Signs She Is Out Of Your LeagueSigns She Is Out Of Your League

You should find out if your crush is out of your league so that you can determine whether to pursue her or not and what it would take to win her over.

The simplest way to determine whether a woman is in your league or out of it is to just observe the people she hangs out with; if the majority of them are wealthy and important, it may indicate that she is not in your league. However, there are a number of additional methods you should be aware of.

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1: Her Friend Circle Only Has Attractive And Rich People

This is one of the clearest indications that she is out of your league. You’ll see that her friend group is entirely made up of people far wealthier than you.

When we are not wealthy but the girl we love is, it is almost impossible to entice her because girls prefer men who are similarly or more successful than them.

But it’s not completely impossible; some men have attracted attractive wealthy women, so if you really want her, you can absolutely try.

The easiest method to draw her in would be to elevate your worth. Give your all to improving your financial situation if you aren’t wealthy, because money won’t just make you more appealing; it will also solve a lot of your troubles.

Spend your time chasing money instead of chasing females for a while, since once you have a lot of money in your bank account, girls will start chasing you!

2: She Avoids Eye Contact With You

Our eyes reveal a lot about who we are. You can tell what she actually thinks of you just by looking at her.

You must pay close attention, observe how often she fixes her gaze on you, how long she maintains eye contact with you, and whether or not her pupils dilate.

If she scarcely stares at you, her pupils don’t enlarge, and she doesn’t look at you multiple times, it may indicate that she isn’t experiencing anything right now or that she believes you are below her level.

You have to do something to get her attention in this situation. You need to work on the things that girls notice when you first meet them. To learn more about the traits that women find attractive in guys, click here.

3: You Feel Uncomfortable Around Her

Our bodies are pretty adept at picking up on vibes, so your body will let you know if she’s in your league or not.

You should stop pursuing her since she is clearly uninterested in you if you never feel comfortable around her, she consistently ignores you, or she only engages in brief conversations with you.

Girls that are interested in us frequently attempt longer conversations with us and hardly ever avoid eye contact.

So it’s never a good idea to follow someone we don’t feel comfortable with.

4: She Has Many Social Media Followers

Although it may seem strange, her social media might truly show whether or not she is out of your league.

The majority of women often keep their social media accounts locked; however, some women prefer using social media to express themselves and love earning likes and followers.

Not all women, however, are fortunate; only a select few of them genuinely achieve success on social media.

Strange as it may sound, women who have a large following on social media begin to feel like mini-celebrities; their confidence soars, and they begin to have high expectations for potential relationships.

Additionally, girls with a large following on social media attract a lot of attention from men, which increases competition.

Therefore, if she has a large number of social media followers—say, more than 100k—while you don’t or are not well-known, it could indicate that you are not in her league.

5: There Is High Competition

Another obvious thing you will notice is that a lot of males chase her and she attracts a lot of attention, particularly from guys who are wealthy or more gorgeous than you.

The incredible thing is that you can still win her heart, but you must be exceptional.

In my college, there was a guy who was just 5 feet 6 inches tall, not particularly attractive and lacked confidence, but he nonetheless managed to win the heart of the most beautiful girl in our class. How? He was a fantastic singer.

His talent outweighed all of his flaws.

Similarly, if you want to beat all of your competitors, you must be exceptional.

6: She’s Super Attractive While You Are Average Looking

Well, if she’s amazingly attractive but you are not, it’s highly likely that she is out of your league.

Pretty girls instantly catch many people’s attention without even trying. They start to get attention from a very young age, and because of that, their confidence surges.

You don’t need to lose hope if she is insanely pretty, as many average-looking guys have attracted insanely pretty ladies.

However, in order to win a beautiful girl’s heart, you must demonstrate to her why you will be the greatest partner for her.

But before you move on to show her why you are the perfect fit for her, you must first improve your value. Earn more money, master new talents, and cultivate a distinct personality if you want to stand out from the crowd.

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7: She Has Big Ambitions While You Don’t Have Any

Another factor that could put her well outside of your league is this: Girls with ambitious goals are very attractive, but they also have high expectations for their partners because they desire a mate who too has bigger goals.

She might never find you appealing if you don’t strive for greater things in life and have a regular existence.

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