What Does It Mean When A Guy Smells Your Neck?What Does It Mean When A Guy Smells Your Neck?

One of my friends said that she feels pretty weird, excited, and turned on when a guy smells her neck. But thousands of questions rise in her mind when a guy does something like this.

If you’re someone who has encountered such action from a guy, well you are at the right place because I’ll share 7 reasons why he smelled your neck.

Make sure to read the entire post to get the complete info. Now without wasting any more time, let’s begin!

What Does It Mean When A Guy Smells Your Neck?

All the reasons I’m about to mention are based on my personal experience and some research I did online for this post.

1: He Likes Your Smell

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That sounds weird but the probability of this is quite high, especially, if he is your partner for a long time now.

When a man loves someone, he loves everything about them. It’s a sign that he is attracted to you deeply, both physically and emotionally.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable when he does that, then I think you should tell him about it. He will definitely understand it and won’t repeat it in the future.

A good man respects their partner’s likes and dislikes.

2: He Is Turned On

Smelling your neck strongly indicates that he is turned on. He wants your love right now 😉.

When we are turned on, our body reacts differently, some guys just close their eyes and like to stay very close to their partner, and because they are really close, sometimes their bodies do things like smelling their partner’s neck.

This is kinda weird, I know, but this is how our body reacts.

We lose all our senses in that moment except the sexual sense. That sexual sense makes us do things like closing our eyes, feeling the touch, and smelling body fragrance.

3: Breathing Heavy

When we are in that moment, we breathe heavily, maybe the smell you sensed from him was because he was breathing heavily.

Heavy breathing is quite common when we are turned on. Both men and women do that.

Also, if he was breathing heavily at that time when he smelled your neck, then that means that smelling your neck wasn’t intentional.

4: He Thinks You’ll Get Turn On By That

Maybe your partner has a misconception that smelling a woman’s neck can make her feel turned on.

Btw, it can turn on some women, but not everyone. Guys do a big mistake, they treat every woman as same, and because of that, they struggle to get dates.

5: You’re Focusing On It Too Much

When we are in that loving moment, our mind doesn’t focus on anything but love. But some women struggle to concentrate on making love, their minds start to focus on things that are unnecessary, like why is he smelling my neck, why he has so many hairs on his chest, and why he hasn’t cut his nails.

These types of questions rises in many woman’s minds, but most of the women ignore these questions and enjoy the moment, but some women are not so lucky, they struggle to shift their mind from these things, and because of that, they don’t enjoy that loving moment much.

Smelling neck, biting, and beard burn are quite common while having sex, and you should stop focusing on it too much. Just enjoy the moment!

6: It Was Just One Time

Maybe he smelled your neck just one time. So stop thinking about it too much. If he is doing it often, then I think you should be finding out why is he doing this.

7: The Chemistry Between Both Of You Is Strong

Relationships don’t last long without a strong bonding between the partners. The smelling neck might seem like a simple silly thing but surprisingly, it is a sign that your partner is deeply connected to you, in other words, he loves you a lot.

However, there are many more things you must know to find out how much he loves you.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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