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Are you about to shave off your chest hair? Well, stop it right now and read this post before you go for it because I have something special to share with you.

Last night I was looking at myself in the mirror and thinking, do girls like chest hair? To find the answer to this question, I begin my research online.

The results were crazy. So without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

Do Girls Like Chest Hair?

Yes, most of them do like chest hair however, it should be well maintained. It shouldn’t be bushy. Thick chest hair may turn off a woman, but if you have maintained it and trimmed it well, it can turn on a woman.

In fact, a study was done with the help of 440 women, found that only 17% of women liked a fully shaved chest, while 53% of them went for well maintained hairy chest.

This study shows that women like men with hairy chests but they should not be bushy. Maintain it the right way if you wanna attract females.

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Why Do Girls Like Chest Hair?

So, as you saw, women prefer a hairy chest over a clean-shaved one, but why do they like a hairy chest? is there any reason behind t? There are three main reasons why girls like chest hair. However, there could be more than that. Below are the three reasons:

1: It Gives A Manly Vibe

A hairy chest is a great indication that you’re a grown man now, it makes you look a little mature. Women tend to like guys who are mature.

Also, it is a sign of manliness. It gives women different kinds of vibes. While a clean shaved chest isn’t a great indication of maturity.

2: It Is A Sign Of High Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a critical role in the body. In men, it’s believed to regulate drive (libido), bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass and power, and the creation of red blood cells and sperm. A short amount of circulating testosterone is transformed into estradiol, it is a form of estrogen.

According to studies, men with high levels of testosterone are more attracted to women, and women are also attracted to men with high testosterone.

3: Scent

A hairy chest produces a different kind of scent, and surprisingly, women like it. But it shouldn’t be too bad.

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Should You Care About It?

I really don’t think you should care about your chest hair. It is just a natural thing. You must focus on other important things, like earning more, wearing nice clothes, building confidence, and investing your money the right way.

Women would ignore how messy your chest hair is if you have the qualities I’ve mentioned above. Chest hair is just a secondary thing. Putting too much focus on it isn’t going to help you too much.

What Do Girls Think About Hairy Chest?

Okay so according to research, women like hairy chests, but what happened when GQ asked the same question to real girls? Let’s find out!

“I enjoy chest hair, it reminds me I’m not laying on a mattress with Justin Bieber. But if it’s all patchy or only hairy near the nipples, trim it down.” -Mary C.

“I’d much preferably see a little (or a lot, whatever!) hair than touch a bunch of rough stubble.” -Ashley M.

“Personally, I need that sh*t to be pretty freaking trimmed. If your nude body was a rock tour, your chest fur should not be the headliner.

Cut it, trim it, shave it—whatever you require to do to get it at a nice right level of ’background actor.’ A good indicator is whether or not your shirt can spread flat on your body. If there’s any level of hair-induced puffiness, it’s time to set the trimmer.”– Naomi P.

“In college, I dated a dude who shaved his chest. I was shocked at first, but it never actually turned me off. He was confident and masculine, and his bushy eyebrows largely made up for the smoothly shaved chest. In the world of hair/no hair, there are way more destructive things than shaved chests.” – Megan D.

“A slight trimming is fine. Be a male, for god’s sake.”-Catherine D

“Depends on the guy: if he is powerful and outdoorsy, chest hair is a must. If he is a metropolis dude with style, I can do without it. When it comes to chest hair, it’s all about your nature.” – Jennifer J.

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Is Clean Shaved Chest Attractive?

Yes, they are attractive too. But it depends on the women, there are a lot of women who do like a clean chest. As the reach suggests 17% of women prefer a clean shaved chest over a hairy one. So if you’re talking about million women, 170,000 of them are in favor of clean shaved chest, and that’s a lot!

Don’t think that only a hairy chest guy can attract girls. You can do it too! Be confident, you’re awesome!

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Should I Keep Beard If I Have A Hairy Chest?

It would look weird if you have a hairy chest but no beard. However, it’s totally up to you. If you wanna be a clean face but don’t wanna have clean chest, it is fine, but as a blogger, if I have to suggest, I would say, have a beard, you’ll look better.

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