Over the years, men have sought an advantage when trying to date women. From smells to clothes, men will try anything and everything to make themselves more attractive.

The eyes might just be a secret weapon in the quest to attract women, and not just the stolen glances from across the table. In the realm of men’s fashion, eyewear can be a powerful tool to enhance one’s attractiveness. Wearing glasses can add an intellectual and sophisticated touch to your look, but it can also be an appealing factor for many women. The assumption that women find men in glasses attractive is right – we highlighted nine reasons why women like guys in glasses. However, the key lies in choosing glasses that complement your features and style.

Let’s explore some actionable insights to help you pick glasses that not only you’ll enjoy but also likely attract women.

Understand Your Face Shape

The first and foremost consideration when choosing glasses is your face shape. People have different face shapes – rounded, diamond, rectangular, and even heart-shaped! Buying the right glasses for face shape is hugely important. For instance, individuals with round faces may opt for rectangular frames to add definition, while those with square faces may find round or oval frames soften their angular features, such as the Levis LV1048. If you’re lucky enough to have a heart-shaped face, then an oval pair of glasses will accentuate those cheekbones; perhaps the London Retro Dollis models would be better.

Embrace Timeless Styles

It’s not all about face shape, of course – there’s also branding to think about. When aiming to attract women with your glasses, it’s crucial to balance trends with timeless styles. Sometimes, classic frames like Ray-Ban Aviators or Wayfarer can be universally appealing. These styles withstand changing fashion trends, ensuring that your glasses remain attractive and stylish through various seasons. Also, your intended partner is likely to associate them with the people who made them famous – wearing a pair of Aviators could conjure up images of Tom Cruise, leather jackets, sunglasses, and motorcycles, just like Top Gun.

Consider Your Personality and Style

One big aspect of your style when dressing for a date should be your personality. Your eyewear should reflect your individual style – it’s more attractive to be a genuine version of what you are than a disingenuous version of something you’re not. If you are more inclined towards a minimalist aesthetic, opt for sleek and simple frames. On the other hand, if you have a bold and adventurous style, experiment with statement frames that showcase your personality. You can tone it down a little bit – if you’re more like Elton John than John Legend, perhaps some exciting glasses from his eyewear range are a good way to ease your date into your loud style!

Pay Attention to Frame Color

The color of your glasses frames can significantly impact your overall look, and color coordination is sure to make you more attractive. Neutral colors like black, brown, or tortoiseshell tend to be versatile and easily pair with various outfits. However, if you want to make a bold statement, explore unique frame colors that complement your skin tone and wardrobe. Choosing the right color adds an extra layer of attractiveness to your appearance. As an example, a bright red Hugo frame might look stylish, but if the rest of your outfit is neutral, your glasses could stand out. If you must go for a colored frame, ensure that you’re wearing neutral colors.

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