Do Girls Like Muscular Legs?Do Girls Like Muscular Legs?

Muscular legs are something we all want, but building muscular legs isn’t a piece of cake. It takes a lot of dedication and consistency. And, that’s why only some men have it.

I know you’re not here to know whether building leg muscles is easy or not, you’re here to know whether girls like muscular legs or not.

Well, let me tell you something, you’re at the right place because in this post I’ll clear your every doubt.

Make sure to read the complete post to get the complete info.

Now let’s behind without any more delay!

Do Girls Like Muscular Legs?

To find the answer to this question, I did my research, I asked my female friends, went on forums, did some google searches, and watched interview-type videos on Youtube, and here is what I found.

You would be surprised to know that majority of women don’t find muscular legs attractive.

If they are too muscular, it’s straight no, but if they’re not overly muscular, like if it is in the lower end or middle zone, they may find it attractive.

Also, girls don’t like chicken legs too. You have to be in the middle zone to be attractive.

Furthermore, some girls notice calves, strong calves are generally attractive.


So if you’re planning to join a gym and build leg muscles just to impress girls, well you should think again.

Playing football/soccer can also give a great masculine look to your legs, you don’t need to join a gym for that.

But if you have decided to join a gym anyhow, then you should choose exercises that can make your legs lean, not extremely muscular.

Athletic bodies are more appealing to girls than gym bodies.

Nowadays most men focus on building as many muscles as they can, however, they don’t know that most girls are not into too many muscles.

A simple lean body or even a dad body can attract girls.

Also, girls usually ignore how muscular your legs are if you have some other special features to show like a strong jawline, good hairstyle, sharp nose, confidence, money, etc,

So I think you have got your answer. Let me show you some pictures of what girls like and what don’t.

What Girls Don’t Like:

Credit: Mensxp

What Girls Like:

Source: Twitter

Do Girls Notice Calve Size?

Yes, they do notice how defined your calves are. Focusing more on building calves can do more good than building every muscle of your leg.

Look at “Jack Grealish” he is a footballer who plays for Manchester City, his calves are more famous than him (just kidding), but you should at least look at his calves’ pictures, try to get calves like that. Women will love it!

Rock hard calves show that you’re into fitness, and girls like it. However, if you can’t get strong calves, don’t worry because they aren’t a deal breaker. If you have normal calves, that’s okay too!

Why Strong Legs Are Important

Okay, so we just read that most girls don’t like muscular legs, after reading that some of you might have left the idea of building legs strong, well, I think you should still do home or gym exercises that can make your legs stronger and muscular.

Girls shouldn’t be your priorities, your body should be your first priority! And working on your legs and making them stronger can give you many benefits like:

  • Better Athletic Performance

If you’re a sportsman, strong legs are a must. Strong legs can give strength that can boost your performance in any sport.

Having weaker legs on the other hand can make your performance poor. So if you have decided to be a sportsman or if you’re a sportsman, then leave what girls think, and start working on your legs.

  • You Would Not look Odd

Some men skip legs day and because of that, their bodies start to look weird. Their chest and biceps start to look like Arnold’s, but their legs remain skinnier and that decreases their attractiveness.

If you want a perfect body, you must focus on your legs.

  • You’ll Appear Stronger and Healthier

As I said, strong legs make you appear stronger, and because you’ll look stronger, you would appear healthier too.

What Are Some Other Important Things That Girls Notice

When I did my research before writing this post, I found one more interesting thing, which is girls don’t notice your legs that much.

They notice a lot of other things like:

Your Body Smell

You might not know but this is one of the first things that girls notice in a man.

Next time when you’re about to meet a girl, make sure to use the best perfume possible, if she likes your smell, she may feel attracted to you.

Your Eyes

Your eyes should not be yellowish, they should be white. Yellowish eyes indicated bad health.

Also, maintain longer eye contact, girls notice it, and believe me, it’s insanely important!

Strong eye contact shows you’re a confident person, strong eye contact could make her addicted to you!

Your Confidence

Without confidence, it’s impossible to attract anyone.

Weak confidence leads to poor communication, bad posture, and an overall bad impression. Work on your confidence, it’s way too important.

Btw, building confidence isn’t a single-day job.

Give yourself tasks that require confidence, giving yourself small tasks every day could give a major boost to your confidence, eventually, you’ll find that your confidence is much higher.

Can You Make Them Laugh?

Girls adore funny guys. If you can make them laugh, you can win their attention easily. However, making someone laugh isn’t easy.

But you can learn this skill by spending some of your time with the funniest guy you know. Spend time with him and learn how he generates humor.


It’s a bit controversial, but even in 2022, it’s true. Girls want a successful person as their life partner. If you don’t have money, then it indicates that you can’t give a better future to her.

Instead of learning how to attract women, you should learn how to attract money first. if you chase money, girls will chase you, it’s that simple!

Your Posture

Having a bad body posture is very unattractive. Whenever you talk to her, talk with confidence, and make sure to maintain the correct posture.

There are numerous videos available on the internet that can help. Go on youtube and learn the tips from the best.

Your Hairstyle

A bad hairstyle can make your face appear unattractive. Select a hairstyle that can highlight your facial features.

Your Height

Most girls want their partner to be taller than them.

If you’re 2 or 3 inches taller than her, it’s enough, but if you’re equal to her height or shorter, then she might find you unattractive because some girls take height very seriously.

I hope you have liked this post!

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