few tips that may help in making armpit hair less noticeable.

Don’t raise your hand too usually, I mean, it is quite obvious, if you don’t raise your hand, people will not notice your armpit hair that much.

You can also use a scissor to cut long hair if you don’t wanna shave at any cost. However, using scissors is a little dangerous as you may cut your skin or pluck your hair forcefully, which would be really painful.

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How To Shave Your Armpit Hair Perfectly

If you have decided to shave armpit hair regardless of what would the girls think, then here are some pro tips to shave your armpit hair perfectly.

1: Don’t use an old razor

Old razors are normally rusty and could create difficulty in shaving your hair properly. They don’t work smoothly on your skin. So, if you have an old razor, then rethink before applying it to your body.

A new kit normally costs 7$, so it’s not too expensive. If you have time, go to your nearest store or order it from amazon.

2: Make Sure To Hydrate Your Armpit With Water

Your armpit might be dry right now, it is good to hydrate it and make it ready before you begin using a razor to it.

Also, you can take bath before going for a shave, it will prepare your whole body, not just your armpit.

3: Wash It

Washing can help the razor more effectively shave off armpit hair; it can also help in preventing bacteria from the combination of sweat and deodorant from penetrating through the skin if nicked while cleaning.

4: Use A Shaving Gel

A shaving gel can make your hair smoother, which will make your journey easier. Applying shaving gel maintains the moisture of that body part which will help in protecting itchiness and dryness.

5: Shave In Every Direction

Make sure to use the razor in every direction on your armpit, clean it perfectly, don’t leave any hair, otherwise, you may have to repeat the process again, and that would be pretty frustrating.

6: Moisture

According to, Once you’re completed shaving, rinse and gently pat your armpits dry with a hygienic towel. moisturizer or oil, choose one that’s C2H5OH-free. Although it may sound counterintuitive to moisturize this area, it will assist keep your skin hydrated and lower the chances of developing razor burn and bumps.

7: Do Not Apply Deodrant Immediately

Applying deodorant just after shaving could be bad for your skin. It could increase irritation in that area. So, don’t use deodorant immediately, wait for some time.

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