Do Girls Like Guys With Big Ears? (Do They Even Notice?)

My mom used to tell me that guys who have bigger ears live longer than those who have shorter ears. I used to believe that, but we are not here to discuss how ears affect a person’s life span.

We are here to find out, do women like guys with bigger ears, or do they simply ignore it. Well, after doing some research online, I’ve found something quite interesting to share. Keep reading it because you’ll get a lot of info today!

Do Girls Like Guys With Big Ears?

The answer is not that simple. If your ears (doesn’t matter the size) are fitting your face perfectly and not sticking out, then you should not worry about them because women do like guys who have big ears, but the condition is, ears must fit their face perfectly.

However, if your face is not wide/long but your ears are, then women do find it a little unattractive. Girls catch those big ears instantly. But most of them would ignore it if you have a great personality and money.

The problem is, many guys feel insecure about their ear size, and they begin to ignore the fact that money and personality are the biggest factors if you wanna attract girls, not ears.

A hot woman would not give a damn about the size of your ears if you have a great overall personality. So, stop being insecure about them and start working on your qualities.

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Why You Need To Stop Focusing On How Big Your Ears Are Looking

You can’t change your ear size unless you go for surgery, which I don’t recommend at all as surgery would cost you thousands of dollars and it will also be really painful.

Focusing too much on what will people think when they’ll see your big ears, drastically impacts your self-confidence. A man is all about confidence. Without confidence, it is nearly impossible to compete with the outside world.

Grow up, stop giving attention to what others think of you and start focusing on making money because, when you’ll have a lot of money, people will respect you more and money is the only thing that can easily change your overall look.

A wise man once said you’re not ugly, you’re just poor. Just take the example of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Look at his pics when he wasn’t rich and famous, and now look at his recent pictures. You’ll see a clear difference, you’ll see how money can impact someone’s life.

The amount you spend watching TikTok models is the same amount of time you can spend on improving yourself and learning a new skill.

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Do People With Long Ears Live Longer?

As I said, according to my mon, long ears indicate longer life. However, this myth was busted when a study was done to find whether it’s really true or not.

Scientists found that there is no connection between life span and ears length. However, some chinse philosopher still believes that longer ears indicate a longer life.

According to another study, the length of your ears grows as you grow old.

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Should You Wear Earnings To Style Your Ears?

Stylish ears get a girl’s attention easily. However, you should know how to style them properly so that you don’t look weird. Let’s see what type of earning you should wear according to your face shape.

  • Oblong face – Round earrings

A blog face shape is also known as an oval shape. It’s longer than it is wide. People with this shape type should try round earrings, they will look good on them.

  • Heart-shaped face – Straight earrings No curves (like a barbell or a taper)

Heart-shaped faces are almost similar to round faces but they have slight differences, their forehead is usually wider. They have a slender jawline and their cheekbones and forehead are the widest parts of your face

  • Square face – Round or curved earrings

Square faces are characterized by a wide hairline and a powerful, angular jawline. The forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are about the exact width of this face shape. This face shape is as long as it is broad.

  • Round face – Square earrings

Round face shapes are generally pretty symmetrical. With a round face shape, your face is about the exact width and length, and you have around jawline and chin.

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How To Wear A Earring To Look Stylish

According to Trendhim, As with all accessories, earrings must work with your appearance. The costume is the ice cream and the accessories are the cherries on top. Yes, you can have many cherries.

Match the earrings to the theme of your outfit

  • Your earring should complete the outfit.
  • Match lively, colorful earrings with funky, everyday clothes.
  • Wear fine designs with business and formal dress.

Keep them small

  • Earrings must be small and proportional to your body.
  • Big or bulky earrings look bad – physically and stylistically.

Match metals

  • Earrings are small but should be compared to other accessories by color or metal.

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