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Being chubby isn’t bad, at least you don’t look malnourished. In this post, I’m gonna share what do girls actually think of fat guys.

I’ll also compare, who do girls like the most, fat guys or skinny guys. So read the complete post, because you’re about to learn a lot of things today!

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

Do Girls Like Fat Guys?

To be honest with you, most girls do not like fat guys. A little chubby isn’t that bad, but if you’re unhealthy fat, you may not be attractive to girls.

However, if you have other qualities, like money, confidence, dressing sense, etc. You can still attract women. But on the basis of your body type, girls may not find you attractive.

So, what to do about it? When KamaTV asked girls whether they like fat guys or not, most of them replied, that the guy has to have a great personality. Watch the video below:

Should You Care About It?

Yes, you should care about it! Being fat is not only bad for your health, but it also makes you unattractive, and lazy as well. There are so many ways you can try to become fit.

You can add running to your daily routine, you can cut down sugar intake, or join a gym. If you can’t do any of these things, do 50 Pushups a day, that’s enough to make you more muscular.

Go green, add more green vegetables to your daily diet. Eating healthy makes you healthy.

How To Look Good As A Chubby Guy

Looking good even if you’re chubby isn’t that difficult, just look at James Corden. Choosing perfect clothes might be an issue. Most chubby men don’t choose the right clothes.

According to Dmarge, the key to looking more brilliant and slimmer is utilizing visual trickery. Firstly, decrease surface area. This implies always folding dress shirts into trousers and with a belt to split up the belly from the crotch, even if it manages to hang further down than it should.

Make a vertical line – with a v-neck or a row of buttons – moving the viewer’s focus to the middle of the body, not your gut.

Shade out the big places – belly, butt, or thighs – that you don’t want to highlight, and wear lighter tones over your thinner areas. We all hold our not-bad-to-better assets, so understand yours and make them operate for you.

Some Tips For You:

  • Avoid Large Baggy Clothes

These clothes will make you look terrible. Avoid them as much as you can.

  • Don’t buy skinny fit

The skinny fit would not look good on your body. It is that simple!

  • The shorts and trousers must fit your waist, not below your tummy.

Go to stores and check the trousers or shorts that are fitting your waist. Trousers that match your waist would make you look fit.

  • Select the dress that fits the biggest or widest part of your body

This is the hardest thing to do. Shop online and look for the clothes that match your measurements.

  • Don’t use belts

Belts will highlight your tummy.

  • Get custom attire

Hire a tailor, and send him the things you want in your dress.

  • Clothes that add height to your frame

It is important to buy clothes that make you appear taller. There are a lot of guides available on the internet about it. Just search “Clothes that adds height” in google and you’ll find tons of posts.

  • Look at the reviews

Checking reviews before buying is always crucial. Look how people are looking at the cloth that you’re about to buy. Are they looking fit after warning it? Are they looking stylish?

Exercises To Do

There are numerous exercises available if you wanna cut down the fat in your body. However, below are some of the most effective one’s:

(credit: Menshealth)

Chair squat stand-ups

“This is a fantastic full-body exercise to tone your glutes and decrease extra body fat,” says Jones. Stand in front of a chair with your feet shoulder-width separated.

Sink down into it by pushing your hips back, holding your back straight. As quickly as you touch the seat, go up through your heels to standing.

Feel free to place your arms out for balance. Breathe, compliment yourself on your first effort to staving off heart illness, then lower and do 15 more additional.

Make it tougher: Add in extra sets as you progress, or have two bottles of water to add resistance.

Modified press-up

If you struggle to keep yourself in a full press-up position, perform the angles. Discover a surface around waist height (higher if you want to make it more effortless) and stand at arm’s size.

With your feet jointly, put your palms on the right angle at shoulder width and bend forward so your arms carry your weight. Bend at the elbows to drop yourself.

When your chest nearly touches the surface, push back up quickly. Do 10, rest for 60 seconds, then reprise twice to switch moobs for pecs.

Make it harder: the angle so you’re nearer to horizontal. Finally, transition into full press-ups.

Stair climb

You don’t require a gym to make stamina. “This is a truly effective way to clear the fat and build overall cardiovascular wellness,” says Jones.

Plus, you’ll prevent being late for work when you can run to catch that bus. Start at the base of the stairs. Look up, then run the first flight. Catch your breath and gradually walk back down. Reprise until you can’t do anymore and be happy you don’t live in the Shard.

Make it harder: When you’re running up without reaching out of breath, cut steps, so you run up two at a moment.

Front lunge

Stand with your feet jointly. Take a major step forward with your right leg, landing on your heel, and drop down until your thigh’s horizontal and your back knee nearly touches the ground.

If you’re losing over then utilize a wall for balance. Pause shortly at the bottom of the lunge then thrust back through the heel of the ahead foot and set your feet back together. Reprise on the other side. Accomplish five lunges on each foot, rest 60secs then reprise twice, to build more powerful legs and dissolve away your spare tires.

Make it tougher: Step forward further or have bottles of water in each hand.


The six-pack might appear some way away, but a powerful core makes you more powerful everywhere else. Kneel on the mat with your toes on the floor and elbows under your shoulders.

Straighten your legs so your body creates a straight line from head to heels – take consideration not to push your bum up or let your hips drop.

Try to resist the shakes as you hold it for as long as feasible, then sink onto the mat and have your breath. Two times more, then you’re accomplished. Bypass the temptation to celebrate with a pint.

Who Do Girls Like Most, Chubby Or Skinnier?

Skinnier guys won here. Women like skinnier guys more than chubby guys, read more about it here!

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