How to make him regret losing youHow to make him regret losing you

Do you want to make Leo man regret losing you? Well, you are at the right place, in this post I’ll be sharing tips that can make him realize how wrong his decision was.

Leo males typically don’t express many emotions. They are one of the most expression-less zodiac signs out there.

However, you would see some subtle signs of regret on his face if you follow the tips given below.

1: Improve Your Confidence

It doesn’t matter how badly you have been hurt, always walk with your head high. I know it’s hard to come out of that terrible feeling we get after a breakup, but if you let that feeling destroy you, it would shatter all your confidence.

Without confidence, it’s impossible to achieve something big in your life. Confidence gives you motivation and a purpose to live your life.

Also, if you don’t feel confident, it would not be possible to make him fill regretful. Furthermore, it has been observed that Leo men like confident women.

However, building confidence is not a single-day job, it takes effort and time. Set and accomplish small goals, these small steps can help you in building unshakable confidence.

2: Enhance Your Fashion Sense

So now you know how important confidence is for you, especially, if you want to make him regret losing you, but you may not know that fashion is directly linked with confidence.

Fashion is something that can change your personality and improve your looks in minutes.

A great fashion sense is very effective in catching attention. However, many people underestimate the power of fashion.

You will find so many coaches denying the fact that fashion plays a role in attracting people.

The reality is, it still plays a really crucial role in increasing popularity among the opposite gender.

If you have good fashion sense, you will attract more men, and he may not like it.

Also, good-looking clothes and accessories can make you look stunning which may make him feel bad because you are no longer his girlfriend, and he may start to find reasons to start conversations with you again, however, this time around, don’t forgive him easily.

3: Stop Crying For Him

F*ck him and his memories. If he can leave you, there is no way you can’t leave him.

Again, I know it’s not easy, it takes time, but crying for him would eventually make you feel like a loser, you will start to doubt yourself a lot and that would be terrible for your mental health.

Cut yourself from things that make you feel sad. Stop listening to sad songs or songs that remind you about him.

When you will start to avoid his thoughts, you will feel better and you’ll enjoy your life more, ultimately, you’ll smile more which might make him feel regretful.

4: Unfollow Him

If you follow him on social media, it is the right time to unfollow him. There is a misconception that men don’t care about social media followers, in fact, the majority of men check how many female followers they have.

A sudden unfollow will force him to think about you. If he has ever loved you, he will definitely start thinking about those lovely moments he had with you, and he might regret that you’re not with him anymore.

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5: Focus On Your Career

This is the best way to make him regret losing you. Throw his thoughts out of your mind, and start working on the dream you have.

Leo men get attracted to successful people easily. So if you want him to repent of his decision, you have to put in extra hours every day to make your dream come true.

When you’ll have money and fame, not only him but all the people who left you will regret it hard, and that will make you feel really good.

You may have heard that “Massive Succes Is The Best Revenge”

6: Don’t Make Eye Contact

If both of you work in the same office or study in the same college, then there is one thing you can do to spoil his mood, and that is not making eye contact.

Just ignore him as much as you can, the best way to ignore someone is to not make eye contact.

If it is important for you to talk to him, then make sure to use short sentences so that he can understand that you are not enjoying talking to him and you want to get out of this place as soon as possible.

7: Don’t Talk About Him With Your Friends

Talking about him with your friends will only make the situation worse.

If you really wanna ignore him, you need to stop telling stories about him to your friends, if you continue to share your feelings about him with your friends, then one day, when you’ll be trying to forget his memories, your friends will remind you about your incomplete love story, and they may ask questions that’ll hurt you.

Forget him if you want to make him repent. Having tons of feelings for him will eventually make you weak and you’ll end up chasing him again.

Also, you can’t trust each of your friends, some friends are not trustable, it is important to make genuine friends.

Never ever reveal your feelings about him in a group or to people who you don’t know much. They might start spreading rumors about you.

And, Leo men don’t like to hear rumors about themself.

8: Smile, Be Happy

A smile can literally burn his soul. Have a big smile wherever he is around, and show him that you’re happy with your decision.

Guys don’t like it when girls move on quickly. Also, try to enjoy your life more so that you can smile genuinely because it is easy to detect a fake smile. There are a lot of articles about how to spot a fake smile.

9: Date Someone If Possible

I know you don’t wanna date anyone right now, but let me tell you something, dating someone can make him regret losing you badly, especially, if the guy you’re dating is more handsome, rich, and famous than him or if he is his enemy.

Leo men hate seeing their girl attracted to a man who is superior to them because they are a lion sign, and lions don’t like to see someone else ruling their kingdom.

I hope you liked this post, thanks for reading!

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