Do Women Notice Watch?Do Women Notice Watch?

The global watch market is expected to reach US$ 66 billion in 2023, with annual sales of about 10 million watches.

In essence, it shows that many individuals purchase watches. People purchase watches for a variety of reasons. Some do so to flaunt their wealth, while others do it to maintain their own punctuality.

Some guys, however, are of the opinion that wearing watches can increase their attractiveness and make them more desirable to women.

Do watches actually affect how stunning you are? Do women pay attention to watches? You can read this article to learn the answer!

Do Women Notice Watch?

Yes, it is one of the most appealing accessories; ladies notice it frequently.

A stunning watch will undoubtedly increase your attractiveness. But the problem is that every woman has a different taste in what style of watch they like on men, and most guys are unaware of what type of watch will look well on them and what will look dreadful on them.

Some women find smartwatches appealing, while others prefer conventional watches on men.

So, let’s have a look at the kind of timepieces that the majority of ladies prefer.

What Type Of Watch Do Women Like?

It depends on the clothes you are wearing. For instance, if you are wearing an athletic watch in non-athletic attire, women will notice it, and it might turn off some women.

Similarly, if you are in a gym, a classic watch like a Rolex might not look good on you.

But if we generally talk about what types of watches women prefer on men, here are some of them:

1: Rolex Or Any Luxury Watch Brand

Your watch choice says a lot about you. A luxury watch of the highest caliber is a sign of a high-value man.

Classic, expensive watches are much more alluring to women than any other kind of watch. They are immediately drawn to these types of timepieces.

2: G-Shock

Rolex and Patek Phillipe are far more expensive than G-shock, yet G-shocks are not significantly less beautiful.

G-shocks are not only robust and reasonably priced, but they are also quite appealing to women.

If you’re struggling to decide which watch to buy and have a limited budget, make the G-shock your first choice—you won’t regret it!

3: Apple Watch

Apple Watch lets women know that you enjoy technology and like to keep current. Apple Watch also suggests that you are independent and enjoy putting in long hours.

4: Fitbit

Wearing a Fitbit or other smart band demonstrates that you are a health and fitness enthusiast, and women like this quality.

Avoid Too Colorful And Shiny Watches

If you want to draw the attention of lots of women, avoid wearing watches that are overly bright or sparkly.

It’s important to match the color of your watch to your outfit. You must take note of the mistakes made by other men in order to avoid making the same ones yourself.

Avoid This:

Wear Something Like This:

What Other Fashionable Items Do Women Notice?

Now let’s shift our focus to the accessories and items women notice.


Women notice the type of shoes you are wearing, they notice shoes more than watches.

I have already published an article about what type of shoe women like the most, you check it out here!


Some men prefer to wear chains, while others detest them. If you enjoy wearing chains, you should keep doing so since, per a study, women find males who wear chains to be attractive.


Rings, like chains, are appealing. They are not as significant to women as shoes or chains, but some women do notice them.

Rings can also make your hands appear pretty.


Data show that only 28% of men use earrings. The number has grown and is expanding rapidly as more guys realize that earrings look good and can boost their attractiveness.

Wearing earrings might make you appear more attractive since women consider that guys who wear earnings appear more confident and symmetrical.


Last but not least, glasses are also quite crucial because women pay close attention to them.

Your entire appearance can seem awful if your glasses are the wrong shape or color. Make an effort to select the very best. Look around and discover the ideal glass for you.

You can get assistance from the specialists who are available online.

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