Do Guys Like Mean Girls? (9 Awesome Qualities Mean Girls Have)

We all have heard that mean girl catch a guy’s attention faster than nice girls, but is there any truth to it or it’s just a false rumor?

In this post, you’ll get your answer.

Tbh, guys find bad girls attractive, however, they don’t find bad girls attractive in a lovable way, they like bad girls in a sexual way. You’ll find out more about it later.

Let’s answer your question;

Do Guys Like Mean Girls?

The answer is no! We don’t like mean girls, we want a girl who knows how to respect and stay loyal to us. Mean girls are mood spoilers, they can make us feel sad, and why would a guy like to ruin his happy life because of a bad woman?

However, everything has an exception, so in this one. There are some guys who like mean/bad girls. It is because attracting a mean girl is challenging, and some guys love taking challenges. It gives them a kick!

Here are some of the reasons why some guys like mean girls;

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1: They Appear Confident

There is one thing common between all the bad/mean girls and that is they all appear confident. Girls who are mean know how to make eye contact and how to talk to a guy and make them crazy for her.

They are usually master at impressing a guy in the first meet. You may have noticed that shy girls struggle to communicate with guys, it is because they lack self-belief, they think too much and because of that, they hesitate while communicating.

While bad girls are full of confidence, they know what it needs to impress a guy on the first meet. Their handshakes are also firmer than shy girls.

Guys like confident girls. Shy girls usually lack confidence, and that reduces their attractiveness.

Confidence gives us courage, motivation, and self-belief, without confidence, it’s nearly impossible to attract anyone. The confidence level that mean girls have, makes them very attractive.

2: They Don’t Cry A Lot

Mean girls are usually stronger on the inside compared to nice girls. They don’t cry over everything, in fact, they know how to fight and make a comeback and win.

Guys don’t like girls who cry a lot or cry about stupid/small things. If you are someone who cries a lot, but still your boyfriend never says anything about it, marry him! Guys literally hate cry, believe me!

3: They Appear Sexually Attractive

Mean girls look more appealing sexually than nice girls. Most of the x rated productions portray a bad woman in their videos. It’s because the market demands bad-woman characters more than nice ones.

Guys believe that a bad woman can give them more pleasure sexually than a nice woman.

They also believe that bad women know what it takes to turn on a guy, so we don’t have to teach them anything, and they won’t stop us from fulfilling our baddest sexual fantasies.

4: They Present A Challenge

It’s not easy to attract bad girls, they present a challenge, and some guys are into it.

Challenges make things more enjoyable, nice girls usually don’t present any difficult challenges, which makes things a little boring.

Nice girls don’t test a guy as well, they sometimes fall for jerks, and get heartbroken.

If you are a woman, don’t fall in love with guys easily, test them hard. See who is better for you, and never fall in love with douchebags as they will leave you once their physical need is fulfilled.

5: Their Fashion Sense Is Usually Better

Fashion is important, a good fashion can make us feel amazing about ourselves. You may have seen that bad girls usually dress better, it is because they invest their time in finding out what would look better on them.

They also don’t care much about what will people think about themselves if they try something new.

Bad girls believe in themselves, they don’t care much about what others may think of them if they wear something revealing or unique, which sometimes makes them appear different and more attractive.

On the other hand, nice girls hold themselves from trying something new as they fear what would society may think of them if they try something they never had.

Bad girls take more risks and get better rewards.

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6: They Have A Purpose

Mean girls have a goal, aim, or purpose, which some guys find attractive. Having a purpose in life makes you attractive, it indicates that you are a high-value individual.

Sadly, most girls don’t have any big goal to accomplish, they only dream about guys and marriage. I know, I’m sounding a bit controversial, but it’s true!

Become different, have a goal, and focus on that goal more than anything! When you’ll have a bigger bank balance, you would not have to rely on your partner’s money. You’ll become a high-value person!

7: They Don’t Waste Time

If they like someone, they’ll not waste any time, they will reveal their feelings soon. Nice girls never approach a guy first, and because of that, they sometimes lose their love to someone else, and then they cry about it.

Some guys don’t approach first, no matter how much they love you. In this case, you should take the matter into your hand and approach the guy first.

Wasting time is not an option as the perfect moment never comes.

If you like someone, just go and say it, before it’s too late!

Should You Also Become A Bad Woman Now?

No, instead just become a confident woman. Become someone who doesn’t cry and waste time on guys. Focus on building wealth because money can make you happy, confident, and attractive!


Guys don’t like mean girls or bad girls. Guys find nice girls much more attractive than bad girls, it is because nice girls appear cuter and more loyal.

However, there is a twist, some guys are into bad girls, it is because bad girls appear sexier, more confident, and more challenging.

Furthermore, bad girls attract guys sexually, and this is a terrible thing as most guys would look for shorter relationships and jerks would get attracted to bad girls more.

Don’t be a bad girl; instead, be a confident girl!

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