how to make her addicted to you

Wanna make her crazy for you? Well, I have something really awesome to share today.

We all wanna attract women, but we don’t wanna focus on those tiny little things that can make us super attractive. In this post, I’ll be sharing 11 tips that can make anyone addicted to you.

However, this post doesn’t guarantee any success, why? Well, the tips I have mentioned in this post are helpful, but they are a waste if you don’t take action.

Make sure to motivate yourself to take action after reading this post!

1: Talk Less, Listen More

When you’re with her, let her talk and show that you are actually enjoying whatever she is saying, in fact, take participation in the conversation, ask questions, and give encouraging facial expressions.

By doing this, she will not feel bored around you. We all want a person who listens to our problems and enjoys our stories, but sadly, it’s quite difficult to find someone like this because everyone wanna share their stories and problems. So be her caring buddy first!

Also, don’t interrupt her while she is saying something, let her complete. The more you’ll listen to her, the more you’ll understand her interests.

2: Ignore Her

Ignoring someone you love deeply is quite difficult. It’s like putting delicious ice cream inside our mouths but trying not to eat it. Nevertheless, you’ll be surprised to know that ignoring her might make her chase you.

Ignoring sometimes doesn’t work but when it works, she might go crazy for you. If you think you won’t be able to ignore her, read this!

Ignoring becomes even more important when you are not getting any response from your crush. Giving too much attention could make you appear more like a fan than a lover.

Ignore her just for 3 or 4 days and see how she reacts, if you receive messages like, “Why you’re not talking to me?” or “Are u upset about something? “Are u okay?” that means she is already into you.

But if she isn’t connected to you on social media, then you have to look at her facial expression whenever you meet her to understand what’s cooking inside her head.

See if she is making eye contact with you or not. I’m not talking about simple eye contact, I’m talking about those deep emotional eye contacts.

Her eyes can tell a lot of things, but you have to catch the things her eyes are trying to say!

If she doesn’t make any eye contact or she is still ignoring you like she used to do, then keep reading.

3: Make Her Feel Jealous

According to Psychology Today, when faced with the urge to get a mate’s attention, jealousy induction might be quite useful.

Stop talking to her like you do every day. Start talking to other girls. Notice her actions, if her tone of voice, expression, and the way she talks to you, changes then she is definitely feeling jealous.

However, making her jealous could be risky. Her feelings might get hurt. So make sure to do it within the limit.

4: Look In Her Eyes While Talking

Like touch, eye contact can also trigger the release of oxytocin. Good eye contact is all you need to turn on any woman. Eye contact will make her feel closer to you, it will increase the bonding between you and her.

Practice eye contact daily, it is really simple. Watch the video below to take a test now.

5: Touch Your Lips While Talking

This is a weird mind trick to turn on a woman. Play with your lips, and touch them with your thumb while talking to them. However, make sure to not do it frequently.

Do it only one or two times while talking, that’s enough. This trick plays with the minds of females, it forces them to look at your lips, and it’s a weak point of women.

Believe me, it is really powerful. Try it yourself.

I was unable to find a good picture demonstrating how to touch your lips perfectly, but here is what I found:

In the above gif, the guy is signing, but I think you’ve got the idea about how to touch your lips while talking.

6: Wear Clothes With Style

Styling sense is really important here. You don’t need to purchase expensive clothes, instead, increase your sense of styling. Wear clothes that fit your body.

There are thousands of articles/videos available on the internet about how to choose the perfect clothes for yourself. Also, wear clean clothes and use perfume more to smell better because girls notice it.

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7: Make Her Laugh

A person who knows how to make others laugh is always highly attractive. Girls love guys who can make them laugh. Women believe they would never get bored around funny guys.

However, making someone laugh is not a piece of cake, not everyone is born with this quality. You have to learn it. You can use the guide by Science Of People to improve your sense of humor.

Also, if you know someone who is really funny, try to spend some time with him, and learn how he generates humor. Apply his techniques to improve your humor.

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8: Learn The Art Of Chatting To A Woman

Most men suck when it comes to chatting with a woman. They send boring messages like, “How are you doing? What will you eat tonight? Who is your favorite actor?” “You look hot, would you go on a date with me?”

These messages are dead, they simply won’t work. Instead, try something new.

How about sending something like: “No Matter How Horrible My Day Went When You Smile You Just Made Everything All Right” or “Could You Stop Being So Lovely? You’re Driving Me So Crazy.” “There Isn’t A Word In The Dictionary That Can Explain Your Type Of Beauty.”

Also, do not reply to her too quickly, otherwise, she will think you don’t have any work to finish. You’ll lose your value.

9: Work On Your Confidence

Without confidence, a man is nothing. You need it to fight the outside world. Confidence is what makes you different from the outside world. It is crucial!

A person who walks and talks with confidence is highly attractive to females. This has been proven by research, and by relationship experts. Grab a book that teaches how to be a confident person, and start working on your confidence today, otherwise, she might not find you appealing.

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10: Smile More

Smiling can instantly make you attractive. According to studies, smiling makes you look more youthful, lifts your face, and makes you appear younger. So instead of spending money on facelift exercises, just try smiling your way through the day—you’ll look younger and feel great.

11: Earn More Money

There are so many studies to prove that women don’t care about money. But that’s a big lie, in reality, women generally go for men who have more money. So stop believing this BS that women do not care about how much money you have, they definitely care about it.

Work hard, earn money, and when you will have money in your bank, you’ll notice a big difference in the women’s behavior toward you.

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