Do Women Notice HeightDo Women Notice Height

Many men are self-conscious about their height; they believe that women notice how tall you are and that if you are small, you would not attract any females.

Perhaps you have the same concern and have come to find out whether height matters to women or if it is a myth.

Well, I’ll share the answer with you in this post, so make sure to read the entire thing.

Do Women Notice Height?

Yes, your height and weight are among the first things women notice.

Height does matter a lot to women, but many guys believe that women only desire men taller than or equal to 6 feet, which is completely false.

You can attract ladies even if you are just 5 feet tall, but there is one catch: you must be taller than the woman you are attempting to attract.

For instance, if the woman you’re interested in is 5 feet tall and you’re 5 feet 6 inches tall, you’re a fantastic match; she shouldn’t have any difficulties with your height.

Dr. Boguslaw Pawlowski, a Polish anthropologist, found that women favor males who are at least 6 inches taller than they are.

My Experience

Women like males who are at least 6 inches taller than them, according to studies, but in my opinion, you don’t even have to be that tall to get a girl’s attention.

In reality, I’ve seen a lot of short guys with attractive girls. My guy is only 5 feet 5 inches tall, but his girlfriend is one of our college’s most attractive students.

Yes, height does matter, but if you have other attractive qualities, women will overlook your height.

For example, the friend I just mentioned is just 5 feet 5 inches tall, but he is extremely talented, consistently gets outstanding grades, and understands how to dress stylishly. His father owns a CA farm, thus he is also quite wealthy.

The moral of the story is that even if you are short, you can get attention from women, but in order to get attention, you would have to put in more hard work. You have to become extraordinary!

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Why Do Women Want Taller Partner

Here are some of the reasons why women are more attracted to taller men.

They Feel Safer

According to the study, which was recently published online in the Journal of Family Issues, taller males make women feel safer.

My girlfriend has also confirmed this.

She stated that she feels safer when she hugs me since I am taller and stronger than her. This is the primary reason why women are more drawn to taller guys.

They Feel More Feminine

Women feel more feminine around taller males. Even though some women may dispute it, it is true, natural, and nearly impossible to change.

Women will not feel as feminine around short men as they will around taller ones.

Opposite Attracts

Women are typically shorter than men, and people are consciously and unconsciously drawn to romantic partners who have opposing but proportionally balanced self-orientations, according to the continuum of self-theory.

Because women are typically shorter than men, they are going to feel more attracted to someone who is opposite to them; in other words, women will find taller and stronger men more attractive than shorter and weaker men.

Movies and Social Media Plays A Big Role

Movies, social media, and publications often cast women who are shorter than their male models or actors, and while you may not notice it, it has an impact on many minds.

Many women begin to fantasize about taller men because they want to feel like the actress they saw in the movie the night before.

Tall Men Appear More Attractive

You may also have heard about a norm for attractive men and that is tall-dark-handsome. Well, this isn’t wrong as height is associated with your attractiveness.

Many studies have proved that taller men appear more attractive than shorter men.

Tall Men Are Happier

Taller men are happier on average than shorter men, according to a US study, with each extra inch of height providing as much happiness as a 4% gain in income.

Women want men who are content with their lives. They believe that a happier relationship will keep them happy.

What Are Three Things You Should Focus On If You Are A Short Man

Here are three things that women care about more than height.


No of your height or build, if you lack self-assurance, women will never find you beautiful.

Every guy should possess confidence because it is a manly quality, but as a result of social media and stress, people are losing their self-assurance.

Sadly, only a small percentage of men today possess this trait. But you don’t have to feel sorry for yourself because you can always get better.

If you lack confidence, you must add minor tasks that require a small amount of confidence into your daily routine.

Improving confidence is not easy; it requires commitment and perseverance. But I’m sure you’ll feel amazing and attract a lot of women once you have a lot of confidence in yourself!


Money, believe it or not, is important; in fact, it is one of the most appealing attributes to have.

Instead of focusing on how to attract more women into your life when you are young, you should learn how to attract more money into your life.

When you have more money in your bank account, your life will change, and you will notice that people will pay more attention to you.

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Sense Of Humor

Women will always be drawn to you if you can make them laugh since humor is a rare and undeniably beautiful attribute.

Women enjoy hanging out with hilarious men because they think that their stories and jokes can make them feel better.

Spending time with the funniest person you know will help you develop your sense of humor, so don’t be disheartened if you lack this talent.

Learn from them by observing how they generate humor and tell stories.

If you want to be appealing and unstoppable, you should never stop learning.

Thanks for reading!

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