Do Girls Like Guys With Big Butt?Do Girls Like Guys With Big Butt?

Guys love women’s buttocks, in fact, some guys only date girls who have got nice buns (which is weird).

However, women are different, they judge a guy on the basis of a lot of things, like confidence, facial structure, body scent, smile, fashion sense, etc.

But do they also care about men’s butts? Well, you’ll find your answer in this post.

Make sure to read the entire post to get complete info. Now let’s begin without wasting any time!

Do Girls Like Guys With Big Butts?

“Yes” women do like guys with big butts, but there is a condition, your butt must be in good shape.

Girls don’t care about how big and humongous your butt is, if it’s not in shape, it won’t be appreciated, but if it is in shape, it will definitely catch girls’ attention.

Is it the most important thing? Absolutely not! You can get girls even if you have a tiny butt.

The majority of women care about manly things, having a bigger butt or tiny butt doesn’t show how manly you are.

The things that can show your manliness are confidence, money, leadership, etc. So try to build manly qualities, women will definitely start giving you more attention.

How To Get A Better-Shaped Bum

Watch the video below if you have a gym membership.

Here are some exercises that anyone can do, they don’t require any gym membership.

1: Squats

There are many exercises you can add, but squats are the simplest ones, and not surprisingly the most effective ones too.

I highly recommend watching a squat tutorial video before performing it because doing it wrongly could hurt your leg and back muscles, and that would be terrible.

Many great tutorial videos are available on Youtube, search now!

2: Set Ups

Like Squats, step-ups also don’t require any exercise tool. It just requires a stool, some stamina, and a lot of dedication.

Do it regularly and you would definitely see that your butt is getting into shape day by day.

3: Running

Running benefits the entire body, not just the butts. Running on a regular basis might help you lose weight and build stronger muscles.

Daily exercise will make your butt look more attractive, and I can say this with certainty since I have personally experienced it.

Additionally, running helps you build stronger thighs and a slimmer midsection, which makes your bum look more athletic.

Are Butts Among The First Thing A Woman Notices?

No, in fact, it is among the last thing a woman would notice about you, so don’t feel bad if you have a tiny butt. However, if you have a gigantic back side or a weirdly shaped one, it may draw attention from women as women are human, and humans notice things that look strange much more quickly than normal things.

In my college, there was a guy who had a humongous backside, all the girls used to talk about him, it was pretty funny!

Do Women Like Hairy Backside?

Well, again, it depends from woman to woman, some women just hate hairy backsides while some women like it because it gives them a more manly vibe.

However, most females do not care whether your bum is hairy or not as they have other things to care about. I’ve never heard a woman complaining about a hairy backside, have you?

What Are Some Other Body Parts Women Like The Most?

  • Facial Structure

For a lady, your face features are quite important. It may sound unusual, but if you have a beautiful face, some women will be willing to overlook all of your flaws.

That explains why those good-looking notorious felons used to receive a lot of love letters from women.

Your face is the first thing a lady will notice about you, so make sure to make it perfectly shaped.

We all exercise our bodies, but we never train our faces. Strong facial bones not only make us look good, but they can also protect us from impacts. Add facial exercises to your daily routine. 

  • Abs

Given that we must make many sacrifices in order to achieve abs, they are among the most difficult muscles to develop. But there is no denying that abs are one of the hottest body parts, readily turning on women, and also a sign of good health.

Men with abs are seen as being powerful and healthy by women. In order to increase your attractiveness, if at all possible, include ab exercises in your everyday regimen.

  • Chest

Another physical feature that ladies notice is the chest. A fat chest is not beautiful; in fact, it indicates that you do not take your health seriously. Maintaining your chest health is important since it not only improves your appearance but also raises your overall strength.

  • Hair

A great haircut may quickly elevate your appearance, while a poor one might make you look bad.

A terrible haircut can make your face look asymmetrical, and studies have shown that persons with asymmetrical faces are less appealing than those with symmetrical faces. Hairstyles can affect the symmetry of your face.

Additionally, a woman notices your hair as one of the first things about you, therefore having a great hairstyle is crucial.

What Are Some Other Things That Girls Care About?

Okay, so girls do like men’s buns, but it’s not the most important thing, there are things that are really important, and you need to improve them if you want a fair amount of girls in your life. Now let’s check them one by one!


This might be a little controversial, but the fact is girls do care about how much you earn.

With more money, you can offer girls a better life, and a better future, and almost every girl on this planet want this.

More money indicates that you have done hard work in your life, you are a high achiever, and women like this trait in men.


Without confidence, you’ll struggle to communicate with women, it would be hard for you to impress any girl because you would not be able to show the exact emotions you want to show.

Increasing confidence isn’t easy, it takes time. There is literally no way that can help you in increasing confidence in one night.

There is one secret however that can help, and that is earning more money. If you have millions of dollars in your bank account, you will feel confident all the time.

Money can buy confidence!

So work on skills that can make you rich, confidence is connected with how much you earn.

Symmetrical Face

Women notice how symmetrical your face is. The face is one of the first things they notice.

Add some jawline exercises to your daily routine. It can help you make your face appear more symmetrical, however, it will take some time.

I hope you liked this post!

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