Why She Avoids Touching Me? (7 Probable Reasons)

When a girl touches you while talking or laughing, it means she like your company and she is comfortable with you. Touching is a very positive sign.

But if she doesn’t, or simply avoid touching you, it usually means that she doesn’t like you, however, it is not always true.

There could be many reasons behind it, and we will discuss those reasons here in this post.

Why She Avoids Touching Me?

All the points I’m about to mention are based on my personal experience and some research I did online for this post.

1: She Is Shy

Shy people find interacting with new people very hard. Not just touching but they don’t even desire to talk to them, it is because shy people are usually introverts by nature, they need time to trust a new person.

She is probably a shy person, and that’s why she didn’t touch you.

Finding whether she is actually a shy person or not, should not be too hard for you. Ask her friend about her nature, or you can just observe how she treats new people.

If she doesn’t open up too much or looks uncomfortable while interacting with strangers, it means that she doesn’t hate you, she was avoiding touching you just because you were new to her and she is shy in nature.

2: She Is Sensitive

Some girls are really sensitive. In fact, studies have found that women are more sensitive than men.

Maybe she was afraid that you will touch her back if she touches you, and that’s why she wasn’t touching you. However, the probability of this is low, but it could be possible.

Well, there is one positive thing. Maybe she finds you really attractive and your touch could make her feel fluttering.

3: She Finds You Really Hot

It may sound contradictory, but let me tell you something. Girls are weird, it is difficult to understand them.

She was probably avoiding touching you just because you are too hot for her. She didn’t want to show her thirst for you.

However, if she is really into you, she will give some other strong signs too, like making eye contact, feeling nervous around you, and playing with her hair while talking to you.

Look for these signs if you want to be sure about whether she is actually into you or not.

4: She Doesn’t Like You

Sadly, this could be the strongest reason behind her avoidance. It may be hard for you to read, but this action indicates strongly that she doesn’t like you.

Girls usually touch their friends when they are laughing and enjoying their moment, gently touching everyone but avoiding you, means that something is wrong.

If you don’t feel alright around her, if you don’t get positive vibes from her, it’s my suggestion to leave her.

The world will not end if stop loving her. In fact, stress will release from your shoulders and you might find a new happy life.

Running behind a girl who doesn’t give sh*t about you is stupid. I know it is hard, but believe me, you can definitely come out of this mess.

5: You Probably Look Dirty

Some guys look dirty even if they bathe multiple times a day. Ask your friends what they think about your clothes and body, and ask them whether you appear dirty or not.

If most of them said yes (yes you look dirty), ask them what you can change to look more fresh and clean. Work on the things they suggest.

Also, there are many great tutorials and videos about it, check them on youtube or search for them on Google. Work on every good tip.

6: Her Boyfriend Doesn’t Like When Someone Touches Her

It is simple, if she has a boyfriend, she will probably gonna avoid touching you. Some boyfriends are just too insecure, they don’t like someone else touching their girl.

Maybe she respects her boyfriend’s decision, and that’s why she didn’t touch you.

Also, was her boyfriend with her at the time when she avoided touching you? If yes, then I think you have got your answer.

7: She Doesn’t Know You

Another quite strong reason why she didn’t touch you. Don’t be mad/upset, she just didn’t touch you because she doesn’t know you.

Increase your friendship with her, once she starts to feel comfortable with you, she will not show negative body signs to you.

I hope you liked this post!

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