Signs You're a simp

Being a simp is shameful and as a man, you must avoid this. However, a lot of men are confused about whether they’re actually a simp or not. In this post, we are going to look at 9 signs that scream you’re actually a simp.

What Actually does A Simp Means?

Most of you reading this post are aware of what simp means, that’s why you’re here, but some of you might not know what it means. So for them, let me describe it in detail.

Simp is slang for men who chase women way too hard. They can do anything for them. According to, simp is a slang insult for men who are seen as overly attentive and submissive to females, particularly out of a failed expectancy of winning some entitled sexual engagement or activity from them.

Translation? The term simp is meant to troll young men for doing anything for a woman to get some activity he supposedly deserves.

Now, let’s look at the signs that indicate you’re a simp.

1: You Follow A Lot Of Women On Social Media

Check your Instagram following list, if you find a lot of models or females there, then this clearly indicates, you’re a simp! An Instagram model always looks for people like you, so that she can make some money.

When you follow her, she gets more reach, she attracts more sponsors, and at last, she earns more money. Follow Insta pages that motivate and encourage you to take action. Just following Instagram Bikini models won’t help you at all. You will just be simp forever.

2: You Think About S*x All The Time

Do you think about s*x all the time? If yes, you need to stop it otherwise, it will force you to chase more women. Try mediation, it will help to calm your mind and erase s*x-related thoughts.

However, practicing mediation will be difficult at first, but once you get into the habit of mediation, you’ll definitely see the benefits.

Also, real s*x is quite different, so living in an imaginary world where you’re having s*x with many women, won’t help you in any way, in fact, it will make you a simp.

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3: You Always Text Her First

It feels bad when she doesn’t text. Women generally don’t send a message first, but if they are really into you, they can’t live without talking to you, they will find the reason to text you. Also, their messages will be long, but if they don’t like you, they will reply really late and the response will also be really small.

If you’re the one who always initiates conversation, it might be a sign that you’re a simp. Try not to text her first, wait and see what happens. If she doesn’t send any message to you. Stop texting her, she is not into you.

4: You Spend A Lot Of Money On Her

Money and time are the most important thing, you should not be wasting them without any reason. Buying expensive stuff for her and celebrating her birthday like a celebrity, won’t be good for your future.

As a young man, it’s your primary job to save as much money as you can because when you don’t have money, society doesn’t respect you.

Stop doing this! If she really loves you, she won’t care how much money you’re spending on her.

Take a test, try not to spend any money for a month, if you see changes in her behavior, then that means she doesn’t like you, she only wants your money, nothing else. Be aware of these kinds of girls, be smart!

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5: You Can’t Say No To Her

There is a big difference between an Alpha and a Beta male. An Alpha says No whenever he feels like it, but a Beta can’t say No to anyone, especially, girls.

Saying Yes to every stupid thing she says, shows how much you really want her. This is another clear sign of a SIMP.

Learn how to say No, it saves your time, money, and your effort. Also, do not say No when someone really needs your help. Be a kind person, not simp, learn where to say Yes and where to say No.

6: You Don’t Take Even A Second To Reply

She responds to your messages after 8 hours, but you don’t take even a second to reply. Plus, she sends a boring reply, like Yeah, Okay, Hmmm, etc. Is it your story?

It is quite easy to understand whether she really likes you or not. But some men do not understand that and start behaving like a simp.

Stop messaging her instantly, it shows you don’t have any work to do. Women like guys who work hard for their future.

She is just another girl, there are billions of women living on this planet. Focus on your future, if you really want girls because she won’t be going to date a simp. She wants a real man who doesn’t chase every woman.

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7: You Buy Expensive Clothes Just To Impress Her

That Gucci belt might impress her, but will give a big impact on your budget. Buying expensive clothes or accessories just to impress her, is stupidity.

Instead, with that money, you can have a better lifestyle, you can eat better food, you can join a gym or purchase any course to develop your skills.

Spend it only when you have earned a lot, but spending dad’s money is quite dumb!

8: You Don’t Focus On Your Future

A simp doesn’t care about his future. He gives all his time to girls. Thinking about the future creates stress, I know, but when you waste your time and still get a rejection from the girl you chased so hard is more stressful.

However, stressing about your future may provide the motivation to work hard. Focus on your future, don’t let those girls distract you.

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9: You Talk About Girls All The Time

It’s another major sign, a simp always talks about girls. We all have a guy in our friend circle who never talks about something else but girls.

These types of guys also talk a lot about how many girls like them. They never get tired of talking about girls. If you’re like this, then you can say, you have simp like symptoms.

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