Do Girls Like White Shirts? (According To Studies)

We all know how amazing white shirts look, I guess all men like white shirts, but the question is, do you women find them attractive too? If not, then what type and color of shirts do they like?

Well, we’ll find the answer here in this post, so make sure to read everything to get complete info.

Do Girls Like White Shirts?

Yes, they do!

According to a study conducted by Nottingham Trent University, women find plain white shirts 12% more attractive than any other color shirt, except red.

White shirts create an illusion of a v-shaped body, broad shoulders, and slim waist.

Furthermore, some women even imagine their dream man in a white shirt, so if you are about to wear a white shirt for a party or any event, then just go for it because you’ll surely catch the attention of many girls.

However, only white shirts won’t be enough to attract girls. You’ll have to add some more things and put in some more effort. For instance, if you have a nice white shirt, but a terrible body shape then no matter how expensive your shirt is, girls will just not find you appealing.

Also, body posture is crucial as well. Having a bad body posture would make you appear less confident, and ultimately less attractive.

There are many great blog posts and Youtube videos about how to perfect your body posture, but the problem is that most of us just watch the video but don’t implement the points they share in those videos.

I know taking action is the most difficult thing to do, but if you somehow manage to gather some courage and start accomplishing difficult things, you would be insanely attractive!

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Girls Don’t Talk To Me Despite Wearing White Shirts. What’s The Problem?

There could be several reasons behind it. Let’s look at them one by one.

1: You Don’t Appear Approachable

If you are someone who likes to stay quiet and doesn’t like to meet new people, well, it might be a sign that you are an introvert.

Introverts generally don’t appear approachable, However, you can change yourself and start seeming more approachable by adding one simple thing, and that is a smile.

Yes, smiling can make you look more friendly and welcoming. According to a study, people who smile more appear friendly, approachable, and trustworthy.

Smiling can boost your real happiness as well. Have a small nice smile always as it boosts self-confidence too!

2: You Are Very Average

Do you have any kind of talent or anything that can make you different than the rest of the men? If you don’t have anything, then you would be crushed by the competition.

Being average is quite common. I mean most men are average, but those who decide to change themselves and become special ones, can literally achieve everything.

Develop something extraordinary. Learn how to sing well, dance well, or learn the art of making money. But just don’t stay average!

Just imagine yourself coming out of a Rolls-Royce Phantom in a white shirt. How amazing that would be right?

3: You Don’t Make Eye Contacts

For introverts, making eye contact with girls is equal to climbing Everest, I mean it’s quite tough for them. However, as a man, you should be able to at least maintain eye contact for a few seconds while talking.

Eye contacts are important, the more you make it, the more attractive you will be. Practice eye contact every day, once you master this skill, apply it in real life. Make eye contact with women, and try to hold it more at least three seconds.

It is a very powerful move!

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What Are Some Other Color Shirts That Women Find Attractive?

Surprisingly, there are men who hate white. If you’re one of them, well below are the three colors you can choose from.

1: Red

There is only one color shirt that defeated white, and that is Red. It is the color of love, and many women find it irresistible.

If you are planning for a date, red should be on top of your list because red color shirts can make you appear cuter and more loyal. If you decided to wear a red shirt for your date, your chances of a successful date would increase significantly.

2: Black

Black is a mysterious color, and it looks sexy. It is also a favorite color of many women. If you have recently joined any college or workplace, wearing black might help as it would generate curiosity inside women, and they might try to know more about.

3: Blue (Light Blue)

If you are not a fan of dark colors, light blue would be a great option for you as it is a color that can give you a professional and more mature look.

Light blue shirts are a perfect fit for offices. If you are an office guy, this color should be on top of your list!

Thanks for reading!