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Does a tattoo make you hotter? You might be thinking that you’re the only one on this planet thinking about this question, but surprisingly, you’re not.

There are many young men who want to know, will tattoo make them hotter. The easy answer is “Yes”, I mean of course it can, but what type of tattoo do women like? or, at what body part do women like tattoos on?

Well, you’re certainly at the right place, we will find the answer in this post.

One of my friends has a dog memorial tattoo on his right upper arm, and women find it adorable, they think he is a loyal person and loves pets.

He never misses a chance to show off that tattoo. It’s the right move to be honest because almost every girl begins to give him attention.

A tattoo says what type of person you are. If a tattoo on your body looks aggressive (eg. a dragon tattoo), women may think, you like to take risks (it gives them a bad guy vibe), some may find it hot and some will prefer to stay away.

So, not every tattoo turns on a woman. It depends on the tattoo and the position of the tattoo.

What Type Of Tattoos Do Women Find Hot?

According to some data published, below is the list of hottest tattoos you can get today. However, it depends on your body type. And, it depends on women as well. Every woman is different, some will like it and some will hate it.

1. Small tattoo on neck

The tattoo on the neck looks super hot. Almost every woman finds it attractive. However, there is a condition. The tattoo has to be small. You can get a cross sign or a one-liner quote tattoo, big tattoos on the neck don’t look appealing to a woman.

If your main aim is to attract females, stay away from gigantic neck tattoos. Get a small one, it looks perfect.

2. Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are easily visible. They look fantastic on almost every man. A small tattoo on a larger body part like the back or thigh might look a bit odd and disconnected, but on the forearm, it tends to look much more pleasing. 

You can join a gym and work on your forearm. If you make your forearm strong, they will appear even better. Wear a black T-shirt and show off your big forearm with a cool tattoo on it.

3. Arms (full sleeve)

It looks really hot. Celebrities like David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik have this. It is difficult to get, but once you have it on your arm, you look wonderful. It instantly increases your demand for women.

4. Back

It may sound shocking, but a majority of women do not like wings tattoo on backs. They think the boy is trying hard to look like an angel. Which is not at all appealing.

A simple tattoo can enhance your sexiness. If you’re confused about what type of tattoo you should have on your back, then you can check out some pics by

5. Underside of wrist tattoo

According to, wrist tattoos make an eye-catching statement. Where better to put your first tattoo? This placement provides you the daily opportunity to see your design in all sorts of situations, from shaking a hand to wearing a tank top in the summer’s heat.

However, a wrist tattoo hurts a lot. I mean every tattoo hurts but wrist tattoo pain is up there compared to different body parts.

According to the tattoo pain chart, the pain of a wrist tattoo is not as high as nerve-rich nipples or lips tattooed, but the majority of people rank its pain very high.

6. Chest Tattoo

Like wrist tattoos, chest tattoos are also sexy but at the same time, they’re very painful. Chest tattoos are a popular choice among young men. It takes years to complete, but once they finish, they look fabulous. Without a doubt, it will make you hotter.

7. Knuckle Tattoo

They are also known as finger tattoos. These tattoos look scary and give a different kind of vibe. They are suitable for anyone, especially for those people who are looking for a tattoo but don’t want drastic changes to their body.

However, some people criticize fingers tattoo, they say that the area of fingers is largely exposed to sun and water. There are a lot of possibilities of people getting infections there because of not being able to sustain the healing process. Also, the skin on your fingers takes tattoo ink differently than most parts of the body.

8. Back Of Calf

Popular footballers love getting a tattoo on the back of their calf. Whether it’s a Leo Messi’s famous calf tattoos or Gabrial Jesus’s cards tattoos, they all look awesome.

And, the most important this is that calf tattoos don’t hurt as much as other tattoos. There is a considerable amount of fat and muscles on the calves, and few nerve endings, so calf tattoos normally aren’t too painful. You can hope to feel low to low-moderate levels of pain here.

Tattoos Make You Confident

Confidence plays a big role in attracting someone. Girl loves a confident man and everybody knows it. An increase in confidence means that you are gonna get attraction from girls without any issues.

A study of 2,395 college students discovered a correlation between tattoos and self-esteem. And the more tattoos, the greater the confidence boost. Respondents with four or more tattoos had extremely higher self-esteem than those with less.

Tattoos might make your immune system stronger

Most people get tattoos to look tough from the outside, but a study by The American Journal of Human Biology suggests that getting lots of tattoos might make your immune system stronger. 

The study was small, only having 24 women and five men between the age of 18 to 47, who was about to get tattoos. Researchers at the University of Alabama gathered saliva from participants before and after acquiring tattooed and tested the ranges of immunoglobulin A (it is an antibody that starts working when you have an infection like a cold) and cortisol (it is a stress hormone that can down your immune system). 

They discovered that getting a new tattoo actually suppresses your immune reaction because your body is stressed out by the experience. That can leave you more weak to infections and colds in the short term. But if you have numerous tattoos already, your immune system gets more powerful, and there’s less of a freakout when you get tattooed again. The study was small because of its tiny size, but it still tells a fascinating link between tattoos and the immune system.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

Thanks for reading!

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