7 Signs A Guy Is Losing Interest Through Text

We feel really excited when we come into a new relationship, it feels like thousands of butterflies roaming inside our stomachs, but sometimes after some years, one of the partners starts feeling bored.

If you think your partner isn’t interested in you anymore, then you are at the right place. In this post, we’ll find out whether your partner is losing interest in you or not.

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1: Late Replies

When we are in love with someone deeply, waiting for even 2 minutes feels like 2 years.

If he doesn’t send quick replies to you, especially if he stays online all the time, it might mean that he is losing interest in you or maybe he has found someone who is making him more excited than you.

Normally, when we truly love someone, it’s hard for us to ignore their messages. In fact, we wait for our partner’s messages so that we can talk to them more.

To test whether he is still interested in you or not, you should also stop sending quick replies to him. See how he reacts to it.

If he takes 8 hours to reply, you should wait at least 9 hours. I know it would be difficult for you at first, but you have to do it if you really wanna know whether he actually cares about you or not.

If he still has feelings for you, he will surely ask you, why you aren’t texting him quickly.

2: One Word Answers

We all hate one-word answers, especially when we have sent multiple messages. If you are constantly getting one-word answers from him, like “Hmmm, okay, K, I know, Yup, Yes, etc” indicates that your partner is not taking much interest while talking to you.

One-word answers also indicate that he doesn’t want to spend his time chatting with you or he is waiting for something else, something more interesting.

In this case, you must stop talking to him for some time unless he starts to show the same energy he used to show while chatting with you.

If he cares about you, he will come back to you with a lot more energy and excitement.

3: He Never Texts First

Are you the one who texts him first all the time? Well, this could be another sign that he is not interested in you. Maybe he wants to get out of this relationship and that’s why he never begins the conversation first.

Girl, you should have some dignity, I know you love him deeply, but sending messages to him first every time means that you are the only one who cares about the relationship, a relationship never works like that.

Stop messaging him first and see how many times he texts you first. If he completely stops sending messages to you, then it’s time to get out of the relationship. You must not love someone who doesn’t care about you.

4: He Stays Online Even After Saying Good Night

It feels bad when we see our partner online but they are not talking to us. Good night means that the conversation is over for the day and it’s time to sleep, but if he is staying online even after saying GN (Good Night) to you, it might mean three things, he is talking to his mates, scrolling through social media, or started giving his time to another girl.

If he is chatting with his mates or looking at his social media feed after saying GN, then you don’t need to worry about anything, but if he is talking to another girl, it might be bad for your relationship.

However, finding out what he is exactly doing is tricky because he can easily lie to you. But there are some ways that can help. I don’t want you to be super possessive, but if he has started ignoring you or staying online every day after saying goodbye to you, then you must find out the reason.

Simply ask him what he is doing, if you feel his answer isn’t genuine. For instance, if he says that he is talking to his friend about something, then ask him to send a screenshot. If he denies or starts making up a story, well there is something fishy.

5: He Doesn’t Use Emojis Now

There was a time when there were no emojis. People used to send plain texts, and it was difficult to show emotions through those plain texts. People used to make emojis by themselves with the help of commas and dots.

: ) –> Smiling Face Emoji.

; ) –> Winking Face Emoji

Now things have changed and we all have hundreds of emojis to choose from. I know some guys still avoid using emojis because they find it childish, but most guys enjoy using them because it makes the conversation much more fun and interesting.

Notice how many times your boyfriend uses emojis, the more he uses them, the more interested he is in chatting with you. One-word answers with no emojis indicate that there is something bad and it needs to be fixed quickly.

6: He Doesn’t Flirt With You Anymore

When a guy is really attracted to you, he just can’t stop sending flirtatious lines to you. His deep emotions for you will force him to praise your beauty and attractiveness.

If you are in a relationship, you may have noticed that your boyfriend doesn’t send many flirty lines to you, well it could be simply because your relationship is old now, and he doesn’t feel like sending anything flirtatious because he knows that you aren’t going anywhere, you are with him and will be with him.

But if he has completely stopped sending flirty lines to you and he doesn’t talk to you a lot on social media even if he has free time, then it could mean that he is either bored with you or maybe looking for a way out.

7: He Talks Rudely

You don’t deserve to be with someone who doesn’t talk to you nicely or doesn’t give you the value you deserve.

Talking rudely indicates that you are just a toy for him, and one day when he will get bored with you, he will throw you away and get a new toy.

Stop falling for him, if he talks to you rudely, get out of the relationship ASAP! It’s important for your body and mental health.

Thanks for reading!