9 Very Clear Signs A Older Woman Likes You (Cougar Love Hints)

Understanding women is quite challenging, and when the woman is older than us, the challenge increases.

Fortunately, older women do send us certain subtle cues that let us know whether or not they like us.

So stick around with me because you’ll learn a lot. Let’s start!

She Holds Long Eye Contact

Many men are unaware of the significance of eye contact in the game of love. Most males simply overlook this big sign.

If she’s into you, she’ll make as much eye contact as she can with you, and you’ll notice emotions in her eyes. Her eye contact will be out of the ordinary.

She Touches You

You’d see that she always finds an excuse to touch you. Her touches would be delicate, so you might not initially perceive them.

Try to pay attention the next time you are with her to how often and how firmly or softly she touches you.

If she touches you more frequently than any other man, it is a solid sign that you two are connected, and you should not ignore it lest you lose her.

Additionally, there is a distinction between friendly and flirtatious touches. The majority of friendly touches occur when people are laughing, yet flirtatious touches can occur at any moment.

She Laughs At Your Jokes Even If They Are Unfunny

A sense of humor is a rare quality that only a few men possess. The most attractive attribute to most women is a sense of humor.

Even if you lack this quality, she will still laugh at your jokes because she will always support you and do her best to show you that she likes you.

Open Body Language

Most of the time, when we like someone, we feel really at ease around them.

Although older women tend to be more self-assured, they too maintain a closed body language when with people they despise.

However, if an elderly woman is in love with you, she would speak to you while maintaining open body language.

Check her body language for the indications listed below:

  • Uncrossed Legs
  • Uncrossed Arms
  • Genuine Smile

The above-mentioned indications suggest that she enjoys spending time with you, doesn’t harbor any animosity toward you, and actually feels affection for you.

Her Feet Always Points At You

If she is really into you, she will also display this body language.

While she is chatting to you, sneak a peek at her feet to determine if they are pointed in your way.

If she keeps her feet pointed mostly in your direction, that is a strong indication that she likes you.

She Acts Awakardly Around You

Older women are generally confident and do not behave uncomfortably in public, but if they are truly in love, their bodies will convey it, and sometimes the body will express itself in an odd manner.

You may notice that she begins to act strangely while you are around or talking to her.

We get uneasy around people we love because we want to look and appear flawless in front of them, which leads to overthinking and awkward behavior.

Take note of how she behaves in front of other men. If she interacts confidently with other men but becomes anxious around you, it’s a strong indication that she adores you.

She Bites Her Lips

Biting lips is another significant indicator that she is interested in you.

Women, regardless of age, do not generally bite their lips while speaking to someone unless the person they are speaking to is particularly attractive or attractive to them.

Biting lips is also a sign of sexual attraction, indicating that she is ready for you to love her.

However, be careful, and fully notice her before taking any action, as she may be biting her lips due to a chronic lip-biting problem.

Also, take note of if she bites her lips in front of everyone or just you.

She Doesn’t Use Her Phone When You Are With Her

Smartphones have ingrained themselves into everyone’s lives in the modern day; most people find it impossible to envision a day without one.

Have you ever noticed, though, that we hardly ever use our smartphones while we are around the people we care about the most?

It’s because we want to appreciate the moment rather than scroll through the same cat videos when we are with individuals we enjoy spending time with.

She wouldn’t frequently use her phone when you are with her if she really like you.

Furthermore, ladies dislike it when a person they adore uses a smartphone instead of chatting with them or listening to them, especially older ladies.

So, do not use your smartphone when you are with her.

She Runs Her Fingers On Your Hair

Does she like to mess with your hair when she has the chance? If you responded yes, it is a clear indication that she adores you and has a lot of feelings for you.

Women only play with the hair of males who are really dear to their hearts. If you genuinely want her in your life, don’t overlook this sign.

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