What Does It Mean When A Girl Defends YouWhat Does It Mean When A Girl Defends You

Let me share a story…

This is a true story. I was in my first year of college, and I was both excited and nervous since you never know what type of experience you will have when you go to college for the first time.

Fortunately, I made a lot of friends, and everything was going swimmingly. One of my friends introduced me to a stunningly beautiful girl, whom I am going to call “Siya.”

I was blown away when I first met Siya; her face was flawless, and not just her face, but her physique, her hair, and the way she talked were all flawless.

I got the feeling that she is the one I was looking for.

Because she wasn’t in my class, I began skipping classes in order to meet her. I was completely smitten by her. Every story, however, has a villain.

There was a guy named Jason who wanted Riya to be his girlfriend. Jason was a jerk who made fun of numerous people and flaunted his father’s wealth.

One day, he was making fun of one of my friends, so I went there and began to remove the situation, but Jason began arguing with me and threatened to beat me outside the campus.

Riya appeared out of nowhere, she was actually listening to what Jason was saying. The wonderful part was that she began supporting me and told Jason that she would complain to the dean if he ever threaten me again.

I was overcome with emotion. She came to me and asked whether I was okay, adding that I shouldn’t be afraid of these morons because our new dean is a master at dealing with them.

My friendship with Siya grew stronger after that occurrence; we used to spend at least 30 minutes a day, sometimes even longer daily.

I asked her if she was single one day, and she responded yes. I was overjoyed when she said that, but I didn’t let it show on my face.

She asked if I was single, and I told her that I hadn’t found a girl who could handle me.

She asked what kind of girl I wanted, and I immediately said, the girl who looks like you. I was giggling as she blushed.

I awoke early (5 AM) one day and convinced myself that I needed to purpose to her. I met her like I did every day, but this time I asked if she wanted to be my girlfriend.

Her face showed a look of amazement, but she was also grinning.

She told me that she is not yet prepared to respond to it, but that she will let me know tomorrow.

I received her text the following day in the evening, in which she stated that while she was prepared for the relationship, there were some conditions.

She said that because she doesn’t want to jeopardize her academic success, she won’t be able to devote as much time to me as other females do to their partners.

She also instructed me to keep our relationship a secret from others. There were several additional minor terms.

I agreed to everything.

After a while, I asked her what she thought when she first saw me.

She stated she thought I was cute and that my hair drew her attention.

“I fell in love with you because of the way you defended me against that bully,” I told her.

“Well, it was my responsibility,” she said. I just felt like assisting you when I saw you.”

On that day, I came to understand that there is something serious when a female stands up for you.

So what does it mean when a girl defends you?

It’s a significant indication that she cares about you, likes you, or loves you.

Girls normally do not stand for a guy unless there is a good reason. If she defends you against someone who is attempting to belittle, insult, or fight you. Her parents clearly reared her well, but it’s also possible that she has a soft spot in her heart for you.

However, while it is true that if she defends you, she probably likes you, it is not the clearest indication that she wants you as her partner for life.

Before approaching her, look for other cues such as caressing, laughing, and eye contact. Take note if she spends additional time with you, pays you praises, or initiates eye contact with you.

Also, she will not ignore or respond late to your social media messages, if she is online.

If you notice all of the indicators I stated, don’t hesitate to tell her you love her. Otherwise, someone else will come along and take your opportunity.

What if she doesn’t defend you anymore?

Why do you need her help all the time, bro? Understand that she is not your mother. Stand your ground and resist any attempts to diminish you.

Even if she likes you a lot, she might not always come to your defense since girls want a man who can stand up for themselves.

I’m hoping you can understand.

By defending you one time, she has clearly shown you that she likes you or cares about you, now it’s your turn to stand up for yourself.

I hope you liked this post.

Thanks for reading!

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