When A Girl Looks At You Then Looks AwayWhen A Girl Looks At You Then Looks Away

I was on the subway when I noticed a girl looking at me. I felt excited and thought that she was interested in me, but when I looked at her back, she instantly shifted her eyes and started looking somewhere else.

Is that similar to your story? If yes, this post is for you.

Girls as you know are very strange. No one knows what is going on inside their heads, but there are some signs that girls give that can help us find out what they are thinking.

Today, in this post, I’ll present 7 reasons why girls look at you and then look away, so make sure to read everything to get proper info.

Let’s go!

1: You Are Attractive

Attractive people catch a lot of attention. Have you ever wondered why so many people look at you? Maybe you are an attractive person, but you are just not aware of it.

Individuals who have got good looks, catch people’s eyes quickly. Maybe the girl that looked at you, felt something for you. However, because of her shy nature, she didn’t continue looking at you.

When you caught her looking at you, she decided to not look at you again as she didn’t wanna give away any wrong signals to you.

Now, you can take it as a compliment. Feel good and enjoy your life!

2: Fashion Sense Is Different

Girls do judge your clothes. They won’t say it but every girl secretly notices what you are wearing. That’s why fashion is so crucial in attracting women.

It is possible that your clothes caught her attention. Maybe your clothes were on point, or they were pathetic. Whatever that case was, one thing was certain, your clothes succeeded in catching her attention.

Take fashion seriously, as good fashion not only makes you appear attractive but also helps to increase self-confidence. It has been found that Individuals who wear good clothes feel more confident than those who don’t.

3: She Believes She Has Seen You Somewhere

We meet hundreds of people every day, but sometimes, we encounter people who look exactly like someone we know.

According to science, there are at least 7 people in this world who look exactly like us.

Perhaps you look exactly like someone she knows. Obviously, she is gonna feel amazed about it. Maybe that’s why she couldn’t shift her eyes away from you.

4: Your Smile Is Attractive

Smiling is the most beautiful thing human can do. A smile is a way of expressing happiness, the more you smile the more happy you feel.

According to a study, even a fake smile can have a positive impact on mood. Essentially, triggering certain facial muscles by smiling can “trick” your brain into thinking you’re happy.

Smile not only make you feel happy, but it’s contagious too, which means, if you smile, others will smile too.

Also, a smile makes you appear more approachable and trustworthy. Girls like guys who appear approachable and trustworthy. Maybe she noticed your smile and got flattered by it.

Smile whenever you can as it has the power to reduce stress and bring real happiness.

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5: Did You Look At Her First?

If you did look at her first, then I think you should stop building hope. There is a high chance that she was looking at you because you were the one who started this game first.

She was just curious about why you looked at her. Humans have a tendency to find out what’s going on, human basically loves a mystery. Maybe your look made her curious, and that’s why she started looking at you multiple times.

Another question, did you notice her facial expressions? Facial expressions can reveal a lot of things. Was she looking excited? Was she looking confused? Or Was she looking angry?

We can find most of our answers through expressions. If the expressions are positive, things are positive too. However, if they are not looking positive to you, it’s time to run away!

6: She Has A Crush On You But She Knows That You Are Not Single

If that’s true, it means she is going through a tough stage. Loving someone who we know will never love us back is the worst feeling ever.

Making eye multiple contacts but looking away each time you make eye contact is a sign that she likes you a lot but because of some reason, she is not revealing anything.

If you believe that she has a crush on you, but you can’t leave your current partner for her, it’s always better to talk and explain that she can get a better partner, even better than you soon.

Explain to her why you can’t be hers and why she should move on and look for a new love. I know it would be difficult for both of you, especially for her, but it’s your responsibility to save her from this pain she is going through.


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7: She Wants You To Take The First Step

Some girls are really shy, they never take the first step. Maybe she is one of them. looking at you but looking away when you look is a strong sign that there are feelings inside her heart for you, but her shy nature is stopping her from approaching you.

If you like her, maybe this is the right opportunity for you as by making small eye contact she gives you hints that she is ready for you.

Don’t let this opportunity pass as the pain of regret stays forever. This is the moment, take it with both hands!

Thanks for reading!

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