How To Get A Girl’s Attention (10 Serious Tips)

So you are a normal-looking guy but want to have the prettiest girl on the planet. Well, it seems impossible, right? Honestly speaking, it is difficult but not impossible. In fact, a lot of guys are getting attention from their crushes by following these simple tips mentioned below.

The tips that I’m about to show you, work 100%, but they require hard work and patience from your end as well. Now, let’s begin the list of 7 highly effective tips.

1. Show Her That You Like Her A Lot

I know you like her, but does she know about it?

It is not hard to show your feelings towards her. Go talk to her, tell her you looked pretty in that yellow dress. Just watching her from the library corner won’t help at all. You have to take action if you want her in your life.

You may have heard that “A man’s action speaks more than their words”. So take action bro. Stop being nervous around her.

Nobody feels bad when someone compliments them. But don’t compliment her too much otherwise, she will get annoyed. Know your limits.

And, also if she begins ignoring you or showing negative signs, then stop chasing her. Be a mature man, chasing her will make you look like a loser. For a man, his self-respect is everything.

2. Dress Better

Wearing good clean clothes makes you feel better about yourself, it increases confidence, self-respect, and most importantly, people give you more attention.

  • Make sure to wear fitting clothes

Hire a good tailor because tailored clothing not only looks crisp but it also feels very comfortable. Waring large or small clothes lessen your overall look. Your body looks weird in it. SO never go for large or small clothes. Choose that fits.

  • Learn how to balance proportions.

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Balancing proportions is about styling your costumes to form an overall aesthetic harmony. The way you accomplish this is by wearing clothes that are fitted to your body shape. When you want to play with oversized clothes or uncommon shapes, make it a fashion moment by holding the rest of the look fitted.

  • Develop your signature style

Do experiments with your style, try to look a little unique so that people notice you more. But, don’t try too hard, or else you’ll look like a clown.

For example, you can wear a scarf. It looks really good!

  • Wear a belt

A belt makes you look more mature, especially when you wear it on a suit. Women love it when a man styles like that.

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3. Make Eye Contact

Good eye contact can turn on any girl. It is a universal truth. This move is really powerful. However, a lot of men struggle to make eye contact with girls, especially if the girl is their crush.

  • But why, why do men struggle to make eye contact?

Avoiding eye contact means you’re a shy person and you lack confidence. Looking someone in the eye while talking can feel uneasy for those without a lot of training in making conversation or who tend to choose not to be in the spotlight.

  • How to fix it?

— Try to make eye contact 50% of the time when you’re speaking and 70% when you’re listening to Someone. Doing this will improve your confidence.

— Don’t try to focus too much on her eyes, look away sometimes to avoid being creepy.

— Maintain eye contact for about 5 seconds at a time and when you close eye contact, glance to the side before continuing your gaze.

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4. Smile (Be Happy)

Instead of acting sad to catch her attention, try to be happier. Smile a lot because it gives immense confidence. Smile in most situations (avoid smiling in a serious situation), it shows how much you’re appreciating your life.

Women love man who is happy with what he has. In fact, nobody likes to spend their time with someone who seems unhappy or lives a miserable life.

According to a study, smiling not only make you attractive but also makes you look more youthful. The muscle that works when you smile, lifts your face, which makes you look younger.

So instead of doing facial uplift exercise, try to smile more, it will make your face look better and you feel happy as well.

5. Join A Gym

A gym is a great place to make yourself physically attractive. Stop sitting on your couch and wasting time while watching Netflix. DO something productive, like taking a gym membership.

Only in one month of a regular gym, your strength will increase, your body will change. It will appear more attractive.

However, you don’t need to become too bulky because women do not like gigantic muscles, instead try to get an athletic body. Women tend to prefer an athletic body more.

You can read the research by the Royal Society for more detail about what type of body do women like most.

If you’re a student and don’t have enough money or time to join a gym. Then do these exercises for an hour daily for at least a month. You’ll certainly see some improvements.

  • Plank
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Cross Crunches
  • Side Plank
  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Russian twist
  • High Knees
  • Dead Bugs
  • Pull Ups

If you can’t do all of these at home, then only do Plank (5 Mins), Pushups (3 sets), and Pull Up (3 sets). Exercise also makes you feel better, it releases endorphins.

Endorphins are also known as natural painkillers.

6. Remove Negative People From Your Freind Circle

Fu*k Negative people bro. Sop talking to those jerks who say that she can’t be yours. You can get her, just believe in yourself.

If you’ll listen to that idiot guy, you’ll never approach her, your mind will get loaded with negative emotions, which will demolish your self-confidence, and you know very well how important your self-confidence is for yourself.

You can find negative people everywhere. The world is filled with them, but finding a real friend who always talks positively is immensely difficult. However, you can still find him if you try. You have to be more social for that.

7. Be More Social

To grab her attention, you have to be more social. Sitting on the last bench and not participating in any people gathering, won’t help you at all.

She will not even know who you are and what you want if you continue to be a shy person who doesn’t like to make new friends. Having a big friend circle can easily help you. Try to make her best friend your friend. This will make your way to reach her heart easy.

But the question is, how to be more social?

To be a more social person, you have to start a conversation. I know, for an introverted person, it is really difficult to start a conversation. But if you think about it, starting a conversation will not harm you at all, instead, the person you have started your conversation with might become your really good friend.

Also, take participate. Don’t ignore an opportunity to participate in an event where a lot of people will come. This will eliminate your social anxiety.

8. Text Her On Social Media

Don’t try this move if she doesn’t know you because a girl normally ignores strangers’ messages, and sending a message to a girl on social media without even knowing her in real life will make you look creepy, it will destroy your chances to make her yours. So do not do this mistake.

  • Use great openers

To start a good conversation, you have to ue a good oerner. Just sending a Hi won’t make a difference. You have to be more unique, you can text something like, Hey, Can you help me choose between [X] and [Y]?, or What was your first impression of me?

Even if you don’t need her help to choose between [X] and [Y}, you can still ask her to tart a good conversation. Also, do not try to be flirty at the beginning, it will kill the conversation, she will think you’re trying way too hard to get her.

  • Use Emojis your in texts

According to, Emojis are useful in improving happiness, joy in interactions, and improving the information richness of our communications.

Looking at emojis is satisfying and an online smiley face can be just as effective as a smiley face of a person in real life! They’re sociable, emotional, and personal regardless of if you think they “fit your brand” or not.

In cleanly written messages there are psychological, contextual, and social cues missing, and emojis support bridge those gaps. 

The impact of negativity can be decreased in email/text by using emojis. I mean, how bad does it sound when someone sends you a text that says “ok.” versus one that says”ok😀”.  or when some use “hahaha” vs “hahaha 😂😂😂”

9. Support Her In Every Situation

Stand with her in most of her decisions. I mean it sounds wrong, but giving her support in her every decision can help you in winning her trust.

Winning the trust of a girl is the most difficult thing to do, but taking a stand for her will make it easy. However, you should be aware of your limits, if she’s asking for your support in absolutely terrible things then do not give any support. Also, if you think she is giving her work to you repeatedly, deny it as soon as possible. You’re not her servant.

10. Become Famous

A famous person doesn’t need to work hard to get a girl’s attention, every girl gives them attention automatically, however, becoming famous is not a piece of cake. You have to have talent.

If you think you can sing better than the guy who sings in your college’s annual fest, then take participation in next year’s fest. Don’t be shy. showing off your talent is a great way to improve your life and make it more enjoyable.

This will make you somewhat famous at least in your college, and that could be enough to let her know who you are.

11. Become Rich

Just imagine, coming out of a brand new Lamborghini in front of her. Work hard bro, chasing a girl is easy but chasing money is incredibly difficult.

If you’re a teenager or below 30, your main goal should be earning as much money as you can because the money shows that you have worked really hard in your life, and girls love guys who work hard for their goals.

Also, save money, don’t too expensive clothe to impress someone. Spending too much money doesn’t make you rich, having too much money in your bank makes you rich.

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