Girl Squeezes Your CheekGirl Squeezes Your Cheek

When the girl we adore squeezes our cheeks, it feels incredible. We feel like we’re almost there, and with a little more effort, we’ll one day win her love.

However, this action is not always positive; it can also be negative.

To be honest, there is no definitive answer to this question; in fact, there are nine possible explanations for this behavior.

So, keep reading because you’re about to learn a lot of new things. Let’s get this started!

1: She Likes You

Squeezing your cheeks indicates that she has feelings for you. Women typically do not act in this manner unless they have a really close bond with you.

However, before you get too excited, you should be aware that there are plenty of additional considerations to consider before approaching her.

Squeezing your cheeks also indicates that you have a good chemistry with her and that she enjoys spending time with you.

2: You Are Cute

This move by her demonstrates that you are pretty cute. Maybe you don’t realize how cute or attractive you are; I mean, most of us don’t until someone compliments us on our appearance.

If she touched or played with your cheeks, it shows that you have a nice face that girls adore.

So smile and begin to appreciate yourself more, especially if you feel low and doubtful about yourself.

You will feel much better when you begin to commend yourself; it will have a significant impact on your confidence, and you will feel a burst of confidence in yourself.

3: You Are Probably In A Friendzone

Unfortunately, this action by her also signals that you are highly likely to be in a friendzone.

Was she blushing when she squeezed your cheeks? Was she making emotional eye contact when she did this?

What was the general vibe? Were you sensing anything out of the ordinary as she was fiddling with your cheeks?

If you answered No to most of the questions, you are most likely in a friend zone. However, if you want to be sure whether you’re in a friendzone or not, read my post about it by clicking here!

4: She Believes You Are Very Innocent

Sometimes people think that we are way too innocent, but they don’t know how evil our minds really are. Maybe she believes that you are one of the most innocent guys she has ever met.

Squeezing your cheeks is a very potent sign that she thinks that you are a very innocent man. It also suggests that she finds your innocence very cute, and that’s why she takes such actions as squeezing your cheeks, playing with your hair, and grabbing your arms while walking.

It has happened to me many times when I was a teenager. Girls used to squeeze my cheeks, mainly girls who were older than me.

They used to say that I look like a cute kid and that I’m very innocent, even though I was not innocent at all. I used to understand everything but used to hide my feelings.

5: Your Cheeks Are Chubby

Maybe you have cheeks like balloons, which girls find quite cute. Maybe you don’t know how squeezable your cheeks look, or maybe no one has ever said anything about your cheek size before.

Whatever the case is, women normally don’t squeeze the cheeks of someone who doesn’t have chubby cheeks, so it strongly indicates that your cheeks are not normal; they are special!

6: You Did Something Silly Yet Cute

Maybe you did something she thought was cute. Remember that time when you said something amusing to her? or Did you make any blunders?

Perhaps you unwittingly made her day, and as a result, she squeezed your cheeks to express her emotions.

7: You Did It First

Did you initially squeeze her cheeks? If so, she may have simply reciprocated your action. If she truly imitates you, it is an indication that she is interested in you.

When some people fall in love, they begin to imitate their crush and begin to adore things that their crush enjoys. Their crush’s hobbies become theirs.

If she pinched your cheeks back, it indicates that she has feelings for you.

8: You Are Like Her Brother

You might believe that there is nothing worse than being in a friend zone, but there is, and it is known as Bortherzoned.

There is simply no way out if you have been bother-zoned, as it is far more difficult to escape than a friend zone.

If she is older than you and treats you like a little kid, you are most likely in a brother zone. See if she flirts with other males while you’re with her, and keep track of how many times she flirts with you.

Stop chasing her if she never flirts with you but continuously hits on other guys. She has no interest in you. You are just like her younger brother, chasing her would be a waste of time.

9: Expressing joy or Happiness

Perhaps she was experiencing extreme happiness at the time, which is why she made this move. She can be one of the women that enjoy expressing whatever emotions she is experiencing.


There is no single reason to why women pinch a man’s cheeks; in fact, there are nine possibilities.

If the female you like frequently squeezes your cheeks or simply plays with your cheeks, it could indicate that she has strong feelings for you, but it could also indicate that you are in a friend zone.

If you’re in a friend zone or a brother zone, you’ll notice that she’s never shy around you and enjoys talking about other guys and first with other men even when you’re with her.

Overall, squeezing cheeks is a very strong sign, but you have to look for some more strong signs before you approach her.

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