Do Guys Like Oval Face Shape Girls?

According to a study, oval shape is one of the most common face shapes in the world.

4 out of 10 people have this face shape, but before you begin to think that you are average, let me tell you something fantastic.

Even though an oval face shape is common, it is still considered the most attractive face shape.

This means if you have an oval shape, it is highly likely that you are good-looking.

The oval shape is attractive, but do guys like it?

You’ll find it out here in this post. So make sure to read everything to get a complete info. Let’s Go!

Do Guys Like Oval Face Shape Girls?

It’s a bit complicated, tbh. But if you want your answer in either yes or no, then the answer is Yes.

The majority of men do find oval shape girls prettier than other shapes.

Celebrities like Emma Watson · Kristen Stewart · Bella Thorne · Emma Roberts · Maya Hawk all have oval shape faces, and they all receive a crazy amount of love from their male followers/fans.

However, having an oval face shape doesn’t guarantee any success in dating as there are many men who value qualities like confidence, dressing sense, class, and a good body more than a face and its shape.

Also, if you don’t have a symmetrical face, then there is no benefit of having an oval-shaped face.

Your oval face shape won’t be able to do its magic if there is not much symmetry in it. Guys find symmetrical faces more attractive than shapes or sizes.

Symmetrical faces are rare, but you can make your face appear more symmetrical if you do the right hairstyle, makeup, and face exercises.

Once you have a face that is either symmetrical or close to symmetrical, you’ll notice that guys are giving you more attention, in fact, females will give you more respect as well, and some women will feel jealous as well.

So your focus should be on making your face symmetrical.

Face Shape Is Not Important

Okay, so we just read that face shape does play a part in attracting guys, but it is not the most important thing. Good-looking guys look for many things, some of them are confidence, fashion sense, intelligence, and attitude.

If you have the combination of all these qualities, you would attract many guys.

Include facial exercises in your daily routine, it can improve your face both physically and appearance-wise. Focus on making more money, it will increase your self-confidence and value in society.

Add exercises to make your face more balanced and strong. Face exercises may not give results instantly, but practicing them daily will gradually increase your attractiveness surely.

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