How To Deal With A Breakup As A ManHow To Deal With A Breakup As A Man

When I was 19, I got my first girlfriend. I was in deep love with her, in fact, I was crazy in love. I used to dream about marrying her, but then something happened.

She suddenly start behaving strangely, she began ignoring my messages, and then one day she unfollowed me on social media.

I felt bad, like really bad. I tried to talk to her about it, and one day I got the chance and asked her why she is doing all this, and what happened, and she said, “I feel like we have to move on, I wanna focus on my studies”.

I tried hard to convince her that I will never become an obstacle in her studies, but she didn’t agree. She was adamant and wanted a breakup.

We broke up.

She moved on and got herself a new boyfriend in just a few months, but I was never the same person again.

I used to think about her in the day and night. Her feelings were crushing my mind. Tons of questions were roaming inside my head, but the most important question that was killing me inside was “Why?”

I started to relate to break-up songs. That phase was like hell for me. I still get goosebumps whenever I think about that tough period of my life.

However, it’s not just my story, in fact, there are millions of others who had gone through this same pain. Maybe you are going through this right now.

This article might help you. It is because I’ll tell you exactly what I did that changed my life completely.

But before I begin, it’s always better to contact a expert, especially, if you are feeling depressed.

What To Do?

Coming out of the depression/sadness that breakup brings is very difficult, especially if it was your first love. But it is not impossible.

In fact, it is much easier than you think. It took me around 4 months to recover from the damage that my breakup did to me.

I still feel bad sometimes when I see her somewhere. But now I feel like I’m much more stronger than I was before.

These are the 7 things that I added to my daily routine to come out of her feelings. Remember, in my case, it took me around 4 months to recover and start dating again, in your case, the time could vary. In some cases, guys can take years. So be patient, these things take time.

1: Money

It might sound weird but a breakup may unlock your true potential. The sadness that we get after a break can actually help us in achieving our goals.

In my case, after the breakup, I started investing all my time in making money because I had nothing to do. I didn’t have a girlfriend and thinking about her was only making me sad, to come out of that teary feeling, I decided to become rich. I begin finding ways that can earn me money online.

I believed that with money, I can show her that she made a mistake by rejecting me. Yeah, I was wrong, money can’t buy love, but it can surely fill your life with happiness. Now I don’t think about her a lot because I have other things to care about.

If you are above 25 and not rich yet, you are doing something wrong, you should have some decent amount of money in your bank account. Maybe this is the right time for you. Use the power that your breakup has given to you and use to something that can make you money.

Thinking about her will only push you into the deep darkness. Stop thinking about her, get up and fight with your thoughts! You can do this!

Remember what Eminem said, money doesn’t bring happiness, it brings crazy-ass happiness!

2: Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding not only makes you stronger from the outside, but it also makes you stronger from the inside. It can help you come out of the misery that a breakup brings.

Bodybuilding is actually crazy good as it impacts the mind and body almost instantly.

You will start to feel good from the day one, however, results might take time as building muscles is not a single-day job, it’s a long-term process. You need consistency and dedication to develop muscles.

Join a gym if you haven’t done it already. If you don’t want to join a gym, no worries, you can add basic exercises to your daily life. Wake up early, wear your sporting shoes and go to the nearest park. Repeat it every single day. You’ll surely start to feel better!

Excerisce releases happiness hormones inside your body which can aid you in throwing all the memories you have of her from your mind.

3: Positive Thinking

Never say a single bad thing to yourself. Always believe that you can make it even if things are not looking good to you!

Steve Harvey once said; “If you say, I’ll never be rich, you won’t. The moment you change the frequency that your tower emits, the moment you change that, different things come back to you. You change your attitude, you change your altitude!”

4: Time Is A Great Healer

You must be feeling disastrous right now, but this feeling that you have right now, believe me, won’t stay with you forever. It will vanish, it may take days, months, or in some cases years, but you will recover from it.

Remember the wound you got when you were learning a bicycle? That wound must be hurting terribly on day one, but after a week, your wound was gone, and you started feeling good again.

Just like that, the pain you are suffering from right now, won’t stay with you forever. New people will come into your life, new relationships will be formed, and ultimately, you will come out of this position and start living your life happily again.

5: Life Doesn’t End Here

Life is beautiful, if you feel depressed just because of your breakup, then I’m sorry, but you are a stupid stupid person, Why you need someone who doesn’t love you at all, why you need someone who left you and forgot about you in seconds.

You can make your life awesome, you can fall in love again, you can become rich, you can do the things that you always wanted to do. Just stop crying, go and find your long-lost passion and start grinding for your goals! Show her what you can do without her.

If you are not doing anything productive, you are proving her that you are a loser without her.

Stop being a loser man, get your asss up and work!

6: Addiction Control

Many people become addicted to something after a breakup. It can be p*rn, addictive substances, gambling, etc. You don’t need to take the help from any addictive thing. You are mind is sufficient to cope with a breakup.

You just need some time and patience. Never make yourself addictive to anything bad, it will ruin your life, instead, get addicted to your goals.

7: Go Outside More

Going outside, and meeting with your pals can boost your mood. After a breakup, many men cut themselves off from the outside world and try to cope with the breakup on their own, which is wrong.

I know after a breakup we don’t feel ourselves, but keeping yourself locked inside your room will not reduce the effects your breakup had on you, instead it will increase sadness.

Go outside more, have fun, eat delicious food, and go on a trip, but don’t stay inside your room 24×7.

I hope you found this post helpful.

Thanks for reading!

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