DO Girls Like Big ForeheadDO Girls Like Big Forehead

I have a big forehead and I was pretty insecure about it. I used to think girls don’t like guys who have abnormally sized foreheads.

However, I’m a very curious person, so I decided to do some research online and offline to find out whether it’s actually true or not.

I found something really crazy, make sure to read the entire post, and I’m sure you’ll feel happy after reading it.

Do Women Like Guys With Big Foreheads?

In my research, I found that majority of women don’t care much about the size of a guy’s forehead. You can still get girls even if you have a gigantic forehead.

However, women do notice other things in a man, like the fashion sense, intelligence, humor, and how nicely you treat others.

Facial features do play a big part in attracting women, but if you have high confidence and a great personality, it’s impossible to not get girls.

So instead of focusing too much on the size of your forehead, you should start focusing more on increasing your confidence level, bank balance, and physical strength.

Also, feeling insecure about your forehead size may affect your self-esteem.

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List Of Hairstyles That Suits Big Foreheads

A good hairstyle can easily hide your big forehead. If you wanna draw attention away from your forehead, below are some of the best hairstyles you can try!

  • Caesar cut
  • Buzz cut
  • French crop
  • Crew Cut
  • Brushed up cut
  • Short pompadour
  • Fringe
  • Clean shave
  • Blowout fade
  • Spiky hairstyle
  • Bowl cut
  • Side part
  • Short and messy

To get more info on all the hairstyles listed above, you can check the guide by Dmarge.

How To Stop Being Insecure About Forehead Size

You’re awesome, let them say whatever they are saying. Work towards your goal, once you’ll have a big bank balance, all the criticism against you will fade away quickly.

Everyone on this planet has some flaws, no one is perfect. If your aim is to become a perfect person, you’ll never be happy. Remember, we have got only one life, feel happy and make others happy.

Don’t let your insecurities destroy your happiness!

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