Shoes Women Want You To WearShoes Women Want You To Wear

Shoes can enhance or ruin your fashion. Shoes are one of the first things girls notice, so wearing a nice pair of shoes is crucial.

However, many men are confused about what type of shoes they should wear to impress women. If you are confused too, well this article might help you.

Today in this post, I’m gonna share 5 shoe types women love on men. Make sure to read everything to get a complete info.

Let’s jump right into it!

1: The Chelsea Boot

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They are the number one choice if you wanna attract girls. They are simple yet very effective. They give a manly vibe that women find quite attractive.

However, these types of shoes only match a certain type of costume. They don’t go well with any costumes. Wearing solid blue jeans or black jeans with Chelsea boots would be amazing as blue and black jeans match perfectly with them.

They are not much colorful, they usually come in a boring color. So wearing a way too colorful dress with these shoes, might backfire.

Buy them now if you don’t have them. They are really good!

2: Leather Boots


Leather boots look awesome on both jeans and formal trousers. Women love leather shoes as it gives a masculine vibe.

However, there are some pros and cons of leather shoes that you should be aware of before going for them.


  • They can last forever: Leather shoes are strong, and they don’t rip that easily. Once you buy them, they will stay with you for a long long time.
  • They are fashionable: They are always in fashion. And they are one of the most sought-after shoe types in the world.


  • They are usually expressive: A normal leather shoe will cost you between 50 and 100$. But if you want branded leather shoes, you have to spend more than 200$ which is quite expensive.

3: Normal Casuals

Don’t wanna go too fancy? Then don’t go, your casual shoes are enough. Casual shoes can certainly do the job for you. They may not go well with formal but they can surely rock your casual looks.

If you are a college student, you probably don’t need formal shoes, you likely need a nice pair of casual sneakers. The problem is that guys don’t research much before choosing casual shoes for themselves.

There are many factors that come into play when choosing the perfect shoes for ourselves. Thankfully, there are many great videos and blog posts available about how to choose the perfect shoes that can help.

You can check out the guide by MensXP for more detail on this.

4: Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are similar to Oxford shoes but they are less formal. Derby shoes have an open lacing system, which gives them a different look, less formal, but more eye-catching.

They are perfect wedding shoes as well. If you are about to attend a wedding and haven’t planned what footwear you gonna wear, they might be the ideal choice for you.

Derby shoes can enhance your look as they’ll surely match your wedding/party suit perfectly.

5: Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are the most formal shoe type. They are made for gentlemen. Unlike derby shoes, these shoes have an open lacing system, their laces are closed.

These shoes are solid. So if you invest your money in them, your money will surely not waste. You just have to make sure that you are protecting them from any spots, mud, stains, and dirt. They need regular polish too.

These shoes are also a perfect choice for weddings and parties. Purchase them if you are looking for shoes that can be a perfect fit for meetings, weddings, and parties.


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Colors That Girls Like Most

Shoes come in a variety of colors and selecting the one which will look the best on you could be a headache. However, a study found that these color shoes are the most attractive:


Black is one of the most common shoe colors, but it still looks amazing and gets a lot of love from girls. Stylish black shoes can make your attire appear even more attractive.

Black shoes don’t get dirty easily, which is another benefit of choosing them.


Like black, this color is also quite popular in the shoe world. White is my personal favorite, especially, white Nike sneakers.

White shoes look gorgeous, they catch attention quickly as well. But there is one problem which you should know and that is they get dirty easily. Spots, stains, etc are much more visible on white sneakers than on black or brown.

If that’s not a problem for you, white should be your first choice as this color is extremely attractive!


Generally, formal shoes come in this color. The brown color suits more formal clothing, however, the shoe industry has now started making brown casuals as well. So if you want a shoe that can match your casual look and doesn’t get dirty easily, this color could be the best for you.


Orange is another color that catches the eye quickly. Orange shoes are rare which means you have the chance to appear different. Buy orange color shoes if you wanna try something new and unique.


Red color shoes are gaining popularity recently. Many men are using red sneakers with their black outfits, and they are killing it. Red is another color if you want a unique look.

Thanks for reading!

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