Do Women Like Shy Guys? Expert Answer

I used to be a shy guy, but now, I’m not, I talk to girls without hesitation. It feels great to be a confident person, but I had one big misconception in my mind that girls only like guys who are confident alphas, it’s not true at all.

In fact, the majority of girls like shy guys because of a few reasons that we will discuss today. If you’re a shy guy and reading this post, you’re at the right place because I’m gonna discuss why girls like shy guys, and if you don’t like being a shy person, then what you can do to overcome shyness.

I’ll also share some really effective tips at the end of this post about how to impress any girl you want. So make sure to read the complete post.

Do Girls Like Shy Guys?

Girls think very differently compared to men. It is next to impossible to understand a woman and her feelings. However, according to a report, the majority of women like shy guys, they think shy guys appear loyal, caring, and friendly.

Before you begin working on your shyness skills, look, there is a big difference between liking someone and getting attracted by someone. Shy persons are likable but most shy men do not possess the charm that is required to attract a beautiful female.

Shy people look good at first attraction but when time passes, the shy guy’s attraction begins to fade in thin air.

I know most of you would argue with me about it, but that’s the truth. Women say that they like shy guys, but how many of them do you think, get into a serious relationship with them? Almost no one.

Ultimately, an alpha will come and steal the girl from the grip of a shy guy.

If we look at history, women always go for a powerful man. It’s just a psychological thing. You can’t change it, however, you can change yourself for sure.

Shyness should not be your weakness. Sometimes you have to suppress that shy feeling that appears inside you when you talk to a beautiful girl.

Also, shy people struggle to approach who they love, which is another downside of being shy.

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Why Am I Shy And What Are The Causes Of Shyness?

According to Healthline, shyness is a sense of fear or discomfort induced by other people, especially in new circumstances or among strangers. It’s an icky feeling of self-consciousness — a fear of what some people believe others are feeling.

This fear can hinder a person’s ability to do or say what they like. It can also stop the formation of healthy relationships.

Shyness is often related to low self-esteem. It may also be one of the reasons for social anxiety.

You may get shocked to know,  15 percent of infants are born with a tendency toward shyness. Studies have shown biological distinctions in the brains of shy people.

But a tendency for shyness also is affected by social experiences. It’s thought that most shy children grow shy because of interactions with parents.

Parents who are tough or overprotective can push their children to be shy. Children who aren’t permitted to experience things may have trouble growing social skills.

A warm, caring approach to raising children usually results in them being more relaxed around others.

Schools, neighborhoods, communities, and civilization all shape a child. Relations a child makes within these networks contribute to their growth. Children with shy parents may imitate that behavior.

In adults, highly critical work environments and public embarrassment can lead to shyness.

How To Stop Being Shy (According to Studies)

Here are some tips that can help you overcome shyness. The tips shown in the list will only work when you implement them in your daily life. Reading can give you an idea about what you have to change to become a better person. Ultimately, you have to take action.

  • 1. Take Small Steps

Don’t make a plan to meet like 50 people a week to improve your communication skills and decrease shyness. Just try to meet one or two people in a week. Taking small steps can lead you to bigger achievements.

Shy people usually talk less and listen more, but this time, you should do the opposite. Try to talk more, show your feelings, laugh, and just be more present in the conversation. Don’t try to hide.

  • 2. Be Genuine

Most shy people try to act confidently when they begin the conversation. You don’t have to do that. Just relax and be genuine, show them what you are. That way you feel better. Trying to look confident can sometimes backfire. It will make you look hesitant, instead, play simple, show your true self.

  • 3. Dress Well

Dressing well makes you feel good about yourself, which increases self-confidence, and you also look good. While not wearing good clothes does the opposite, you feel bad and think negatively about yourself, which is not at all good for your self-confidence.

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  • 4. Don’t Use Social Media Too Much

There are numerous disadvantages of using social media. Excessive social media usage cuts you from the real world, and real-world experience is really important if you want to overcome shyness.

Social media is built to waste your time, tech giants like Facebook, spend millions or billions to keep to make their platform addictive. Quitting social media for some time can save a lot of precious time in which you can do something productive.

  • 5. Talk To Yourself While Looking In The Mirror

Everyone looks at themselves in the mirror once, twice, or maybe numerous times a day. But do you talk to yourself while looking into the mirror?

You should because studies say that talking to the mirror daily can lead to higher confidence. Shy people should practice talking to themselves in the mirror. Share your thoughts while looking into your eyes reflection.

  • 6. Become Rich

I know it’s a long-term solution, but it is one of the most effective ways to overcome shyness. Have you ever met a rich person who is shy? Most rich people have high confidence. Their money speaks for them.

And, women chase rich, I know I’m sounding sexist but it’s true. A woman would not choose a broke, I mean why would they choose a broke person.

Women are psychologically attracted to males who possess power. If you can’t follow all the tips shown above, then just start working hard man! earn money because it can make your life amazing.

How Can A Shy Guy Attract A Girl?

Well, As I said, you have to be genuine. Don’t try to look confident when you’re not feeling confident, it can backfire, and it can lead to embarrassment, which you definitely don’t want.

Build yourself step by step. Don’t try to change yourself in one day. Talk to girls more. Try to understand their feelings, how does a woman feel? Ask questions like, Do I behave weirdly? Do you think am I a shy person? Remember their answer, if they say something negative like “Yes, you do behave a little weird around this person”, then try to talk with that person who makes you feel uncomfortable a little more.


Girls like shy guys, they look humble, cute, and loyal. But, not every girl goes into a serious relationship with a shy guy, it is because there is a big difference between liking someone and loving someone.

If you want to attract girls seriously, you have to overcome shyness. To overcome shyness, you should be genuine, dress well, limit social media, and talk to yourself more.

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