How To Tell If He Loves MeHow To Tell If He Loves Me

Well, determining if a guy loves you or not is one of the simplest tasks since when a guy is in love, he gives off many strong cues. If the guy is timid, though, he might try his best to conceal his feelings for you.

However, he will also leave you with certain unobtrusive cues that you can pick up on to determine whether or not he has feelings for you.

Let’s look at some of the most blatant indications that he is actually in love with you.

1: His Pupils Dilate When He Sees You

A dilated pupil can be difficult to spot, but you must detect them if you want to know if he is interested in you or not, as dilated pupils are not an ignorable sign.

When we like or adore someone, our pupils dilate when we look at them. So, the next time you see him, look at his eyes and see if his pupils dilate or not.

The image below might help you understand better what exactly dilated pupils mean.

Dilated Pupil Image Source

You may be wondering what happens if his pupils do not dilate.

If they don’t dilate, it could suggest that he has no feelings for you right now, but it could also mean that he has already looked at you several times, or that he is currently busy and doesn’t have time to really look at you, or that he is in a hurry.

There are numerous aspects to consider, so don’t be concerned. Check his pupils again after a few days.

2: His Feet Point Toward You

His feet, much like dilated pupils, can tell you a lot about whether he is truly passionate about you or not.

You might not notice it, but when we like someone, our feet point toward them while we are sitting or standing, according to a number of body language specialists. When we despise someone, though, the opposite occurs—our feet point away from them.

When he is standing or sitting next to you, pay attention to his feet. His feet should be facing you.

However, if they are not pointed in your direction, don’t worry; he may be preoccupied or running late. Wait some time and pay attention to his feet once more.

3: He Never Says No To You

He would always make time for you, regardless of whether he was free or had a ton of stuff to accomplish. When guys fall in love, they look for ways to get close to their crush. He would never turn down the chance to be with you.

He doesn’t view you as an ordinary woman; rather, he views you as a life partner, and he would love to assist you and exchange advice with you on how you might enhance your life.

However, if you’ve never experienced that kind of attention from a man before, it could feel a little overwhelming to you. But trust me, he’s doing all of this because he doesn’t want to let you go.

4: He Makes an Effort To Look His Best in Front of You

When you’re around, you’ll see him adjusting his attire, hair, and body posture. This is because he probably becomes worried and wants to present you with his finest look.

It’s not just girls who become apprehensive when they’re around a guy they like. In truth, most men lack confidence, believing that their faces are unattractive or that their body posture is poor.

If you notice him feeling uneasy around you, you can make him feel better by simply smiling and speaking to him.

5: He Reacts Quite Awkardly Around You

Except for a few people, we all respond awkwardly to our crushes. It’s quite common. We all behave strangely around our crushes because we all want to give our best, but because we have too much on our minds, we mess up, lose our calm, and get really unconfident.

If he constantly reacts strangely, such as with stuttering words, poor body language, and failing to make eye contact, it clearly suggests that he has a lot of feelings for you but is just unable to show them to you.

6: He Looks At You Multiple Times

You’ll find him glancing at you several times because he won’t be able to stop himself from looking at you and seeing what you’re doing.

When we are in love, our gaze is fixed on the person with whom we are in love. We want to see them every minute and second.

I was in love with a girl during my freshman year of college, and I remember gazing at her many times a day. I don’t know why, but my eyes always wanted to see her and see what she was doing and whether or not she was looking at me.

7: He Never Replies Late To You Or Ignores Your Texts

You would hardly notice him responding late or disregarding your messages.

Guys, believe it or not, wait all day for their crush’s texts, and they love it when they get a text notice from their crush.

He won’t be able to control his emotions and will respond to you even though he understands that responding quickly will reduce his value in your eyes. Guys are unaware that some girls dislike it when a guy responds quickly or stays online all day.

But, from his perspective, he’s responding to you swiftly because he can’t stop himself from responding quickly as he’s truly in love with you.

8: He Smiles When You Are Around

When you meet him, you will notice a slight smile on his face. That delicate grin originates from within; the delight we experience when we meet the person we care about fills us with joy and causes us to smile.

Take note of how pleased he appears when you are with him; if he grins or laughs a lot while you are around, it is a good indication that he is into you.

9: He Feels Jealousy

When you talk to a guy or laugh with him, you could detect a jealous expression on his face.

Teasing is nice since it shows how much our spouse feels about us, but remember that making him jealous every day or teasing him too much might backfire because he may lose trust in you or stop loving you, which I’m sure you don’t want.

So, make him envious, but only to a point.

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