Why Do Girls Like Hugs From Behind?Why Do Girls Like Hugs From Behind?

Girls love hugs from behind, it makes them smile and releases happiness hormones inside the brain, which makes them feel amazing.

But why do they become so happy just from a hug, and why do they like hugs from behind so much, well in this post, you’ll find your answer.

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1: Your Chest Touches Her Back

When your chest touches her back, she feels amazing. It stimulates pleasure sources inside her body, and I guess you don’t know that, right?

This is the main reason why girls like hugs from behind so much.

Most of us don’t even release that our chest is touching their back, however, girls are a bit different, they notice every small little thing, at least better than guys.

2: They Feel Comfortable

Back hugs feel very comfortable, especially, in the winter season.

They enjoy every bit of this hug.

Some girls even force their partners to give hugs from behind from time to time, sounding a bit strange, but it’s true!

From men’s perspective, back hugs might not feel too comfortable because we sometimes encounter their hair on our face and that feels quite uncomfortable.

3: Your Mouth Comes Close To Her Neck (And That Feels Amazing!)

Neck is one of the most sensitive body parts in a female. Playing with their necks can make them feel aroused easily.

When we hug them from the back, our lips come really close to their neck, and when we pass some air from our mouth, it hits their neck directly and that makes them feel fantastic.

To turn on them even more, you can use your fingers, gently touch her neck with your fingers and play with her hair. It will certainly make her addicted to you!

4: It Feels Warm

Every hug hits differently in cold weather, but back hugs feel out of the world. It gives a warm sensation that can increase the bonding between partners.

If she is angry about something, you should try giving her a back hug, especially, if it’s a cold day. Her heart will surely melt for you, and she might forgive you.

Also, as you know, girls like surprises, how about a surprise back hug? I think it’s a great idea!

5: It Release Happiness Hormones

In today’s stressful world, it’s hard to find joyful moments. Running after money only brings stress, workload, and sadness.

I’m not saying that earning money is bad, but it’s equally important to spend some quality time with your partner because it can light up your mood and make stress disappear, at least for sometime.

A back hug can release 5 happiness hormones inside the body (dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, estrogen, and progesterone), these hormones are proven to boost mood.

If she has gone through a really stressful day, then you can make her day better by giving her a hug from behind.

She will feel more rested, happier, and calmer.

6: It Can Make Her Feel More Connected To You

Good chemistry is crucial in a relationship, without it, no relationship can last longer.

Couples do a lot of things to boost their chemistry, but they don’t use those tiny little things that are very effective in enhancing bonding.

One of these small things is a “hug”. Yes, it’s simple yet very effective.

She will feel more connected to you. These types of hugs are proven to boost bonding and understanding.

7: Girls Like Surprises

It’s not surprising that girls like surprises, at least most of them do. When you give them a hug from the behind, it’s just like giving them a small surprise.

These little surprises can do major changes in your relationship. It can improve your relationship a lot, so whenever you can, give her surprise hugs like that.

However, don’t give too many back hugs otherwise, it will lose the juice.

8: They Like It When Their Partner Show Their Romantic Side

Men tend to lose their romantic side faster than women. A relationship becomes really dull when one of the partners stops showing their romantic side.

However, you can spice up things by adjusting small little things, like giving hugs and kisses from time to time.

If you can’t go or afford a candlelight dinner at a nice place, then use the things that don’t cost anything, like hugs and kisses.

9: It Can Turn Them On

Good sex life is crucial for longer and healthier relationships. Work pressure and technology have significantly affected the sex life of many people.

You can improve it, give more time to your partner, make longer eye contact, give hugs whenever it is required, give kisses when she needs them, and never deny love-making opportunities.

Neck kisses and hugs from behind are proven to be effective in turning on a woman. So, next time when you give her a hug from behind, kiss her neck as well, she will feel h*rny for you, I’m certain!

Why Do Women Like Hugs So Much?

Science has an answer, hug releases a chemical name Oxytocin in the body. It’s a chemical that is responsible for happiness and less stress.

This chemical is also known as the “Cuddle Hormone”, a sweet name, right?

Scientists have also found that this hormone has a strong effect on women.

Some Extra Things You Can Add To Your Relationship To Make It Even More Delightful!

  • Buy Gifts

As I said, girls love surprises. Buy your girlfriend/wife a good dress or maybe a ring, or something else. But give her a gift, she will love it!

  • Smile Whenever You See Her

According to some studies, a smile can make your face appear more attractive. Smile whenever you see her, she will feel more attracted to you!

  • Express Her How much You Love Her

If you haven’t expressed your feelings for a while now, it’s the right time. Remind her what she means to you. Express your love more, she will love it!

  • Spend Time With Her

I know you’re busy, but money can’t give you the happiness she can give. Prioritize her more than money, whenever she needs you, give her your time.

  • Don’t Cheat

Be a honest man, doesn’t matter how bad the sitiation is, make sure to never cheat.

Cheating leaves guilt inside the heart, and that guilt never washes away.

It not only makes you a bad person, but it also breaks the trust and promises you made to her.

In today’s world, it is easy to get influenced, be strong, and don’t fall into a trap. Make your character very strong, so that nothing can break it!

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