do guys like short girlsdo guys like short girls

Being short doesn’t mean being unattractive, in fact, a lot of guys love short women, there are many reasons behind it.

So, in this post, I’ll be listing 12 reasons men find short women so attractive. So make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info.

Now, without a further ado, let’s begin!

1: Short Girls Usually Have Bigger Bum

Short women usually have curvier bodies which attract a lot of men.

I know women don’t like it when men care more about their body parts than their actual personality, but it’s men’s tendency to go for women who have better body features. Sadly, men are built that way, it’s almost impossible to change them.

Also, subconsciously, men think, that women with a curvier bodies can give healthier babies.

2: Short Girls Appear More Feminine

Most men don’t like to get dominated in the bed, they like to dominate their female partners. Taller women don’t give that feminine vibe to men which sometimes turns them off.

Men find it easy to control a short woman (on the bed) than a taller woman. However, it’s not true for every man, some men like it when their female partners behave dominantly. However, their percentage is quite short.

3: Short Girls Look Cute

This is the most obvious reason why most men go for short women. Their small stature, makes them appear adorable.

Their face, hair, their shape, and eyes, everything looks perfect.

I’ve met many short girls in my life and all of them were fabulous, while it’s not the case with taller women, maybe I haven’t met many tall women yet, but that is what my experience is.

4: Short Girls Give Best Cuddles

When short girls give us a hug, their head touches our heart, and it feels amazing. However, with tall women, it’s hard to feel the emotions because their head mostly touches our head area, not our heart which sometimes feels awkward.

If a tall girl is wearing high heels, men it’s game over, it feels even worse, It feels like we are dwarfs!

5: Short Girls Are Naturally Good Hearted

As I said, I’ve met many short girls and all of them were kind-hearted, they were one of the best people I’ve ever met.

Sadly, I don’t have any research paper to verify this claim, but I’m sure that most of you reading this agree with me.

Not only short women, but short men are also good people. While tall people have a certain kind of pride which makes them a little arrogant. Remember, I’m not saying that every tall person is like that, but a small portion of them are.

6: Tall & Short Couple Looks Great

If the difference in height is not more than 1 foot, the couple looks amazing. They look like they are made for each other.

Again, I’m not saying that a tall & tall couple doesn’t look good, but short and tall is the best combination for me and for the majority of us.

7: Kissing Becomes Easier

I don’t think I have to explain this to you. Kissing a tall woman, especially if she is taller than her man, is hard, plus it looks a bit awkward.

While kissing a short woman is easy peasy, and usually, men don’t feel any kind of awkwardness while kissing a short lady.

8: Intense Eye Contact

The eye contact between short and tall couples is usually more intense and more romantic.

When a short girl looks into a tall guy’s eyes, the chemistry between both of them becomes even stronger. The connection gets better than ever before.

9: It’s Easy To Lift Them Up

It’s another thing that dominant males like to do. Some men like to do s*x in a certain style. However, doing that same s*xual style with taller women is really hard.

Lifting a tall woman is challenging, but it’s not the case with shorter women, however, the woman must not be heavier than her partner.

10: Chemistry Between Short & Tall Is Usually Stronger

The experiences I had in past, speaks that short and tall couple have the best chemistry between them.

Better chemistry is something that everyone can build. Chemistry doesn’t depend on the height differences. Just treat your partner nicely and everything will go alright.

The claim that I have made here that the chemistry between short and tall is usually stronger is based on my personal experience and the poll I did on Facebook.

11: It’s Just Feels Good To Have A Short GF

Having a shorter girlfriend feels good! There is a certain emotion that I can’t describe in words, it just makes me feel good. I feel blessed to have a girlfriend who is shorter than me.

12: Heels Don’t Bother

Girls like to wear heels, however, some girls limits their heels use because their partner is not taller than them.

But short girls can wear them whenever they want, it won’t bother their boyfriends. In fact, their boyfriend will feel good because now you’re matching your height with him.

Do Guys Like Girls Shorter Than 5 Feet?

It depends upon a lot of things. If the difference in height is more than one foot the chemistry between you and him may not develop strongly.

And, strong chemistry is very important for long-term relationships. The difference should not be more than feet, but if you still love him, then start working on all the little things between you and him to boost the chemistry between you and him.

What To Do If He Doesn’t Like Me Just Because I’m Short?

Stop caring about him. He left you just because you’re short, that means he just doesn’t care about you, and you should stop crying for him.

There are many men who would care about your every little thing. Just open your eyes and look for them. It will take time, but I’m sure that you’ll eventually find the best person for yourself.

I don’t understand why people care about someone who just doesn’t give a f*ck about your existence. Leave them as soon as possible otherwise, it will eat you from inside and you feel like sh*t.

I hope this post was helpful to you,

Thanks for reading!

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