Do Men Like Women With Short Hair?Do Men Like Women With Short Hair?

Personally, I adore women with short hair; in fact, I had a crush on a short-haired female in college.

Her hair was very attractive, and it suited her pretty nicely.

Unfortunately, what the majority of men believe about short-haired women is more important than what I think.

I went on forums, social media, and asked various friends to find out whether men like women with short hair or not, and this is what I discovered.

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Do Guys Like Women With Short Hair?

Sadly, the solution is not simple. Although it varies from man to man, a CNN survey found that men find longer-haired women more appealing than short-haired ones.

Men were shown photographs of women’s faces with short, medium, and super-long hair in that study, and they responded that men found women with longer hair to be more beautiful.

Does this mean that if you have shorter hair, you should give up? Not really.

Few males participated in that survey, and many men still favor women with short hair.

If you are genuinely pretty, or if you believe you are beautiful, then you are, believe it or not, really beautiful. Believing is everything!

I’ve seen a lot of short-haired women who are adorable. Not only do I have a crush on short-haired ladies, but so do many other males.

In fact, I have a friend who is madly in love with a woman, and she, not surprisingly, has short hair.

Benefits Of Having Short Hair

If you’re thinking about getting a short haircut, you should be aware of these potential advantages.

Easy To Manage

I guess everyone knows that short hairs are much easier to manage than long hair. Even though I’m not a female, I still struggle to manage my hair when they grow long.

Managing hair becomes a stressful process, and our responsibility grows as not managing our long hair can weaken it and cause hair loss, something no one wants.

Fortunately, I now have shorter hair that is much easier to manage.

If you’re thinking about getting a short hairstyle, this will be the first benefit you notice.

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Highlights Your Face Better

Long hair surely looks beautiful, but it can hide our facial features if it grows too long. Short hair will not present any kind of issue; in fact, it will help you highlight your face shape better.

Easily Catches Attention

Short hair is uncommon. Given that most women have longer hair, you might stand out from the crowd if you choose a shorter hairdo.

If you dislike attention, though, you might want to think twice about obtaining a shorter hairdo.

Shows Confidence

Going against social norms is difficult. If you have short hair or are thinking about getting short hair, it implies that you are a confident lady.

Women who are self-assured are highly appealing!

Short Hair Can Highlight Your Neck And Shoulders Better

Short hair not only enhances your facial characteristics, but it also accentuates your neck and shoulders.

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Things That Matter More Than Hair


The face is the first thing most men notice, if you have a pretty face, most men won’t be going to care about your hair length.

However, there are some men who only desire longer hair women, but the majority of men won’t have any problem even if the hair length is shorter.


Just like women, men too notice height. Men usually want women shorter than them, if a woman is taller, then most men may not find it attractive.

If your height is too short or too tall, men are going to notice it faster than your hair length.


Another thing that men immediately notice is weight. Men will notice your weight before your hair if you are too thin or fat. Both being too thin and being overweight turn off men.


If you are popular in your college or office, you’ll become attractive to many men as men like to chase things that are not easy to achieve.

Popularity is a highly desirable trait since it shows that you are valuable 

and that you don’t let just anybody into your life.

Your hair length won’t matter to us if you are popular!

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If you have a lot of money in your bank account, your hair won’t bother us.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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